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Melbourne 24th July 25th July

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Singapore 10th July 13th July
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Tantra Hart - Private Escort Sydney

About me

Welcome Gentlemen,…..

Are you seeking something truly special? Something as Exclusive as it is Authentic….and with someone as sensual and sexy as they are smart and sassy?

Are you looking for a REAL, genuine, heart-felt connection – and with someone that also enjoys connecting on that very special and all too rare level? And all at a place where you can just “BE” yourself? A place where you know that you’ll be respected and accepted just as you are….and yet a place where some of those private dreams and desires can also naturally come to life…..

Are you yearning for the kind of companionship – sexy, sensual, intelligent and perhaps above all, again authentic – where you’ll quickly feel comfortable, understood, and allow yourself to let your guard down? (Yes, you know the one I’m talking about.)

If any of the above strikes even the smallest of chords, let me share a story. My (working) name is Tantra Hart. I’m an exclusive female private escort – and one with a difference.

I truly love what I do….and do what I love. In fact, if you want to know the truth, I surrendered to my ‘calling’. And my wonderful clients / lovers - be they male or female - are all too familiar with this simple fact. They feel it deeply….every time we connect.

For the past few years, I’ve been on a colourful journey of self discovery. The path has led me to explore sacred sexuality, tantra, energetic healing, spirituality and personal transformation. And explore them in ways I never knew existed and today, in ways I truly LOVE to share.

I’ve been blessed with the presence and wisdom of many masters around the world.

Working, studying and playing with them during this time, I gained a great deal of experience and knowledge. It’s awakened me to my own personal truth, my power, my healing and my transformation. And I’ve learned that by building the foundations of self awareness, it creates the bridge of intimacy that has allowed me to move gently from sex to spirituality – and dance between both.

Along the way, I’ve had the pleasure of developing discrete, intimate and quite special relationships with my lovers. Some brief and others that have lasted years.

I’ve had the joy of meeting and being an inspirational muse for amazing professionals from all walks of life. CEO’s and other senior executives, musicians, producers, writers, artists, and others. All seeking something ‘more’ and most also seeking that warm, intimate, and sometimes all too rare genuine connection.

Whether you’re interested in dinner dates, sexual connection of the deeper kind, or an authentic girl-friend experience with all the benefits and yet without the dramas, let’s connect….

Or maybe you’re just looking for an intelligent and attractive business (or personal) travel companion that you can be with for a few days or even longer - again, I’m available.

Or perhaps you’ve experienced (or just heard about and are curious) this thing called “Tantra” and are interested in a very unique tantric-like session? I say “tantric-like” because what we’ll share and experience together goes beyond a regular tantra session. You’ll explore your sexuality and connection and feel your body in ways that you may not have ever done so before….

My escort services are available in Sydney, Melbourne and other capital cities. I’m also available for international travel.

To learn even more about what I do and how you can spend some time with me, please read the more detailed “Services” section below and also have a look at the information on my private website. And do please take a couple of moments to also read my FAQs page there before you make a booking. That way you’ll familiarize yourself even more with what I have to offer and also learn how we can get the most from our time together.



1 Hour $ 700
2 Hours $ 1200
3 Hours $ 1600
4 Hours $ 2000


1 Hour $ 750
2 Hours $ 1250
3 Hours $ 1650
4 Hours $ 2050
Below is just the pricing details. Additional information about these services can be found in the “Services” section below.

“Dinner Date and Dessert”* (4hours) - $2000

Intimate Extended Overnight - $3500 (15 hours) …or $5,000 for a full 24 hours.

Weekend Getaway (Friday till Sunday) - $6000
(For longer bookings, please email or text me for details.)

Honouring The Masculine - Erotic "Tantra” (Please note that this service, while heavenly, erotic and extremely sensual, does NOT include sex. See under “Services” section for complete details.)
$350 per hour
$450 for 90 minutes.

