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Music for the Bedroom

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“If music be the food of love, play on” - William Shakespeare

It makes me feel very sophisticated to be able to start one of my articles off with a quote by the Bard himself. But before we go any further, let’s clarify that this is not high-brow subject matter. What I’m really interested in is what we like to listen to when we’re having really, really great sex.

The question “What do you listen to during sexytime?” came from one of my fantastic Twitter followers. He remarked that Motown seemed to be most effective for him ... unfortunately heavy metal came last on his list of preferences, which probably means that we’re not fated to be together.

It’s useful to consider what sort of tunes put us in the right mental space to be intimate with others. For escorts the choice is even more complex than simple personal preference – we want something that will allow our partners to relax without falling asleep, and to get sexy without feeling like they’re onstage at a strip show. (I did once make someone perform a striptease for me, but that’s a different story...)

I decided to ask around and find out what our Aussie working lads and ladies play for their clients. The answers were many and varied, with a few artists coming up more regularly than others. Chill-out mixes, Café Del Mar and Marvin Gaye came up quite a bit. A lot of escorts have timed playlists with songs of different intensities to stimulate different activities, taking the art of making playlists to a new level! Many workers use sites such as Pandora or Stereomood to access a variety of tunes with a specific feel. 

Without further ado, here’s the list we came up with:

Music for Sex: Escorts’ Picks

Nova Harte: "Right now 'Our Love' by Caribou"

Gemma Grace: "Claude Challe - The Best of II"

Riley Alexander: "Dave Gray, White Ladder gets me all hot for some reason."

Amelia Sweet: "I stream bossa nova from internet..."

Violette Dew: "I use the Buddha Bar's mixes, or Cafe Del Mar, any of the albums are great for ambient back ground noise for sensual massage."

Layla Strange: "I have double J on the TV, then something mellow in the bedroom like Erotic Chillout or Lana Del Rey."

Eva Karlsen: “Making Mirrors by Gotye.”

Christian Vega: “Any Winehouse, Back to Black... I was once part way through a booking and the soundtrack to the Lion King came on... yeah, there were giggles!"

Abby Tantra: "Pretty obsessed by Z by SZA. Stand out track - Child's Play. Smooth!!"

Rio Grande: "White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan."

And as for me? My go-to album is Mezzanine by Massive attack because it’s sexy, yet creepy ... which really fits my character! But occasionally I will play this incredible track and dance around in my underwear in an extremely wanton manner. Music can make good sex great, and also make you want to do a striptease in the middle of your living room; both are worthy pursuits.

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