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Profile SWA 11377XE

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    0413 109 196

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    175 cm

  • Dress size

    14 G cup bust

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Australian Tours

To From Until
Adelaide 3rd February 4th February
Dates flexible. Prebooking & deposit essential.
Brisbane 23rd February 24th February
Dates flexible. Prebooking & deposit essential.

International Tours

To From Until
Singapore 2nd April 6th April
Taking expressions of interest. Dates flexible. Fly me to you available - min overnight + expenses
Hong Kong 7th April 11th April
Taking expressions of interest. Dates flexible. Fly me to you available - min overnight + expenses
Venus Rayne - Private Escort Melbourne

About me

Divine creature in pursuit of mortal sin...
Why, hello there...

Welcome to my hedonistic heaven where divine creatures roam in pursuit of the sweet carnality of mortal sin. I'll be your guide on this grand voyage through pleasure, indulgence and passion.

May I take your coat? Perhaps the rest of your clothes as well?

I can tell you're the kind of discerning gentleman who simply wants the absolute best. You're kind, hard working and you deserve to treat yourself by spending time with someone who will make you feel desired and invigorated. You're after the kind of memorable woman who will add some excitement to your life. A woman like me.

During board meetings you'll find your mind wandering to the bittersweet memory of my lips kissing you softly and passionately... my hands exploring every inch of you... my tongue doing that thing that makes you sigh "oh... my... goddess!"... Perhaps you're imagining me right now... Stark naked on the conference table in front of everyone, legs spread, or on all fours, ready for you to take me. Maybe I'm waiting for you back at your desk, in a short skirt, the top button of my blouse undone, my panties thrown at your feet when you arrive. You bend me over, pull my skirt up and have your way with me right then and there...

Oh my! Wouldn't that be cheeky?

When we meet, you'll quickly find out that I'm a well-spoken and warm individual who insatiably indulges in laughter, food and all things that stimulate the senses. While wonderfully down to earth, my formal studies in history, neuroscience and creative writing as well as my world travels allow me to bring a multi-faceted perspective to the conversational table. I feel just as at home in a fine dining establishment as I do in my favourite hole in the wall eatery, and am as thrilled to stay in cooking, listening to Bowie, playing video games and watching Star Trek as I am to running amok and spending a luxurious or wild night on the town. I live for weekends away in wine country, so consider me your perfect partner in wine!

As an empath, I just want to make you feel good and hone in on what it is that makes you writhe in pleasure. I'm always open to instruction and love a communicative partner. Mutual satisfaction is the name of the game with me, and you'll find that I'm delightfully responsive when given some thought. You can always expect a positive and cheeky attitude, to be treated with kindness, and to feel truly and utterly desired in my presence. I take very good care of those who value me as a person and treat me and my body with respect.

Reminiscent of classical paintings and sculptures, my tall hourglass figure is truly a work of art. A wonderland of mountains and valleys for lovers of curves. You will relish in my natural G cup breasts all in proportion with my Amazonian frame and luscious derriere. My strong thighs and long legs look heavenly in thigh high stockings and you'll be hypnotised by the way I ooze sex appeal as I move. I know exactly how to dress with class for my exquisitely feminine shape and hold myself with an alluring sense of confidence. I offer a classic Goddess Girlfriend Experience and my signature Platinum Goddess Experience for the indulgent lover which you can find out more about at

I would love to share our time together enjoying all of the things that make you feel the most liberated and blissful. I'm not afraid of what makes you unique. I'm not here to pass judgement on what you like, how you look, or how you express yourself. Take me to the restaurant you've been meaning to try. Pour me a glass of your favourite scotch. Educate me on the sport you follow. Lend me the book that changed your life. Dance with me to your most beloved song. Tell me something you've never shared with anyone before. Kiss me most passionately. Undress me most slowly. Film something raunchy with me. Watch my eyes light up when you moan while I tease you with my wicked tongue. Revel in making me sigh your name and my body convulse. Lay with me in the afterglow.

Let me be yours for an hour, a night, a weekend...

Please see links to my website and Twitter in the contact section to get to know even more about me.



