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Escorts VS Dating Sites

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I've been an escort for three years now. During that time I have also done a fair bit of online dating. I can say straight off that I prefer most of my clients to the people I've met online.

Being an escort can be a little challenging for some folk. I've been subjected to pretty bad behaviour – in particular one 'gentleman' who sent me a morning-after message to the effect of 'Sorry it won't work out – I thought I was okay with you being a sex worker but after thinking about it I'm not.' Odd that he had to sleep with me first before making the decision to call it quits! I'm not bitter though; I also met a lot of very interesting people, some of whom I'm still friends with.

When it comes to getting laid, the internet offers a few options. Some people choose to try online dating or hookup sites while others choose to see escorts (and some might do a little of both). It interests me to compare the two - depending on whether you're looking for romance, social fun or no-strings-attached sex, the benefits of online dating could be replaced with a hot escort fling more easily than you think!

Finding Hot People
Whatever your definition of 'hot' – be it skinny, curvy, BBW, blonde, brunette, beach-babe or bondage bunny – you're almost guaranteed to find it if you browse enough dating sites. Similarly, there are so many different types of escorts around that unless your niche is very specific you should be able to find a lady who fits the bill. Another benefit to employing an escort is that it's okay to want to spend time with her just because she is a size 22 or has great boobs – on the other hand your potential online date may take offense.

Avoiding Scary People
Just as important (or even more so) than finding the right people is avoiding the wrong people. Sites like OKCupid Enemies ( demonstrate how truly horrifying some dating profiles are. Imagine accidentally landing a date with a person with stalker tendencies or, worse, someone who borrows one of your best 80s sci-fi novels and then never brings it back (true story). Seriously though - if the wrong person decides to get attached to you, court orders are only the beginning.

When you see an escort, it's likely that they are just as interested in preserving their privacy as you are. This means no harassing phone calls, no weirdness and no pressure to do a second date if the first didn't work out.

Honesty and Accuracy
Just how honest are dating profiles? You can't tell until you meet the person and get to know them. How do you know that an escort is telling the truth about her age, ethnicity or bra size? The truth is, you don't, until you meet her in person. At least escorts have reviews...I've yet to see a dating site member review, I reckon it's a great idea though!

The Cost
The cost is unfortunately a big down-side to seeing an escort. While membership to dating websites may be free or low (about $20 per month), a good escort could set you back anywhere from $300 to $800 per hour. On the other hand, it's good to consider all the 'hidden costs' of dating: meals, outings and drinks for someone who may or may not choose to actually sleep with you. Would you rather spend $400 on an escort and know you're going to get laid, or $100 on dinner and drinks and not be sure? If the social aspect is where your enjoyment happens then that's perfect, but if you are only looking for sexytimes it might be easier (and more honest) to go straight to a professional.

Finding True Love
Dating sites win this one hands-down. If you're looking for romantic commitment rather than a hot fling or a friend, dating sites are much more likely have the sort of person you're looking for. Escorts, on the other hand, take very badly to suggestions of dating and marriage proposals (yes, that does happen!) But don't reject professionals out of hand - if you're looking for non-committed connection and companionship, you may find it with an escort much more easily than you think. We are people too and we value connection and intimacy, even though they are strictly confined to our in-session interactions.

Sexual Compatibility
Sexual chemistry is a very strange beast. I used to find that my sexual compatibility with dates was predicted with 100% accuracy by how much I liked their natural smell – this meant that I sometimes got strange reactions from people whom I insisted on sniffing as soon as I met them! I'd also prefer to meet and playing with potential partners quickly, as I wasn't worth taking the time to get to know them if there wasn't any connection.

Things work differently with escorting: it's an escort's job to be sexually compatible with you, no matter your age or interests or level of experience. This doesn't mean that she will like everything you like and let you do anything you want; rather it means that if she is good at her job, she will make you feel 100% comfortable with her. Things should happen smoothly and easily, with a minimum of stress.

I know it seems ludicrous to compare escorting and dating sights – they offer different things, right?I actually think a lot of the things we seek can be found in both – fun, intimacy, sex and the chance to get to know someone new. I believe escorts offer more of the benefits of online dating than most people think, and significantly less of the risk. And I'm pretty sure your escort won't steal your books (although I might be the exception, if you have any 80s sci-fi!)

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