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Appreciation - For a Client

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This blog will explore the idea of appreciation but not where clients are gifting a private escort. Those are already widely published across social media in spades. I write on this subject as lately it is something that has become a more personal and valued attribute to the client/escort relationship & experience. I hope you find this blog of value and of interest.

Appreciation is often a term used in everyday social media or conversation. Often though rather fleeting and the sincerity is hard to see in a small number of words of a tweet. However what I have experienced in my reasonably short time engaged in this industry has been quite interesting and a source of happiness. 

The adult private escort world is a very complex industry. It could be seen by some as simply pay for sexual services, thanks very much and job done once the booking is complete. I am sure for some guys and ladies this is actually the case and their interactions stop at the door. Far more interesting and diverse is the industry though by the differing types of professional people who are delivering their services to cater for their clientele. Going beyond the actual sex the private escort becomes a courtesan and companion. They are nurturing their clients whilst building their 'brand' and 'image'. So for an escort providing appreciation to a client is needing to take these things factors into consideration.

Many clients show their appreciation to an escort by providing gifts with some being incredibly generous. Others provide it in words both openly and privately. The reverse is however often unseen. Appreciation is given back to a client in many forms and many remain private for the very reason that it is between the client and the escort. These moments or words become to the client some of their most cherished memories that do last a lifetime. It could be that simple selfie whilst out of the two people enjoying that time. The photo captured will be reflected on as time goes on bringing back a flood of emotions that just makes you smile and have the happiest tears of joy well up. 

Others will be private words of admiration to you for being just who are and for how your company made them happy as well. These may be in the form of an email, text message or a twitter message. In terms of them all they are so nice to receive. Having received back words of appreciation in emails they themselves have read like a review I would write for a lady on Scarlet Blue. Frame able and extremely something that makes you know that you are doing something right.

The public forms of appreciation then are what can be described as a league of their own. Sometimes just a like to a post or a flattering reply to a post on social media. The most flattering comes when a lady openly thanks you for the time spent with them or fir the words expressed about them in a 'review' (a term I prefer to use us the letter of appreciation).  When this comes so openly it does give you a sense of elation. Take that even higher to the highest form of appreciation is to have your letter published on their own personal website. This is their profession, their branding, their marketing and how they are viewed by other their current and prospective clients.

Sometimes though the client and escort forms of appreciation are kept quiet. Some ladies are extremely private, not even advertising. In these cases it becomes more a case of just being there for each other. I always still send a letter that I know will never see the public eye...but we both know where we are with how they have made you feel.

The ongoing forms of appreciation then become simply an element of fun respect for each other. The random message through Twitter thanking you or thinking of you to an email in length are all just beautiful. These are ways in which it makes the whole experience of seeing a professional companion even greater, much more in depth than a simple 1 hr session and makes for a connection that transcends all else. It is that connection that binds you to another time with them. It makes want to see them again...and again. 

To those that are reading this that really know me then you will see elements of how you have contributed to this blog. My time with each and every person is special. Everyone is unique and has something different to bring to life which is why there is only ever a single type of person for me ... the ones with a personality who care and allow for us to be ourselves in a moment that is the ultimate in intimacy. I thank you you for allowing me into your life and sharing with me your true inner beauty soulfulness.

Be in that moment, appreciate those with you and express that appreciation back however you can. It is amazing when it happens.

Toyburu xxxx
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