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Enhancing the Companion's Experience As A Client

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I have written a number of blogs for Scarlet Blue with the topics being to show the client perspective. This blog will still be along these lines but with a difference. It has been written after a number of personally wonderful experiences (especially with a few friends that are long term companions) and the recommendation of this blog from one of them. A good friend that yes I am a client of. So with that in mind I write this with much thanks to my friends who inspired me to write.

The topic is how a good client positively effects your companion and how it reinforces how wonderful you make their journey. I will not be writing on the companion's perspective but just from my own experience and how it has been conveyed to me both in person and in writing.

Firstly I really never would have thought I could have been in the position to write this blog. I have written about growth and confidence as a man through seeing private companions and the appreciation one  receives from them. However with time, establishing a good client relationship, being open and honest with them and just treating them with the complete upmost respect that one should, things have changed for me.

Secondly I do not try to be something I am not when I see someone. I do like to explore different parts of myself that are there but have yet to be fully revealed, but at the end of the day I am still me. The same goes for the online presence. So the supportive words I give to a companion both publicly and privately are heartfelt, real and ones I would say to someone in real life. It is funny that I have been told that some ladies have been nervous to meet me due to this…then within a few minutes all is okay as they find out the truth … I really am a man who just likes to treat someone with total respect.

The following comes from an anonymous lady who has assisted and provided these lovely words: 

"Connection through correspondence, verbal and physical actions is so paramount to a great time together.  A lady will give her all to make sure that a gentleman or lady client has the experience of their life.  This is as important for her as much as for the client, as it is the sharing of intimacy and the exposing of both physical and emotional feelings that makes a date together so much than living a fantasy; it means that it is a truly positive and fun experience we all get to have together." 

So when I receive words saying how their journey of being an escort is made so much better with having a client who is supportive and how it makes them feel appreciated it does give me a sense of pride knowing that at least I can bring the best type of client to their professional lives. Knowing I have had a positive effect on them is very uplifting and very rewarding.

So to all the ‘clients’ out there, bring not just your best to any meeting with a professional companion but go above and beyond. Be the type of client that they want to see again and again, for not just the transactional side of the booking but also because it genuinely makes them happy in their professional occupation. Be the supportive client before, during and after the meeting. Just completely respect the companion for everything they are.

Thankyou to those I know, respect and hold very dear as you have been incredible in allowing me into your world.

Mr. L (toyburu)   
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