Are you a couple? I am naturally bi-sexual and enjoy connecting and being intimate with both men and women.
- For Erotic Tantra:
$700 for 90 minutes
$900 for 2 hours

- Couples Full Service
$2000 2hrs
$2800 3hrs
$3600 4hrs
$400 extra per hour. (So please add this additional hourly rate to my standard full service rate you’ll find in the table above.)

-Long term arrangements
I genuinely prefer long term regular arrangements and have found it builds a level trust, openess and a deeper connection. I love dinner dates and getting to know you and share a side of me that comes with time.

Price upon application and negotiable. Enquire within to find out more about my long term arrangements

-Annual Exclusivity

OUTCALLS: I am happy to visit you in your 4-5 star Hotel.

PAYMENT: Cash preferred, but happy to accept online bank transfers as long as it has cleared before we meet.

* We can also arrange for the “Dinner Date & Desert” package for other meals and times of the day (eg lunch).
* Long term agreements available


Whether you’re after just a sexual connection, an authentic girl-friend experience (GFE), an extended overnight or longer booking,…..or even my unique ‘Erotic Tantra’ experience, I suspect there’ll be something special here that awaits you...

Sexual Connection & Girlfriend Experience (GFE)
Whenever we get together, you need to know something: you’re getting the real me. So you won’t just be feeling and experiencing me purely sexually - you’ll also get me physically, mentally and emotionally. My clients / lovers love this about me.

I love nothing more than being held, touched and kissed and then doing it right back. Taking the time to explore each other’s bodies while making gentle (or passionate) love together and letting our natural mutual rhythm, excitement and curiosity take us to wherever it naturally seeks to go.

If you’re after an authentic, feminine and sexy woman, one who loves sex, exploring and who enjoys giving (and receiving) pleasure – in multiple and sometimes quite unique ways - I know we’ll be a match.

I invite you to join me in exploring a deeper connection – a place where sex can often meet spirituality.

(Please note that PSE is not a service I provide.)

Dinner Date & ‘Dessert’ - (4hrs)
I’m a quality ‘foodie’ at heart – and exploring fine dining restaurants with a special companion is a real passion. And I find a wonderful meal a sensual, invigorating and bonding experience...not to mention a teasing sign of the equally sensual pleasures that will soon await us afterwards back in the room.

My lovers have often expressed the joy and satisfaction they receive of being with an intelligent, feminine and attractive woman who also enjoys her food.

I’d love to share such a fine dining experience with you…

Intimate Overnights
There’s nothing like having the additional time to really connect with someone.

Just imagine an extended “Dinner Date & Desert” followed up by a full night of passion. One spent in each other’s arms, kissing, caressing and creating the kind of wonderful sexual alchemy and increased intimacy that extra time truly allows.

Weekend Getaway & Holiday / Business Trip Companion
Whether you’re seeking someone for a romantic GFE get-away, or for a longer holiday or business companion booking, I travel well.

Be that taking long walks together, exploring a far off quirky location, experiencing a little adventure or just sitting down to relax and unwind in silence in a beautiful part of the world. I’ll be there with you, and for you.

Message me so we can discuss.

Couples, Threesomes & More
Being naturally bi-sexual, I’m very open to sharing myself with you and your willing female partner.

And if there’s no partner, I’m also able to arrange a threesome experience for you with one of a number of very special ‘friends’ who’ll help make your experience one not easily forgotten. (Again, message me for details.)

Honouring the Masculine (Erotic ‘Tantra’)
Would you like to try something quite different?

Come and join me and together let’s explore and have you fully experience what sexual energy can do for you.

If you’ve already had some previous experience with Tantra (or are totally new and just curious), great! Yet give yourself the gift and please just set aside any expectations. When you do, you’ll be both pleasantly surprised and well rewarded - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What you’ll experience in this unique session is a combination of a number of the things I’ve spent much personal time and energy exploring. There’s elements of sacred sexuality, tantra, energetic healing and more.

