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Choosing a Name

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Sex worker aliases were a fascination for me long before I became an escort. When I was a kid one's 'porn name' was the name of your first pet, followed by the first street you lived on (my porn name is 'Twinkle Georgina'.) Invented names were theatrical: the drag queens I watched at Taylor Square in my early twenties. Call girls, dancers and porn stars I saw at the movies or on television were larger-than-life: Bambi, Honey, Mercedes. If someone had suggested to my twenty-one-year-old self that 'Georgie Wolf' was an appropriate name for an escort, I would have disagreed.

I've often wondered what life would be like if we could choose our first names. There's a reason they are called 'given' names: by the time one is old enough to question whether a particular name is appropriate, it's become part of us. Unless your parents decide to gift you with something particularly difficult, a name usually sticks. I never thought I'd have the chance to pick anything else.

I'm not a theatrical person and I've never felt the need to have a working 'persona'. My first sex industry job was in a parlour and, being fairly inexperienced, I happily accepted the name suggestion the receptionist made. In time it grew to be a part of me and I was content. However as I changed and my way of working changed, I felt like a better fit was needed. The main hurdle with naming for me was that it needed to feel authentic. I didn't want to move away from who I am because that would only distract me from being myself with my clients. I was therefore faced with a dilemma that I could only solve by asking myself some difficult questions.

If I had been born with a different name, or had the chance to choose my own, what would have happened? What sort of person would I be? To find the answer to my conundrum I had to look inside myself. I had to ask: are there any quirks of character that might have more room to emerge, under a different alias? Who did I need to be to encourage some of the lesser-shown aspects of myself? Finding my escort name was more about setting myself free to express the qualities that, for better or worse, hadn't yet been given much 'air time'.

The most obvious thing for me was the feeling of being 'sexy'. I like to encourage the more feminine and sensual side of my personality. I want to be that woman who wears silky lingerie to work, who doesn't hesitate to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants. I want to be the person who only cares for indulgence - completely unrestrained in her sexuality. To be clear, this is only one facet of my personality. I also love playing around in the dirt. I enjoy my own company. I wear mens' shirts (I know some guys find this attractive too so let's not jump to conclusions and say I'm not sexy in my regular life!)

More subtly, I wanted to be free of the constraints that a polite and quiet life had placed upon me. I have always been shy, ever since I hid under my desk on first day of school. Worrying about what other people thought of me wasn't so much of a problem; it was more my natural reticence. I've spent most of my adult life trying to overturn the habit of falling silent in a crowd, and sex work has been really useful for that. I decided that I would like to encourage the part of me that speaks up about all the important things: life's challenges, sex, asking for what you really want. Being direct and open: this is how I connect with my clients.

So how did the actual naming happen, you may ask?

I started by thinking practically - what sort of moniker would feel comfortable to use on a daily basis? As I said before, I'm not very theatrical so I didn't feel comfortable with something larger-than-life like my movie role models. I'd always secretly wished I had been given a unisex name. I considered Alex, Lee, Sidney and Jay. 'Georgie' was a sort of compromise in that it was quite feminine, but practical enough that I could still imagine myself fixing a car or having a glass of whiskey at my favourite bar.

The second part - 'Wolf' -  came from music, literature and nature. There's a music artist called Chelsea Wolfe (if you haven't listened to her I'd highly recommend it!) It's an homage to Virginia Woolf, that famous American author who used a 'free-association' approach to writing. It's appropriate that her name refers to a wild animal, because that's how I see her work: free and unconstrained.

Having the right working name gives me freedom. It's encourages in me the ways of being that I don't have room for in everyday life. In this way my escorting is a form of play, but it's play using only my authentic self as the base material. Over time it has grown to be a comfortable part of my identity and that's great too. Perhaps those qualities will blossom and become a bigger part of my life in general? Sometimes I think that has already happened. 

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