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Doubles or Nothing

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I love threesomes.

I've always loved them: the fumbling episodes with my boyfriend and his best female friend when I was twenty-one. The hot older couple I picked up a club in Sydney. The gay guy who wanted to fuck my partner. The lesbians who invited me to their place for the weekend. I sort of feel like I've been having ménages a trois my entire adult life. I've always been open-minded and comfortable, and somehow it just seems to happen wherever I go. 

I'm a firm believer in threesomes, and I think everyone should try it at least once. It's one of those experiences you never forget. The problem for guys is that it's bloody difficult to make them happen sometimes; picking up one girl at a bar is hard enough, can you imagine picking two up at the same time? The fantasy of a two hot ladies hitting on you is fun but ultimately unrealistic, unless you happen to be on the set of a porn movie. More likely is the unexpected scenario - a drunken unplanned episode with friends, or your wife making out with her workmate at a New Years' Eve party (well, it happened to me!)

Escorting is wonderful for making the threesome thing happen, assuming you have the funds and also the nerve. Being under pressure to please two experienced and beautiful women can be incredibly nerve-wracking. In sex industry lingo, a paid threesome is known as a 'double'. If the ladies only play with you then it's a 'straight double'. If they play with each other too then it's a 'lesbian double.'

I find the best encounters happen when there is already a connection between two or more of the people involved. Sometimes that means that both the ladies have seen a client separately before they all play together. Sometimes the ladies work together regularly and - my personal favourite - sometimes the ladies play together privately too, and have that special connection that comes from true affection. I have a few playmates whose company I enjoy both at work and in the privacy of our own homes. I even have a kink mistress to please and pleasure (I'm so lucky!) I definitely notice that when we see clients together they seem to pick up on the easy rapport we have with each other. It takes some of the unknowns out and leads to that easy state of 'flow' where the right things just seem to happen, and everyone gets equal amounts of attention and affection.

I often also receive requests for doubles sessions with ladies I haven't met and I'll always meet with the other escort privately first. This is to ensure we have a good connection and are attracted to each other. Being genuine is incredibly important as my clients are the type of people are quick to notice when things don't feel 'right'. As long as the groundwork is done thoroughly, I do really enjoy getting to play with people that my favourite clients have picked out for me. Often we have similar tastes in women, and sometimes they even ask for my opinion. If you want to see me act like a kid in a candy store, just ask me who on Scarlet Blue I'd like to see naked!

Planning is everything but so is spontaneity; once we are together things should just happen naturally. The more time we spend preparing for our ménage a trois, the more spontaneous things feel when we finally all meet.
Here are my tips for having the perfect doubles experience: firstly, get your cash for each lady sorted into two different envelopes so that they don't have to mess around splitting bills in front of you. Or if they are regular doubles partners, ask whether they want the fee all at once or separately for each. Secondly, if you're planning to have a drink together make sure your hotel room has three wine glasses. Most come with only two and it's awkward to have hotel staff delivering extras to you when your room is full of naked ladies.

And here's my big secret for threesomes - others may disagree, but this is what works for me! Once the action starts, it's more fun to include everyone - you should endeavour pay attention to both ladies at once. This may mean a bit of fine motor coordination but it's not as scary as it sounds, just make sure that if one part of your body (whether it's hand, face or anything else) is touching one lady, that you're also using your hand (or lips, or whatever) to caress the other. We will likely do that same, resulting in a sort of sensual love triangle encompassing any number of body parts. Sound fun? It is. It can be overwhelming but only in a good way. If things get too intense or one of us feels worn out then we are always happy to take a breather, have another glass of wine and then start all over again.

Most of all, be sure to relax and focus on the moment. If you worry too much about what's going on then you'll let the experience slip by. The most important thing is that you have some incredible memories that you can keep for the rest of your life.

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