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The Perfect Escort Date

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This week I’d like to talk about dating. I mean professional dating, of course - the time taken to get to know someone, whether a client or an escort, before getting intimate.

The reason this has come up is that I’ve been booking a lot of ‘get-to-know-you coffee dates’ lately, and it has been a rewarding experience. I’ve met a lot of interesting people and had fascinating conversations! I have has erotic sessions with a number of these gentlemen afterwards, and the experience has been ten times more rewarding than if I had just walked through their hotel door without ever meeting them first.

In my personal life, I’ve never been much of a ‘dating game’ person….the whole concept is pretty foreign to me. I used to firmly believe in sleeping with someone before getting romantically involved with them, just to make sure we were sexually compatible. Until my late twenties, I’d never been on a proper ‘date’ – all my relationships revolved around ‘hanging out’ and ordering pizza while listening to metal. Luckily for me I’ve since been introduced to fine dining and to trying new things; both have enhanced my social life considerably.

The whole idea of a ‘first date’ is a great way to start when meeting a client for the first time. ‘Dating’ has a very formal structure – spending social time together, asking questions about one another, flirting and generally getting to know the person in an unhurried fashion. You might think that an escort booking as all about the sex, but often what many of my clients are looking for is a sense of connection. The best lovers realise that without connection, sex is pretty meaningless (something I wish I could tell my younger self!)

Some men may feel that investing all this time (and money) in social interaction is a waste, and I think it’s fine to feel that way. It’s their investment, after all, and they should structure their time in a way that works for them. However I do love it when someone sees the value in taking the time to connect – and have some fun together – before the fun starts between the sheets.

Further from that, I love getting to know clients initially by finding out what their idea of a perfect date looks like. Some guys like something sexy and raunchy – a night at the strip club – and some are enamoured of intellectual pursuits, such as conversation at a good restaurant. Some seek out new experiences – I know of one lady who went up in a hot air balloon with her gentleman (I don’t think they joined the mile high club though!) Some love new experiences – new ladies, new locations, new fantasies. Some men love for the lady to take charge and organise everything, reversing the typical ‘gender roles’ and leaving them free to enjoy themselves. The possibilities are as endless as the personalities we encounter.

This is my experiment: I’m passing through Canberra in September, and I’m making just enough time to see one person or couple. I’m going to ask – what’s your perfect date? For the most interesting suggestion, I’m going to discount my dinner date fee by $500. If you’re in Canberra and would like to share my Sunday, visit my website and share your thoughts! I hope I can make someone’s idea of a perfect date come to life.

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