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I Love the Smell of Latex in the Morning

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I was visiting an escort friend on the weekend. We often get together to talk about our week over a few cups of tea or perhaps a glass of wine. Last weekend she was particularly excited because she had just received a gift from a client in the mail. It was something she was planning on wearing for their upcoming session together.

The present was still boxed. I sat with her on the floor and we pulled yards of tissue paper from the package, finally revealing the deep lustre of a polished latex gown. Even before I could see the material itself, the scent of rubber was unmistakable. I was suddenly reminded of encounters I’d had in the past: sweaty and electrically charged, running my fingers over slippery latex and squeezing the flesh beneath. I breathed deeply of the scent of the dress, losing myself in the memories it evoked.

Smell is an often-overlooked sense. One could almost see it as a defunct evolutionary trait. Our sense of smell is managed in the brain by the limbic system, one of the more primitive areas of our cerebral cortex. These structures have been around since mammals first evolved and their function is related directly to basic survival mechanisms. While our mammalian ancestors used smell to find food and avoid predators, this sense is much less utilised in the modern day…I could argue that my ability to locate fresh bread in a shopping mall is a vital skill, but it’s not a life-or-death situation!

Here’s what’s interesting – our sense of smell is closely linked to memory, probably more so than any other sense. Just consider whether a scent has ever caused you to remember something vividly... smell acts as a trigger in recalling long-forgotten experiences.

On a more intimate level, smell is important when it comes to sex. Research has shown that our body odour, produced by the genes which make up our immune system, can unconsciously influence our attraction to sexual partners. Some scientists theorise that kissing is a behaviour developed from sniffing – essentially a primal act that allows us to make sure our partner is a good match.

It is likely that much of our emotional response to smell is controlled by association. Our past experiences help designate scents as ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘sexy’ or ‘unpleasant’. This explains how people come to have such a wide variety of preferences; for example, the foot fetishist who adores sweaty socks or the submissive who becomes aroused at the smell of leather. Leather is a big turn-on for me as I spent much of my youth rubbing shoulders (and other bits) with leathermen and women. Even the smell of something completely innocent, such as a friend’s leather couch, can give be an unexpected turn-on. 

After this science lesson, I’m sure you have an appreciation for why it’s so important to shower before getting into bed with someone! Also, you probably no longer trust me around your couch or your washing-up gloves. Those with plans to see me in the future may also like to know that I enjoy the smell of hot wax, new books and Ralph Lauren Polo Red. I’ll save those stories for another time…
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