Netflix & Chill $ 1000 90 min GFE + 2 hrs Netflix :: + $300 for Platinum Goddess (Prebooking rate)
Cocktail Date $ 1000 1.5 hrs GFE + 1.5 hrs social :: +$300 for Platinum Goddess (Prebooking rate)
Dinner Date $ 1250 2 hrs GFE + 2 hrs social :: +500 for Platinum Goddess (Prebooking rate)
Overnight $ 3000 GFE :: +$500 for Platinum Goddess // Up to 15 hrs - Min 6hrs sleep
8 - 10 Hours $ 2500 GFE :: +$500 for Platinum Goddess // Daytime+Evening date - no sleep required (Prebooking rate)
Additional Hours $ 300 (Prebooking rate)
4 Hours $ 1600 GFE :: +$500 for Platinum Goddess (Prebooking rate)
3 Hours $ 1300 GFE :: +$500 for Platinum Goddess (Prebooking rate)
2 Hours $ 900 GFE :: +$400 for Platinum Goddess (Prebooking rate)
1.5 Hours $ 750 GFE :: +$300 for Platinum Goddess (Prebooking rate)
1 Hour $ 500 GFE :: +$200 for Platinum Goddess (Prebooking rate)
45 minutes $ 450 GFE :: N/A for out calls (Prebooking rate)
30 minutes $ 400 GFE :: N/A for out calls (Prebooking rate)
Same Day Bookings $ 100 additional per hour - Subject to availability
9pm-10am Bookings $ 100 additional per hour - Subject to availability
Same Day 9pm-10am Bookings $ 150 additional per hour - Subject to availability
Click here for more rates
The above rates are for prebookings made at least 24hrs in advance between 10am and 9pm. Travel fees apply to out calls under 4hrs and vary based on location. An additional $100/h is applied to same day bookings or those required between 9pm & 10am and $150/h for same day bookings between 9pm & 10am.

SERVICE INFO: Head to for more info on my services

REQUIREMENTS: My *screening & DEPOSIT* policy can be found at - by making a booking you agree to the terms and conditions.

LOCATION: Coburg in a discreet location with parking available. I'm also available for out calls for an additional fee.

Please allow up to 48hrs for a response and please prompt me again

I often book out a week in advance so prebooking is encouraged to avoid disappointment
I can VERY RARELY accommodate same day bookings with 4hrs+ notice, deposit and screening info provided immediately plus additional fees.

Netflix & Chill:
Let's get it on with 90 minutes of hot steamy love making and then sink into each other with cuddles, pizza (or your favorite), and a 2hr movie or documentary. My idea of perfection.
1hr GFE + 2hrs Netflix $800 (+$200 for Platinum Goddess)
90 mins GFE + 2hrs Netflix $1000 (+$300 for Platinum Goddess)
2hrs GFE + 2hrs Netflix $1200 (+$400 for Platinum Goddess)

Cocktail Date:
For the lover who wants to tease over a few drinks or a light meal in their hotel bar before we devour each other in private.
1hr GFE + 1hr Social $800 (+$200 for Platinum Goddess)
1.5hr GFE + 1.5hr Social $1000 (+$300 for Platinum Goddess)

Dinner, Lunch or Brunch Date:
You're the kind of lover who needs more than physical stimulation. You appreciate a woman who can conduct herself in public and bring more than a body and a pretty face to the table. You yearn to treat a remarkable woman to a fine dining experience or share the pleasure your favourite diamond in the rough with someone who will appreciate it and isn't afraid of trying new things.
2hrs GFE + 2hrs Social $1250 (+$500 for Platinum Goddess)
2.5hrs GFE + 2.5hrs Social $1500 (+$500 for Platinum Goddess)
3hrs GFE + 3hrs Social $1750 (+$500 for Platinum Goddess)

24hr & Weekend dates:
Let's run away for a full day and night or two. I make the perfect companion for a relaxing and indulgent affair on your next business trip or weekend in wine country.
24hrs GFE $4000 (+$500 Platinum Goddess)
Weekend GFE or Platinum Goddess $6000

Two heads is better than one, right? Every time I get asked to join in on a date with another sex worker my heart goes aflutter and I get super excited, so please don't hesitate to ask if you would like to invite me along. I have a few suggestions of beautiful women I have worked with or would like to work with if you can't decide too. Rates and services may vary between workers. Head to for suggestions on doubles partners. I do not add an additional charge to my own rates to see you with another sex worker.

Couples, Groups and Parties:
As a genuine bisexual and proponent of "the more the merrier" I would genuinely enjoy the privilege of joining couples and groups on their sexual escapades. I believe that sharing an experience with committed couples and friends can help to bring lovers closer together and create unforgettable memories to revisit and reminisce. I'm flexible with dynamics and am happy to focus on one or all parties as you desire.

1hr $700 (+$300 for Platinum Goddess)
2hr $1200 (+$500 for Platinum Goddess)
Additional hrs $400

Extra lovers are an additional $200/h per person.

For bookings 8hrs or more please add $500 to my one on one rates for couples and $500 per additional person for groups. (Eg: 24hr GFE couple rate would be $4500 - my 24 hour GFE rate for two couples/4 people would be $5500)

Fly Me to You:
I'm happy to travel both domestically and internationally to meet or revisit lovers.

Domestic minimum booking $1500
(+ travel & accom)
This is the minimum required fee to facilitate a fly me to you booking in regional VIC, NSW, SA, TAS and the Southern-most cities in QLD. Places such as Perth, Darwin, FNQ & Townsville require a minimum $2000 booking (+ travel & accom).

International minimum booking $3000
(+ travel & accom)
This is the minimum required fee to facilitate a fly me to you booking in the Asia-Pacific region. Please contact me for rates regarding Europe, the Americas and Africa.

