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Bottoms Up: Spanking and Corporal Punishment 

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Spanking is one of the most accessible, fun, and socially-sanctioned types of kinky play.  It's one of those things that's become so mainstreamed that we almost take it for granted.  For some people, it's a natural part of their BDSM lifestyle.  Other spanking enthusiasts disconnect the act from things like sexual play, kink or power dynamics, choosing simply to enjoy the sensation, the give-and-take, or the roleplay scenarios in which their scenes take place.  Spanking is frequently included in my sessions with beginners and advanced players alike, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to wax lyrical about some of the possibilities it holds.

The mainstreaming of 'rough sex' through pornography has meant that spanking has become pretty removed from a BDSM context, and because we monkeys tend to do what we see, it's something that people seem to incorporate into otherwise 'vanilla' sex with relative ease, without really calling it 'kinky'.  That's great - I'm all for the expansion of our erotic repertoires and happy to see people exploring and trying new things.  But I think it's hard to really grasp the potential of this type of play when it's positioned in this way - as a sort of 'side dish' to a vanilla / straight experience.

I learned a bit about spanking, flogging, strapping, caning, and the like when I trained as an apprentice, and had a few 'pain slut' clients during that time who really loved their heavy corporal punishment (also known as CP), giving me a little bit of insight into what it was all about.  But I didn't really get a proper grasp on it until I sessioned in the UK as a spanking & CP switch.  I was introduced to the British spanking scene by a few friends and saw a level of fanaticism about spanking and corporal punishment that I'd never experienced before.  They really are mad for it.  And this is where I learned to truly appreciate a red bottom or a few well-placed cane strokes.

The pleasures to be taken from spanking are many.  On a purely sensory level, it offers things like warmth, skin-to-skin contact, stinging or thudding sensations, and the weight of impact.  You can bring virtually any tone to it, and it doesn't have to be painful to be effective.  Pain created by spanking can also be incredibly sensuous, depending on how it's delivered.  Often a roleplay will be included in a spanking session, creating a motivation for the play to take place, whether that's punitive, perverse, innocent, or whatever else the imaginations of the players create.  Others play entirely for the enjoyment of the sensation, in which case the use of things like spanking games using cards or dice can be a great way to keep things playful and fun.

For those who play more heavily with impact, it's all about endorphins and endurance.  The challenge of putting oneself through physical strain, the chance to process sensation in creative ways, and the high that comes with a concentrated release of endorphins are some of the thrills sought by heavier players.  And while of course I enjoy playing with people of all skill levels, I get a particular thrill out of someone who wants to ride those waves into their own little state of bliss or submission.  It's a wonderful release for both the giver and the receiver to output that much energy, and is something that requires great communication and the ability to connect with another body through an implement.

Speaking of which, I also have a great appreciation for the tools of the CP trade.  Canes, leathers (straps, tawses, etc), paddles and the like can exhibit incredible craftsmanship, and a good one will have a life that exceeds your own.  I've always had a fondness for materials like wood and leather and preference them over metal or plastic, so the implements of CP are ones I can easily fetishise.  Each has its own specific tone and creates a different sensation, and I've built whole sessions around just playing with a collection of implements to see what their idiosyncrasies are.  They're a bit like musical instruments - each making a unique sound and sensation.  Some of the best gifts I've received from my long-term spanking partners have been CP implements, and I'm always excited to receive one as a tribute.

In a couple of weeks I'm headed off on my yearly trip to the UK to visit my friends in the spanking scene there, and looking forward to getting a good dose of it there.  When I return to Australia, I expect to have my taste for it renewed - it'll be a very good time to book a CP session with me, as I'll have freshened up my skills and my enthusiasm!

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