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Scarlet Blue web design will not be taking any more new orders until February 2019.

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Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

  • How long does it take until my website is online?
    The average development time is approximately 5 business days. If our workload is a little lighter, your website may be completed earlier. Please allow the full 5 business days before you send us enquiries regarding your website completion.
  • Can I see a preview before the site is online?
    Yes, you certainly can. You may visit our presentation page to see an example of your chosen design before your website is ready. Once we have completed your website, if you request we will give you a preview before we put it live online.
  • Can I make changes or additions to my website?
    Yes, absolutely! Scarlet Blue will do the initial set up for you, After your website has been completed, we will send you all information you need to log in to your site in order to make changes.
  • Do you offer support for my website?
    Scarlet Blue offers technical support for our websites, If there is a technical fault, we will fix it for you, free of charge.
  • Will Scarlet Blue make changes and updates to my website for me?
    No. Scarlet Blue will design your website, and do the initial set up for you. You will be responsible for all content, and any changes that you would like to make. If you are not familiar with editing or making changes to your own website, you will need to get in touch with a local web-design company and give them your log in details. They can make the changes for you.
  • What happens if I stop advertising with Scarlet Blue?
    The website remains yours. You will receive free website hosting whilst you remain as an advertiser with Scarlet Blue. If you are no longer advertising with us, hosting fees will apply. We do not allow hosting through another company.
  • Can I purchase the website if I'm not advertising with Scarlet Blue?
    Yes, absolutely. You will need to supply us with your information and high quality photographs. You will receive free hosting for 1 year, and after the first year hosting fees will apply.

Terms and Conditions

By signing up for a Scarlet Blue designed website, you are agreeing with our Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions for Web Design Services are below

(our full website Terms and Conditions can be accessed through this link: Terms and Conditions.)

4.                 Web Design Services

4.1.         The Advertiser hereby gives authority for Scarlet Blue and its agents, employees and representatives to upload and publish the Advertiser's supplied photographs for the purpose of the Advertiser's personal website advertising.

4.2.             The Advertiser agrees that the Advertiser's personal website content and any changes to this content is the Advertiser's sole responsibility.

4.3.             The Advertiser agrees that Scarlet Blue retains legal and intellectual property rights in all designs or graphics created by Scarlet Blue.

4.4.             The Advertiser agrees that the Scarlet Blue logo forms part of the website design and is not to be removed.

4.5.             The Advertiser agrees that the standard Scarlet Blue website design is the same look and functionality as the theme the Advertiser has selected when placing their order. If the Advertiser wishes to customise the website to make it look or function in a different way to the selected theme, or add extra pages, this must be requested in writing with details of the customisation, and Scarlet Blue will supply a quote for these changes. The Advertiser will enter into a work order with Scarlet Blue before it makes such changes or customisation.

4.6.             Scarlet Blue is the super administrator of all websites it designs. If the Advertiser passes the administrative login to a third party (such as another web designer) Scarlet Blue will no longer be responsible or offer technical support for the website.

4.7.             In addition to all other rights and remedies available to Scarlet Blue at law, equity, statute or under these terms and conditions, Scarlet Blue reserves the right to make changes to the Advertiser's website if it is no longer compliant with these Terms and Conditions and the website is hosted by Scarlet Blue.