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Making a Time Investment

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"There's only one thing more precious than our time, and that's who we spend it on."
- Leo Christopher

As an escort who charges by time and not by activity, the length of a booking can drastically alter the experience.

Punters  will often divide escorts into two categories - 'girlfriend experience' (GFE) and 'porn star experience' (PSE). The 'girlfriend experience' refers to a style of escorting that approximates a date with your girlfriend (assuming that your girlfriend is really hot, wears lacy lingerie 24/7 and is always sexually available.) It emphasises connection rather than the raunchy sex that falls under the Porn Star Experience (PSE) umbrella. Both these terms can be overused, and you'll often hear escorts complain that their service can't be placed into either category. I'm fairly content with being labelled a GFE escort, as I like to emphasise intimacy with my clients. However I have also been known to dirty talk, dress up in schoolgirl costumes and have creative multiple-position sexual experiences.

I'd like to propose an alternative way to classify my services: by duration.

Example one: a sixty-minute lunch engagement. The gentleman in question was sneaking out of work to enjoy some recreational time. I arrived precisely at two-fifteen, and twenty minutes later we were rolling around on his crisp hotel sheets with abandon. At three pm I got into the shower - no time for a sexy two-person wash - and then joined him for a quick chat before he hurried back to the office. it was fun, fast and affordable.

Example two: a four-hour date. I met my client in the gardens of the Art Gallery of Victoria and we strolled around critiquing the artwork. We didn't always agree but there was some witty banter that definitely made me appreciate his intellect! We had light afternoon tea together and returned to his hotel for sensual, slow play that left both of us feeling relaxed and connected.

I enjoy shorter bookings and I get a lot out of them. They are the 'one night stand' of escort work: fast and furious, with very little time to work out the client's needs. Thus it becomes a fast and exciting trip through my partner's psyche, with much improvised along the way. The skill lies in being able to sense what's best and 'go with the flow'. Short bookings don't require me to have as much in common with my 'date': as long as we can connect sexually then we usually have a great time.

Longer bookings are different - the whole experience has a different flavour. We may just be sitting in a hotel room chatting, or we may be out at dinner together for hours, but that time seems much more intense. It's more of a risk, both on my part and the client's: what if we don't hit it off? However I try and minimise this by getting to know someone as much as possible before we meet. Coffee dates are useful - meeting someone in person allows me to immediately see whether we have physical and intellectual chemistry.

So what's better, long or short? Is it worth investing in a longer session with an escort? Here's what some other ladies have to say:

"I prefer longer because nothing is rushed, you have time to have as much fun as possible!"

"Longer bookings allow me to truly get to know what my clients like, and they get to know me well, which they love."

"With long bookings, I find I build better connections."

"Longer is great! I love hearing [my clients'] desires, their fantasies, connecting, teasing and drawing out each moment of pleasure for as long as their busy day allows."

"I love having the time to relax, laugh...of course a quickie can be nice as well! But it's not at all the same."

"More time means greater opportunity for me to tease out what you truly desire..."

"It takes time to really grasp the levels of nuance in a person...I find it makes a world of difference in bed."

"My favourite amount of time with my lovers is four hours...four hours is enough time to really indulge and intertwine, whether it's a bath together, mutual massage, lots of affectionate cuddling or passionate lovemaking."

"I love to unwind around an amazing meal or concert. It gets my mind totally aroused before that's next to come..."

From speaking with my peers I've learned we share a certain view - that it takes time to draw a person out and establish a connection. We may call it different things: 'relaxation', 'indulgence', 'arousal'....what we're talking about is the process of seduction, of gradually establishing the sexual energy that makes physical intimacy feel amazing. Our minds are involved in all steps of sexual intimacy from attraction to arousal, orgasm and even post-coital cuddling. Your state of mind is the difference between total disengagement and an intensely emotional experience. Nurturing that state of mind is the ultimate goal.

And as for me? I love variety so I welcome dates of all durations. However when it comes to being as intimate as possible, my preference is for a longer session. For me, the essence of a GFE service is genuine connection which can't be quickly contrived, even in a commercial situation. I'm an expert at using what we have: five minutes of chatting can still be of benefit. But I find that a longer time investment pays off. A relaxing dinner, a stroll arm-in-arm, and plenty of opportunity to experiment in the bedroom, all contribute to giving me the most satisfying experience.

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