50% deposit as well as travel and 4 or 5 star accommodation fees are required before a fly me to you booking can be made. Minimum booking fees are not inclusive of travel and accommodation costs. Domestically, Qantas is my preferred airline.

Want to be the focus of my attention? Want me to prioritise you above all others? Want to chat between bookings and receive regular sexy txts? I offer semi exclusive packages FROM $8000/month


Due to state legislation, I am unable to provide details of my services. Please contact me for information.

When can we meet?

Weekday From Until
Monday Please contact for time 9:00 pm
Tuesday Please contact for time 9:00 pm
Wednesday Please contact for time 9:00 pm
Thursday Please contact for time 9:00 pm
Friday Please contact for time 9:00 pm
Saturday Please contact for time 9:00 pm
Sunday Please contact for time 9:00 pm
  • Available by appointment
  • Flexible hours by appointment
  • 24 hours notice required
  • Please contact me for my availability
  • Available 7 days
Please allow up to 48 hours for a response to your inquiry and please prompt me again if I have not responded.

I often book out a week in advance so prebooking is encouraged to avoid disappointment
I can VERY RARELY accommodate same day evening bookings with 4hrs+ notice & +$100/h
Bookings between 9pm-10am +$100/h

LOCATION: Coburg (discreet w/ parking) & out calls are also available

I am conveniently located less than 10km from the CBD and 16km from Melbourne Airport in Coburg in a central yet discreet location with parking available and also offer out calls to your hotel or residence for an additional fee.

As a general rule I cannot accommodate same day bookings as I am booked out a week ahead, but you're welcome to very politely try your luck with ALL of the info requested in the contact section. You must also be ready to pay your deposit by beemit or smartATM and provide screening immediately. All same day bookings incur $100/h surcharge.

If you require a booking between 9pm and 10am, you are welcome to make an impeccably polite request and I might be able to accommodate with several days notice and an additional $100 per hour. Same day bookings between 9pm & 10am are an additional $150/h in the exceptionally rare occasion that I can see you.

All bookings in VIC require ID showing your full name and picture (and address if meeting at your residence) and a non-refundable deposit. You can find the full policy at - by booking you agree to the terms and conditions.


Preferred Contact Method


Phone hours: 9am - 7pm

Work hours by appointment: 10am-9pm

Location: Coburg (discreet w/ parking) & out calls also available

All bookings require ID & a deposit. I do not make any exceptions and handle your information with the utmost care. Please see for info on screening and my deposit policy.

To make the booking process smooth and efficient, your FIRST message should include your:

Where you spotted my ad:
Requested Date:
Requested Time:
Type of service (GFE/Platinum Goddess):
Preferred Method of Deposit (BeemIt/bank deposit):

You might wish to start with something like:

"Hi Venus, my name is [insert name] and I'm in [insert city and suburb]. I saw you on ScarletBlue and would love to book your [insert service] for [insert length] at [insert time] on [insert date]. I'm really interested in exploring [insert what you're after] with you. Hoping to meet you at/in [insert suburb, hotel name or in call]. I would prefer to pay my deposit via [insert method]. Let me know if that works for you x"

Please don't be discouraged by the professional manner in which I approach our initial interactions. It's incredibly helpful to get all of the formalities out of the way and weed out the genuine gentlemen from the many many time wasters out there. As I have provided all the information you need at it should take no more than a few messages to confirm a booking. I am open to a paid arrangement if you would like to communicate beyond the parameters of making a booking starting at $50 per day or if you would like to know or see more about me please head to for pictures and videos which will definitely help to build that sweet anticipation for when you finally get to see and touch me in real life.

Some of my favorite activities outside of the bedroom include seeing movies in Gold Class, visiting exhibitions, seeing live theatre and music, as well as fine dining and shopping.

I also tend to compulsively read and absorb media related to psychology, space travel, history, sociology, photography and film.
  • lingerie

    Honey Birdette, Ann Summers, FashionNova and Myer gift cards are lovely!

  • vouchers

    As dorky as it sounds I love home DIY projects, crafting, building & cooking so bunnings and spotlight gift cards are always awesome!

  • spa / massage

    I love love love spa treatments and massages and always appreciate gift cards for the Mornington hot springs or spas in Daylesford

  • food

    A few restaurants I've been meaning to go to but haven't yet are Mjølner, Vue De Monde & Nobu - and I always love to revisit Rockpool, Attica and Dexter
Cash gifts are always welcome too which you can send via BeemIt to @vrayne or get in touch for my bank details!
  • wine

    Spanish reds and a smooth Pinot Noir

  • perfume

    Dolce & Gabana: Light Blue.

  • restaurant

    Rockpool, Attica, San Telmo, Dexter.

  • relaxation

    Mornington Hot Springs or Crown Spa are my favourites!

  • designer

    Jimmy Choo shoes.

  • alcohol

    Sloe Gin

  • food

    Natural oysters and shellfish. Medium rare steak.


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