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On the Road Again

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I'm telling another road trip story....

It's time to pack my bags and fill the car with petrol. I'm driving this time - savouring the chance to see nothing but highway and countryside for hours. Time to pick a playlist (or several), turn up the volume on the stereo, make sure my camera is within reach on the front passenger side seat. In short, I'm hitting the road for my latest trip to Sydney ... and I can't wait to have another adventure.

When one lives in a major city, it's easy to forget that Australia is mostly made up of empty space. I become so accustomed to being surrounded by my 'people' that I forget what it's like to not see another human being for hours. This is why I love driving between Melbourne and Sydney.  It allows me to be reminded of what Australia is really like, removed from the late nights and bright lights of Melbourne.  I love visiting all those small towns that have been around for generations, have a cup of tea or a 'Bundy and coke' at a pub full of country blokes. I enjoy meeting the guys from the country, taking off their work boots and shirts, finding them rough around the edges, but gentle and considerate lovers all the same. I love being able to catch up with old friends and clients wherever I stop on the way - Wagga, Albury, Canberra.

Even the change in climate is fun. It's cold out in the country but the air smells clean and invigorating in a way our city can never match. I remember stopping on the way into Canberra on my last trip, stripping down to my lingerie in the middle of Barton Highway so that I could take a selfie. It was freezing cold and deserted, at least until another vehicle appeared, coming around a bend in the road, and I had to run back to my car!

As I approach Sydney the traffic becomes busier. The roads become wider, and eventually they merge into the expressway and I find myself entering the city proper. I like being able to ease into my tour and enter the city slowly, rather than rushing to my first booking as soon as my plane touches down on the tarmac.

Once I'm there things are different. Sydney is crazy, fun, glamorous - my social schedule is full of coffees, play-dates and long nights out drinking and dancing.  Sydney has a very particular flavour. It's a hedonistic city where the winners are those who dare to be adventurous. I invariably find myself investigating hole-in-the-wall bars with my clients, stepping out to the latest nightspots and spending long, lazy afternoons exploring new lovers. Sydney overwhelms and dazzles me. Every time is a novelty.

It's almost impossible to compare the peace and unpretentiousness of the countryside with the glitz and glamour of Sydney. I couldn't choose between them. I'd say that I need both - to sometimes be treated to a symphony of sophistication and excitement, but also to sometimes be welcomed back like an old friend in a town where the only sounds I can hear at night are the crickets in the bush outside my motel room.

Would you like me to spoil you? I'm visiting Canberra on the 17th of July and Sydney from the 18th to the 24th of July. Pre-bookings are essential.

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