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A Farewell to Gala Vanting

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Things have been different this month, and a little sad despite the Christmassy mood that's going around. Apart from my regular Christmas bingeing on champagne and Christmas pudding, I've been spending quite a bit of time working with Gala Vanting.

Gala is a BDSM professional who dommes and switches in kink play. She was originally apprenticed at the Correction Centre in Melbourne and has learned from a number of highly-respected BDSM experts in Australia and internationally. Gala's work includes not only kink and fetish, but also production of exquisite Australian kinky porn. She has a passion for sexuality - she treats everyone's kinks with the utmost of respect and attention. For the past few years she has been integral to the kink and porn scene in Melbourne.

I remember the first time I met her: she was sitting cross-legged on the floor of a friend's bedroom wearing a summer dress, and she didn’t seem to be a typical imposing dominatrix! However once she began to speak I found her presence and intelligence incredibly intimidating. Although I don’t submit for clients, I do find that a woman with just the right sort of presence can make me weak at the knees – and I’ve certainly found that Gala, with her wit and presence, can bend me to her will! I love bottoming for her, and also working with her to tease and torture willing victims.

Gala and I have so much in common. We both share a sense of humour and playfulness. When we work together, we bring our unique skills to a session: Gala works primarily with kink, while I am more focused on eroticism and intimacy. Her skill level dramatically exceeds mine, and she can administer to our playmates in a number of ways that I can’t. Her manner is playful, gentle and reassuring but also demanding and perfectly controlling. It's been wonderful to be able to introduce her to those of my clients who wish to take their kinky learning a step further.

The best thing about working with Gala is the fact that she sees everyone as being equally deserving of her care and attention. Kink is a diverse thing and I often have enquiries from people who are interested in things that I'd never previously imagined. Gala has worked with many of our friends, and she regards everyone's needs positively. She's always reminding me that sex is fun and important - preferably both at the same time!

As we are both genuine bisexuals, we’ve been able to have a lot of fun sharing our sexual connection for the benefit of others. I find that a session is much more erotic when that sense of deep connection is there. We have been told that we have a great energy – I guess that due to our common values and interests, everything just seems to come together really well (no pun intended). 

One of the biggest benefits of working with Gala is the creativity that happens when we put our heads together. We love coming up with ideas and creating scenes. One of my clients has a birthday in January, so we've been eagerly brainstorming the best ways to integrate birthday cake into a BDSM session. One of Gala's clients comes up with his own very detailed scenarios, which I can’t go into in too much detail except to say that Gala makes a fantastic Sexy Alien Goddess.

So it's been a fun month for me, although the fun can't last forever. Gala is about to move interstate and her time here is limited - she will be moving away from Melbourne in mid-January next year. Her move is a huge loss for Melbourne and I feel privileged that she has shared so much of her time with me. Gala I hope you read this - thanks for all your attention, affection and spankings!

Gala Vanting and I will be available for bookings throughout December and January. For more information please see our ad on Scarlet Blue.

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