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That Springtime Feeling

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My science teacher in tenth grade was called Mr Graves. He was sixty-five, only as tall as my shoulder and had a sense of humour that would make even your dad cringe. Our class pet was an axolotl, one of those primordial amphibians that is halfway between a fish and a frog. Every day we took turns feeding him, using chopsticks to hold the fish food because (as Mr Graves would say) “he’ll nip your fingers off if you’re not careful…” (I never did work out whether he was joking or not).

Our teacher gleefully informed us that it was easy to get axolotls to mate, you just had to trick them into thinking that Winter was coming. “Just drop a few ice cubes in the tank, and they get all frisky!” I was fascinated to think that he even knew what ‘getting frisky’ was – he seemed a little past it. Obviously I know more about that now!

There are two important lessons to be learnt here. One: most people stay ‘frisky’ well into their later years, including science teachers. Two: seasonal change has an effect on sex drive.

Have you ever had that springtime feeling? The one you get when you step outside in the morning and feel warm for the first time in months? Does the smell of your neighbour’s flowering jasmine make you feel a bit horny? I thought I was the only one, but apparently spring does have an effect on the body. Scientists say that the reason for this is the increased availability of light: biologists believe that our bodies are programmed to be more active when we are exposed to additional sunlight.  As light during the spring months increases, we may experience a lift in mood, a reduced desire to sleep and an increase in libido.

The temperature change signals a big lifestyle shift for me – gone are the giant scarves and days spent indoors. I’m ready to break out my summer wardrobe and wear short dresses again. Instead of working out at the gym, I can now run outside and enjoy the sunlight and the smell of flowering vegetation. And perhaps most importantly, it takes much less time to shed my layers of clothes when I’m getting ‘frisky’ with someone! I’m also much more likely to stay naked for longer, enjoying the temperature and not feeling the need to urgently cover up.

Spring and Summer in Melbourne are happy seasons; all the sweeter because I know they won’t last. It’s time to make the most of it.

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