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A Hidden World of Fantasy and Escape Right in Front of Us

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This blog is from that of a male client and I hope it gives you an insight to at least one guy's perspective. This blog is about the hidden world we all play in and WHERE we play. I recently attended a fun reproduction of 1960/70's hidden Sydney up at Kings Cross and thought whilst it was fun it really had me thinking of the here and now. The hidden Sydney (and other cities) and the places that I have been fortunate to experience. Compared to my real world this hidden world of private companions is like no other. The show and my real experiences have inspired this blog entry.

When I first started out living in a hidden Sydney I knew nothing and I am still learning of course. The places I started out were 2  'establishments' and there was a little familiarity of the hidden Sydney show in these. I guess some formats do not change in establishments. The venues were large and places that I would not normally be near in my everyday life. But I guess that was the appeal, going to a part of my city I could escape into even if only for an hour (which I soon learned was not enough).

Eventually it was a natural transition to seeing private companions. So started my introduction to really seeing the hidden parts of a city. The escapism and treading into a fantasy world still is what drives me. Sharing the moment with someone beautiful, intelligent and who you are able to make a connection with in a place that you would probably never dream of in a million years normally. Seeing a 4/5 star hotel like this was very eye opening for this man as I had only ever stayed in them for special occasions. The ability to slip in and out of fantasy land to visit a lady in these places was amazing. I was in full appreciation to the effort made by the lady to choose a nice room and have themselves well organised. Of course it makes me smile if I stay, visit or simply walk past these hotels again. Very very fond memories.

Like a lot of guys I travel for work. Going to cities like Melbourne has meant I hosted (due to incall laws) and again with a mix of hotels to fully appointed apartments (where I cooked dinner for a duo date). This too has opened up new possibilities whilst travelling as it has meant I had to get to know cities a little more to get what I needed for such dates as well as visiting the odd hotel in other cities in Australia. Adding to this the restaurants and cocktail lounges that I have been to when on dinner or lunch dates with the special ladies where additional time with them is something magical. Being introduced to some of these places by some ladies has also opened up tastes, to which my friends are still trying to figure out how I have been able to be so well educated on cocktails, whisky and bars (oops try to explain!). These all hold great lifelong memories for me as they are a special part of who I am now. But this is not just where where the journey has taken me. Where there is the ability to see someone at their incall is where it has become very interesting. These have been from a private high rise apartments (where I have been cooked for and also have cooked for dinners), a private house in a far off suburb (where I have to hire a car to get there due to it being a fair way out of Adelaide), an 'adult' club that is normally used during the weekend to recently a very lush apartment in a converted church that is in such a was almost too naughty to be having fun there. But it goes to show that this variety is not all 5 star hotels but more very different and personalised. It so adds to the fun and adds that little bit of spice of difference.

Seriously my friends would never believe me in a million years if they knew. But there in lies the joy. The joy of escapism, fantasy and leaving your real world aside for that time to just be in the moment that no one else knows about. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than creating an experience to share the time, laughter and love with someone that is also enjoying my company. Doing that in places hidden from the rest of the world, but really in plain sight of the world is the fun.

Thank you to all the wonderful people out there who do make efforts in creating spaces for fun, being imaginative and sharing that with us. For taking me to places I would never have dreamed of visiting and introducing me to experiences and things that keep opening my mind. It is truly appreciated by us ... the client.

Mr L (toyburu)
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