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Growth in Confidence Through Seeing A Private Escort / Companion

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Just starting by saying 2015 has been the most amazing year due to all the ladies that I have met, spent quality time with and with some seen many times again. You made this blog happen.

Being confident around any woman is not something that every man holds in his bag of tricks. In my late teens I was a not at all. I had girlfriends but still not the guy that had them falling at his feet. As a young man finding his way in the world it was still not the man being chased. Confidence is either inbuilt or built by experience. I had less experience than a lot of my mates. Add to that working in my 20s in a predominantly female based industry I was one of 'the team' so again the experience was of a different nature...not chased and not chasing; I was at a level of management in my early 20s so keeping it professional was a must. Social life was good with a close bunch of mates but I was never a 'guys' guy. So night clubs etc were never really my scene.

Fast forward through life to late 40s and learned a lot in life...except that confidence thing. I only started seeing private escorts just over 12 months ago and prior to that was a visitor to establishments which gave me the confidence to see a private escort. 

The journey for late 2014 & 2015 was clear in my mind. I ventured to seek out ladies that I would connect with on many levels and want to see again. As I did so I was very careful in selection which really started with the connection and personality. I was extremely nervous and did not truly know what I was doing or how to handle myself. But surprisingly what I found was that by just being myself, not pretending to be anything I was not and being open with the lady gave me my inner confidence.

The confidence grew as I saw these ladies again as a returning client. With the inner confidence growing so too did my outward confidence. Being comfortable around such beautiful, smart and glamorous ladies got me to a point where I was able to go beyond the 2-3 hour booking I was making. Dinner dates would follow which would make for some of the most amazing times and experiences. This type of booking is my favourite as it lets you build the client relationship and really get to enjoy the person you hsve asked to spend the most intimate time with. 

The first dinner date led me ultimately to an overnight booking for my birthday this year. That was something I had never even thought I was ever to do...but I did and it will forever be a night that I will always remember with such great memories...magical. It has led to more times seeing that same lady and I know they will continue.

The confidence factor has moved also into real life. People who know me can see the difference and without them knowing why they just see happiness and confidence. What is really there is the confidence to be happy and more outgoing. Still probably nit the one to be night clubbing or being chased ;). 

So as I see out the year of 2015 I have taken the opportunity to personally see these ladies who have made me a better person again one more time and say thank you. The time spent with a private escort is way more than sex, as companionship and pure blissful enjoyment is achieved. The experience transcends normal life and total escapism is found. The confidence to seek and enjoy has been made. 

I now look forward to 2016 as a new chapter in continuing to grow in confidence. Seeking out new experiences with people who understand me and can truly guide me in this growth.

Thank you.

Toyburu xxoo
PS : Special thanks to Karly in supporting guest blogs which have enabled me to voice this all. xxoo
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