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Dinner Dates and Why They Are My Favourite Experience

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A relatively normal but very passionate man who hopes this inspires someone to take a step outside their square to try something a little different.

As with any booking there is always a good time to be had. Whether this be the simple 1 hour (totally rare in my case) to the full on overnight there is always an enjoyable experience just waiting to be had. The overnight is truly rare unfortunately and would probably be the favourite if not for my limitation of funds so hence it is not to be the favourite. So many choices are available but of course it all depends on what you are looking for and of course the dollars to be spent. I mean a long booking of 4 hours + or a threesome for a couple of hours all add up to great experiences but also higher outlay. Not trying to monetise or cheapen the experience but the reality is it all adds up which needs to be taken into account when planning how to spend your money. Which leads me to the favourite experience...the dinner date. This experience is the one that catches my eye and imagination the most. It allows you to not just enjoy the time in the bedroom (or wherever else you enjoy that time) but also the ability to sit down with someone and truly enjoy them for who they are. 

I was introduced early to a dinner date by a not so well known but very discrete lady in a city that was not my home town. It was not our first date and it was here that I got to spend a few hours enjoying a casual dinner, a few drinks and enjoying the pleasant conversation that was to flow. It made the time that followed even more the pleasure as it just seemed nice to follow with what is commonly called 'dessert time'. Spoiling each other seemed just so natural and right. I was impressed with the experience but was relatively new to private escorts. It was then about a year later before I would then went on another dinner date. The opportunity and right person did not seem to happen until I found myself in a situation in Melbourne where the freedom to be myself was all empowering. Again not the first meeting but our third date and what happened was truly magical. The getting to know that someone was so heightened that is led to our next date being an overnight experience where again our dinner was a key part of the night. Both dinner experiences really became fundamental to my enjoyment of the dinner date experience. To take the dinner date to another level I even went as far as preparing a full 3 course dining experience for this lady with all the trimmings and added very late a friend for dessert (who ended up joining for dinner as well). The pleasure of a real conversation between us all in the intimacy of my apartment without anyone else there was an experience like no other. Forever grateful for being trusted to provide a tailored meal for someone who has been on my personal journey. Never forgotten and always remembered with the greatest of memories.

Through this came growth within myself to do something I had never done...a dinner date as a first date. Again in Melbourne this was to be a defining moment that led to the building of a relationship that is stronger than ever (ummm in 2015 I sort of got understandably engulfed by Melbourne's delightfulness). I believe the dinner date was key for laying down that foundation of understanding, intimacy and trust between each other that has only become deeper as time has provided us many more times together in different types of bookings. I have since done this again last year and again felt it so enriched to do so. 

The desire for a home city dinner was then realised in 2015 with going way out of my normal for providing a dinner date experience like I had never booked. It was actually a night that I never wanted to end because it was just so divinely perfect, but alas it had to finish...but was to be continued with subsequent bookings which again through it all we have become so much more comfortable with each other that is hard to describe. 

So where does that leave me if I have already experienced such heavenly delights of perfection? Well the trick here is that every dinner date is a completely different experience in oh so many ways, even with the same person. Every conversation different and never hard to have with such intelligent ladies that I have gotten to know. Other types of dinner date experiences await me which have already been planned that again will be an elevation beyond 'normal' being so different and special. Again I know it will be the start of something that already is special and probably lead me down a path of who knows where...that is part of the fun! My journey is taking me places I would never have dreamed of by meeting extraordinary people with rich lives and passionate in what they do. Being allowed to enjoy this time is actually something I am honoured to be allowed to do and cherish with all my heart. Sharing real time and engaging on a completely higher level is just why the dinner date experience is my favourite.

For those who have not done so try it ... you will be amazed at how different your time spent with a lady really is. It might just become your favourite too. 

To those I have spent time with on a dinner date I thank you for making these times the greatest. You make it what is special.

Toyburu xxoo
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