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A Grand Night Out

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I love the fact that Australia is such an egalitarian country. I was discussing this last night with a favourite client of mine – he has spent some time in England, where the classes are much more rigidly defined. In the UK people can tell whether you have money by how well you speak, or what sort of clothes you wear, or what model car you drive. Those things are important status symbols.

Australians love their status symbols too but we’re much less serious about it. We like to poke fun at guys who drive convertibles. We don’t assume someone is poor just because they speak Aussie slang – in fact, in some cities it’s the blokey, Aussie guys in construction and mining who make most of the money. And even the richest and best-dressed businessman - I’m sure of this - still enjoys the occasional meat pie.

For us ladies, this often means that having fun with clients can easily fall outside the preconceived norms. The ‘high-class escort’ fantasy filled with champagne dinners and five-star hotels is fun but not always necessary. Sometimes guys have less ‘glamorous’ things in mind!

For example, I have a friend who flies to Sydney once a month for overnights with a regular whose bookings consist mostly of watching TV and walking his dog. I know of a gentleman with a touring motorcycle who likes to take his playmates on road trips down the coast (I’d put my hand up for that any day!) I once spent a great four hours in a bar with a guy drinking scotch and talking only about poker tournaments and pickup artists. And last night I spent a lovely evening perusing the stalls at Victoria Night Markets, eating exquisite food truck burritos and watching street performers, with a client that appreciates food and music in all its fantastic forms.

It made me reflect upon what makes ‘glamorous’ fun enjoyable. For me it’s partly the food/music/wine/frocks/shoes and partly the excitement of getting to play a very particular role: like stepping onto the set of Sex and the City, being classy and glamorous can be an end in itself.

However, I wonder what we miss out on when everything has to be about high heels , bubbles and luxury. Sometime it’s the simple pleasures that are most enjoyable to share with a friend or a playmate. I can be myself in the moment without worrying too much about whether my hair looks perfect or not.

At the end of the day, I think us Australians are a very diverse bunch. We don’t let our ideas of what a good time should look like get in the way of having fun. Let’s keep all our options open. If anyone has any fun outings to propose, my door is always open! I already own a pair of flippers, a stubby holder and a pair of sensible shoes so I think I’m prepared for almost anything.

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