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Did Someone Say 3 - Finding the Right Partners

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This is the latest instalment from a man who has been exploring the world of fantasy through the professional services of private companions. I hope this sheds a little light on what was for me very uncharted territory, for some it certainly is not. This also does not confine itself to just the male, female, female (MFF) type as you may read on later.

As many guys might fantasise about the idea of spending intimate time with more than one partner it is something I think a lot of men and probably women do fantasise about. I certainly had but my 'normal' life certainly has never given me the opportunity to explore this fantasy and it was something I did really want to do. So naturally as I became much more confident seeing the private companion it was growing more and more something going from a thought to making it happen. In the past I tried unsuccessfully twice to make it happen but for various reasons it never occurred. So casting back over 12 months ago I had already made plans to meet up with 2 ladies I knew pretty well after a few private 1 on 1 dates. Why had I chose them? Well this is where this blog comes into play. Firstly my connection with them was fantastic. Secondly they were individually so beautiful and wickedly great as companions. Thirdly the ladies had recommended each other separately which any seasoned player will tell you a lady recommending another is pretty much being given the ultimate recommendation. Given we had all gotten on so well I figured it was time to bite the bullet and plunge in. What happened was purely magical and made for the perfect start with the perfect pairing.

The connection I had with each of them, as they did with each other showed instantly and the energy levels of all of us I think rose 10 fold. They exhausted me but left me in complete awe of them both. The rapport was essential and given the costs associated and the fact I had taken 2 years to basically get to this point I was extremely selective. Yes I took my time to get there but damn it was intense and wild! Cheekily I invited one of them back for another date I had planned which was a dinner date 2 nights later. The chosen lady was to be dessert for the other, and I already knew they would both be perfectly again the rapport between all of us was unbelievable. As a time we had was yet another out of this world moment with perfect pairing. Both of these ladies were not the 1st or even second time I had met them individually. So the time spent previously all came together to provide the platform for one of those WOW moments. WE had even shared the dinner together due to me running over in my cooking.

Afterwards though I had no opportunity to reconnect with anyone due to health reasons in 2016 and 2016 was fast escaping. I had played with the idea for a while in exploring the Male, Male, Female (MMF) threesome with a difference experience. Something that was for me to be a challenge on many levels, namely being very heterosexual (Mr Vanilla) and naked in front of another male (I am not the sports kinda guy and used to stripping off in front of guys). I searched for quite a while and saw different options of professional couples. I knew I would be well looked after by them but again it was rapport of seeing someone I already knew and have the experience with them rather than a first time with a couple was what I was looking for. Several options still flew past my mind but again nothing. That was until I connected through Twitter with someone who shared a similar sense of humour and interests in seeing private companions. His tastes were perfectly matched to mine and we actually met over drinks one night to say hi in person (not something I usually do but something drew me towards him). During the drinks it was apparent we both had an enormous respect for one lady in particular. Both of us being well respected clients of the lady, had both spent numerous dates with and someone we both immediately imagined would be totally fun and put up with us probably causing her to laugh. It was also a listed service she provides which we both were fully aware of.

So after some teasing messages from him he set about planning quietly with the lady...crafty devil is he! The answer from the lady was an immediate yes and certainly was when??? Basically boys get this organised and now. One thing lead to another and I decided there was indeed a very small window of opportunity between work travel, clearing painful shoulder injuries and both of their work travels. The scene was set...3 hours of fun. My original booking was actually longer which included dinner. Mr was joining us before dinner then escaping from us. What actually happened was some of the most intense and raw energy sex ever had, and the 3 hours was extremely well used. In fact short of some having a breather and drink it was pretty much GO! Again the adrenaline levels and total immersion into the moment created this environment. Before we all knew it the time for the very late dinner reservation was 10 minutes away. The lady and I could not let Mr just escape, he joined us for a very french dinner; perfect for our menage a trois! We parted though at dinner whilst I continued on for the rest of the night.

This latest experience was pretty much near the anniversary of my first threesome and inspired this blog. It gave me such a rush and the idea of being in the company of another Mr really was quickly overcome by our sheer rapport and total respect for each other and the lady. She too was very appreciative for a complete fun night that was mirrored by her kind words of appreciation following the time together. This will not be the last MMF and we certainly have discussed returning to the same scene with our friend and even another lady we know. 2017 certainly looks interesting!

So finishing off my experiences have led me a more openness with sexual experiences in a way never possible in my normal life. It certainly showed me to open my mind and just totally be in that space. It does not change also doing MFF or just straight 1 on 1 dates with a lady. All three have a different feeling to them which I love. The finding of the right partner? I think I have a select few that I would love to pair up in the future if the right opportunity arises. Boys...take a leap of faith and go there with another lady or male. You will be pleasantly surprised and left with quite the hunger for more.

Toyburu (Mr L)
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