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If You Fail to Plan…

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A lot of my job involves what you might call ‘planning’. Personally I prefer to call it ‘plotting’, ‘scheming’ or (in company), ‘conspiring’.

On Monday I had a booking with a client from overseas, who wanted a bisexual double. My bisexual female friend is a mistress, so we spent Wednesday night the week before coming up with ideas over a glass of wine. Another guy wants to book again but is waiting for the right role play. Together we’ve done the angry secretary, the strict headmistress, and (my personal favourite) bikie stand-over woman. We both like to bring our own personalities into the roles and he is an excellent actor. I want to pretend to be a terrorist and take him hostage - but is that too dark? We’ll have to wait and see what he says…

I find that the people I get on best with are the ones who enjoy new experiences. It’s not always about role-playing; sometimes it’s just about trying out a new implement or position. Sometimes I meet people who have a specific idea they want to enact, and I love making that happen for them. Other times my client isn’t sure what they want and it’s my job to work out what sort of experience will be the most rewarding for them.

I don’t always get it right. I once knew a gorgeous young man who loved to talk a lot during sex – mostly about food. “Just like whipped cream and honey!” he’d cry out during our marathon shagging sessions. I was convinced he had a huge food fetish. One day I showed up to our booking armed with maple syrup, whipped cream and strawberries. He seemed slightly impressed and I felt really pleased with myself but as we began to get frisky he started singing a different tune. “Get that car on the race track baby!” he shouted. It dawned on me that, far from having a ‘thing’ for food, he actually had a fetish for sexual metaphors.

Sometimes I plot things for my own gratification. I feel it’s unfair that I can’t hang out in strip clubs with my friends the way guys do – so I hatched a scheme to find social clients who would enjoy spending time at the clubs with me. It was perfect - I flirted with a whole lot of sexy women and made new guy friends. I learned from that experience that there is always someone out there who shares your idea of a fun time.

Of course, the best sort of plans are those than include everyone. I was having a drink with the fabulous Eva Karlsen in Adelaide a few weeks ago - we were both touring there and found some time for a catch up in the middle of our busy schedules. We were talking about finding clients, and how guys often worry that we won’t look like our pictures or that they won’t get on well with us in person. It's tough finding the right escort - quite an investment - and some people worry about the risk that it won't turn out well - hence the term 'punting'.

A couple of drinks later, we decided that a ‘speed dating’ event would be perfect for escorts and their clients – it would give guys and girls time to size each other up in person, allow for meeting a variety of women in one sitting. Thus our ‘Introductions’ event came into being. Now we’re spending our last month of the year trying to convince all of Melbourne to participate in our idea! I think there’s nothing sexier than introducing people to new things, and the more people the better.

Do you like new experiences? Come try ‘Introductions’ with us! For more information visit:
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