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I'm a generally positive person and I don't like to focus on the negatives. Sometimes, though, it's frustrating. Some guys that contact me don't do themselves any favours with regards to their communication style. It's not always deliberate - often they just don't know how it should be done, or they aren't familiar with the booking process. So occasionally I receive text messages or emails that just don't meet my minimum standards, or that require a whole lot of extra work from me to make sure the sender isn't dodgy. When you're contacting a sex work professional, coming across as a decent human being is very important. We are humans too and we are much more likely to give you a good service if your booking process is stress-free. The more difficult or stressful the initial conversation is, the less favourably we will feel towards you. That translates into tension, lack of connection and inevitably a less enjoyable experience when we if finally meet.

Here's a short list of the most common things you can do to make a good impression, and avoid those all-important dealbreakers. Let's not cut the fun short before it's even begun!

Write in whole sentences, whether your message is via text or email. We all know that in this modern age, it's common to text your friends using acronyms and slang. But sex workers are professionals, not your best mate. If a message isn't clearly written, I tend to assume that you can't be bothered putting time and effort into impressing me (and therefore will also fail to impress in the bedroom). I understand that it can be hard for some guys, especially if English isn't their first language. I'm not a total grammar Nazi, I just want to see that you've made an effort to present yourself in the best possible way.

Provide all the information that's requested. When making a booking I generally require the day and time of the appointment, the name of the hotel you're staying in and your mobile number. If any one of these details is missing, I can't lock in an appointment with you. It's important to note that you don't have to actually have a hotel room booked at the time you contact me - you just need to know where you plan to stay, and if this changes later then it shouldn't be a problem. If you're not sure of the time or place you want to meet, perhaps you need to think it through a bit more before getting in touch...or if you are open to a number of dates, list these and give me options. Options are always appreciated! But a lack of detail cam make it seem like you're not serious about making a booking. In particular, not providing a phone number is a dealbreaker for me. for security reasons, I can't see anyone who won't provide their contact number.

Reply to emails and texts in a timely fashion. I understand that we all have busy lives, but organising a booking with you is a priority for me and I'd hope you feel the same way. It's a bit easier if you are booking months in advance, and perhaps a quick reply isn't that important if we have a lot of time. But if you are trying to organise something a day or two in advance, it's important that all the pertinent details are sorted out as quickly as possible. If you wait too long to reply, I may assume you've lost interest and hand your spot over to another client. Also, replying to text messages at two am in the morning comes across as a little dodgy, and it wakes me up, which makes me irate - I like my beauty sleep!

Don't ask for services I don't provide - if you read my blog and/or my website, you'll have a pretty good idea that I don't offer incalls, outcalls to residences or 'natural' oral. Ditto for bookings with less than a days' notice. If you ask for any of these things, it demonstrates to me that you haven't done your research. I might wonder how serious you are, and how committed you are to booking, if you haven't done a bit of reading up beforehand. After all, there are many ladies out there and unless you have researched me personally then how will you know if I'm the right one for you? Let's take care of that before first contact, so that I can feel confident we're a good fit. Conversely, clients who comment on my photos or website or blog articles when getting in touch are immediately given special treatment! I love it when people choose me specifically based on my attributes, and don't just pick me randomly out of a line-up.

Use respectful language: being overfamiliar is awkward. Using terms like 'babe', 'love', 'hunny' or any sort of familiar affectionate term is a real turn-off if we haven't already met. After all, we're not friends yet - there's plenty of time for affectionate pet names once we have actually become intimate, and I'm perfectly comfortable with them in a booking. When we are getting acquainted I'd like to think you see me as a professional, and you wouldn't call your bank manager 'babe' would you?

Say 'no thanks' directly. If for some reason you can't follow through with a booking, or you discover during our communication that I might not be the right lady for you, it's important to say so. I'm a professional and I understand that sometimes life gets in the way - schedules may change, you may feel too nervous to go through with meeting, or accidents may happen. Perhaps we might start talking and you realise that I don't provide the sort of experience you wanted. These things are all perfectly okay. But if you suddenly disappear in the middle of a booking negotiation, I will assume you're a timewaster, and I probably won't reply to future booking requests. Why burn your bridges? A friendly 'thanks, but I can't go through with our appointment this time around' will always be gratefully received. If we have organised a booking and you are cancelling at the last minute (with less than a days' notice), an offer of a cancellation fee is always appreciated as I may have refused other clients in order to make time for you.

I hope this blog wasn't too much of a downer for all those lovely people I know that already do the right thing! I love and appreciate my wonderful clients. I just hope that this advice helps out those who are a bit more hit-and-miss in their approach. At the end of the day, nothing should get in the way of my making your acquaintance - let's do our best to impress each other and I promise our time together will impress you too.

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