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Hi lovely people,

I’m a current sex worker and PhD candidate from Flinders University, based in the wiliest state, South Australia. Yeehaw! Sex workers in this state have been targeted by the police (ACAB), have been kept on our toes with the Bill to Decriminalise sex work (please pass FFS) and have had to deal with the devastating consequences of #FOSTA, #SESTA. Our hopes however are still high, and in the face of all this we continue to work, love and fuck. So kiss our gorgeous asses SAPOL, rad fems, Christian abolitionists and anyone else that gets in our way, we are here to stay.

I’m currently conducting a PhD research project about the everyday lives of South Australian sex workers and am looking to recruiting 30 participants. The aim of my research is to document our wonderful community and give us a voice in a place where we are often forbidden, the academic realm. I’m conducting hour long, narrative interviews with past and present SA sex workers. I am interested in your story.

For your time and expertise you’ll be remunerated with $50.00. Are you interested in participating? If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask. Please get in touch?

Much love,

Your friendly neighbourhood whore cum academic.

Rosie Klara.

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