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This blog delivers some exciting news, and also a request for help from all you lovely readers.

I have always been fascinated with's something I’ve been doing for as long as I remember. I wrote (bad) romantic poetry throughout high school, and was kicked out of Advanced English because I was more interested in scribbling random words in my exercise books than in analysing the classics. While working as a photographer and graphic designer, I wrote (bad) erotica to keep myself and my lovers entertained. As an escort, Scarlet Blue's Guest Blog has been a fantastic creative outlet: I have poured all of my thoughts and reflections into these pages.

I have been guest blogging for Scarlet Blue for more than three years now and it has undoubtedly been your constant encouragement, feedback and great ideas that have kept me going. I have discussed potential ideas with my clients over coffees. I have used the stories shared by my regulars as ideas for writing pieces (with their permission). Sometimes a reader or Twitter follower will directly request a blog on a particular topic, or they will ask a question so interesting that I feel it deserves a lengthy answer. Interacting with all of you has made my experience much richer - I'm not really one for talking about myself all the time, and anyway, I think everyone has so much to offer by way of their individual lives. The feedback I've been given has been both encouraging and helpful. These articles wouldn't exist without you.

After three years of blogging - and the support I've graciously received - I feel I'm ready to take things a step further. So here's my exciting news: I'm going back to university! Beginning early next year, I plan to attend one of Melbourne's finest educational institutions. I want to study writing, so that I can produce better blogs for you and also attempt some exciting (and sexy) new projects. 

I know this sounds like a regular old cliche - putting myself through college by doing sex work. Let me assure you, escorting will always be my number one profession. It's my calling, and I have no plans to leave and take up another career. My interest in writing is based on a desire to explore our secret world more thoroughly. I have some larger works planned, which you will hear about in due course. I'd also love to develop my ability to tell the stories of others - after five years in the business, I have access to an incredible range of people who wish to share their experiences with me. Speaking up alone isn't always possible due to shame, stigma and the fact that we're all so busy much of the time! I believe that everyone in the sex industry should have a voice.

To move into this new phase of my life, I'm going to need help. I don't qualify for a government loan so I'll be paying all of my course fees up-front. Adding university fees, textbooks and other living expenses - as well as the fact that I may be working less and studying more - brings my expected costs into the range of eight to ten thousand dollars.

I'm not very good at asking for help... and anyway, you have all done so much for me already! My readers and clients have provided the great experiences I have had, as well as amazing stories and ideas. Even my community in general has pitched in on occasion, offering alternative viewpoints and critique. So instead of asking, I'd like to make some offers. I want everyone to benefit from my attempts to raise funds to study next year.

From now until the end of the year, I'll be offering my 'dinner date' to regular and new clients, for the discounted rate of $2000. This is a saving of $500 off the regular price, a rare chance for the more budget-conscious.

Dinner dates are my favourite type of booking. Usually held in the evening, (although lunchtime is also an option), they run for between six and eight hours. A date night is the perfect way to get to know me: lots of flirting and chatting over dinner, followed by plenty of sexy play without needing to worry about the time. In addition to a fun evening for both of us, you'll be contributing to my further education (and to the quality of the blogs I'm writing!)

Does this sound like you? Would you like to help me study? Have you been hoping you could one day afford a longer experience? For any and all of these reasons, please get in touch. I can't wait to plan a fun night out with you.

Dinner dates: 6-8 hours, only $2000 (saving $500). Available seven days a week by appointment, until December 31st 2017. View my profile to contact me and arrange a booking.

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