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Attraction and Etiquette - A client's guide to booking an escort

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Attraction and Etiquette
From the male client perspective of attraction to a private escort and the etiquette in with booking. For the clients some advice if making a booking and also expectations from the client of the escort.

There are many factors that one may consider before taking the step in making a booking with a private escort. This includes before and after a booking. I say 'may' consider because each to their own and for some I am sure that it comes simply down to price and availability (sometimes immediate). For me there is more to this process which might surprise some. This blog I hope provides an insight into a client's side of the process.

The decision to see someone starts with doing some fundamental homework by checking out profile/s and website (if they exist). What I am looking for is no inconsistencies between them with easy to understand rates and services. Some states do have archaic laws on what an escort can advertise etc. Sites do have 'interstate pages' which is a good way to resolve this issue...that is highly recommended to have ladies. Having differences and especially different rates across different sites is an immediate alarm bell.

Attraction is different for everyone. I love to see a nicely worded online profile and realistic gallery. Recently some escorts have introduced professionally made videos which are quite sophisticated, tasteful and artistically produced. One lady's set of videos resulted in such a desire to meet with a booking made. I am sure that I am not the only one drawn by the video, so yes they really do work!

Building on Attraction:
Social media is the next option. Twitter (and sometimes Facebook & Instagram) becomes an option if the escort has one. Twitter has become an attraction as it does give you an insight into the person's personality. Yes it is what is portrayed online but you can get a sense of someone over a period of time as they can of you. It helps to build rapport and more often the source of how I select a private escort. A lady's personality will outshine anything else and their genuineness really is key. Making the interaction through social media though is something that the escort has to be comfortable is very easy to trip and fall over that line.  Read their preferred contact and listen to the lady. Even still check if it is okay.

Contact and Making A Booking:
So after deciding to meet comes how the escort likes to be contacted. Ensure you follow their preferred not take a shortcut. To do so it at your peril! There is a well published blog by Karly on this topic...essential reading for all clients.

In my intro I always say a little about myself so they know a little bit more about me. Guys...the lady does not want to see any pictures of your manhood. Leave that for the magic of the meeting.

Tending to book ahead (sometimes months in advance) I like to sort out details early. This is to validate the rate that is agreed to at the time of the booking, communication method leading up to and on the day what is expected of me. As a client seeking and respecting a professional escort I also expect the agreement to be honoured. A rate change can sometimes require the awkward email asking the question. So if you are changing the rates remember your prebookings and inform your clients of the change and if it affects them. Keeping your clients engaged in this way demonstrates you care and are treating them professionally.

The Dreaded Change in Plans:
The other part of the booking process unfortunately can involve a change to your plans due to personal and work committments. This is for both client and escort. We all have lives to live and not everything goes to plan. Best is for any change to be communicated as soon as one knows it is required. Especially cancellations which may include deposits etc. . If a cancellation happens then be sure to give each other the courtesy to tell them personally, not via other means (e.g. website, social media posts of availability) or people.

The Day of the Meet:
I really like it best when the lady makes it clear  when agreeing to the booking on how they will communicate on the day of the meeting. Communication is paramount and if not handled right can lead to cancellations on the day, which does not go down well for either person. If there is an expectation for the client to confirm on the day make this clear with specifics. Sometimes we are in non communication zones for hours on the day (e.g. business meetings where checking a phone is seen as extremely rude). This actually happened to me once where it was an intense 4 hour business meeting with no breaks. Alas it ended up with the booking not occurring as I had not responded to a txt message sent to me during that time seeking confirmation of the booking. This was for an interstate booking that had been made months in advance and confirmed the previous day. So the key message is to agree on all this up front as it takes the guess work and disappointment out of the equation.

The Booking:
All I will say is be a gentleman at all times. Be on time. Treat the lady as a lady. She has agreed to meet with you and spend her mind, body and soul with you. Respect that.

After the Booking:
Common courtesy to be displayed here gents. You have just spent time together sharing the most intimate one can be with an amazing and professional person. It is not hard to say thankyou. I always send a message of thanks based on their preferred method of communication. This is not a copy paste one...oh no no no. This is a personal message of appreciation for sharing their time with you.

If you both want to then continue staying in touch then that is great. Staying in touch on and offline can continue to build that relationship which can be great when seeing each other again.  I have grown to appreciate the return affect of seeing a lady more than once (late to learn this lol). It really does make a difference and has a different feeling about it...highly recommended.

As said at the beginning of this writing each to their own. I hope this adds value to anyone who reads it.

Toyburu xx
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