You’ll be sensually touched, caressed and fondled with both my full naked body and equally with my 100% presence and my open heart. It’s a highly charged and pleasurable experience and one I’m told is not easily forgotten.

We start with a special breathing exercise and you’ll soon feel and experience our energies connect and flow between us. And as they do, you’ll go through one wave after another of pure pleasure. We’ll be building up your energy to blow your mind beyond what you know and have you explode into delirious full body orgasm.

The benefits of this session are wide and varied. For both men and women, it’s often the path to being a better lover, to sexual healing and to just be more comfortable in your own body and with your sexuality.

And for men, it can enhance your ability to get and maintain an erection and help with impotence. It’s also been proven to be beneficial for ejaculation control – be that linked to premature ejaculation or even for the ‘over-achievers’ who just wish to be able to last even longer :o)

Please note that while the stand-alone Erotic Tantra session is a beautiful experience and will have you enjoying wave after wave of sensual, erotic and sexual pleasure, this session does NOT contain sex.

When can we meet?

Weekday From Until
Monday 09:00 am 10:00 pm
Tuesday 09:00 am 10:00 pm
Wednesday 09:00 am 10:00 pm
Thursday 09:00 am 10:00 pm
Saturday 09:00 am 10:00 pm
Sunday 09:00 am 10:00 pm
Monday to Thursday for incalls and outcalls

Weekend (Friday to Sunday) bookings require minimum 24hr notice
I love good quality food especially fine dining

I love using and eating organic products most of the time

I love educating myself and study something new every year as you can tell by my list.
  • vouchers

    David Jones or Myers

  • jewellery

    Duo in Double Bay, Inspired Tribe in Westfields or Made in Earth Melbourne

  • gift cards

    Country Road, David Lawrence, Seed, Myers, David Jones, Westfields,

  • gift cards

    Apple for the new Mac Pro 12

I would like to thank you kindly for any gift is appreciated
  • restaurant

    I love trying new food and places I haven't visited before


  1. Euripides says ...

    You do not meet Tantra for the first time. You have always known her, either in this or a past life. She is that first great love of your life, she is that women in the street who took your breath away and you wished you had the courage to approach, she is that dear dear friend you have lost touch...
  2. Joe W says ...

    Saw Tantra Saturday night which extended into most of Sunday because I couldn’t let her go. She arrived at the Hotel at exactly the arranged time in spite of her difficulties getting there - a good story over dinner. I have seen GFE as an acronym while agonising over profiles on Escort websites, t...
  3. kevin melbourne says ...

    The first thing that really struck me about TH was her warm and welcoming smile. We started the session by simply talking. She was quiet and calm and asked only a few questions but listened intently. I came to the session extremely nervous. Im generally an anxious person. This has caused overwhelmi...
  4. James says ...

    One word - phenomenal! This woman is a Lady, an enlightened soul and a sex Goddess. I was fortunate enough to be in the right town at the right time and had the urge to make contact with Tantra. Let me tell you I was not disappointed. On this occasion I craved more than the touch. I needed compan...
  5. John R says ...

    Having had some pervious experience with tantric practices, I was interested in more and Tantra Hart’s profile looked just like what I was looking for. In Tantra, the woman is usually called the 'Goddess' and Tantra is every inch a goddess. I booked her “Honouring the Masculine” session for 90...
  6. Stuart says ...

    There are some experiences that you have in life that you remember for a long, long time and that make a significant impression on you. Tantra Hart is one of those experiences. I first met Tantra a little over a year ago when I made an appointment with her for a Tantric massage. Although there was n...
  7. JJ Adelaide says ...

    I have been seeing TH for the last two years. In fact, since she started touring Adelaide I am yet to miss seeing her. That probably tells you all you need to know but I will continue. I didn’t start seeing TH because of the Tantric services she offers. I was initially attracted by her photos...
  8. Mr NT says ...

    For me meeting the girls that I have over the years has been an attempt to find somebody that I can connect with not only in a physical sense, but in a way where I feel like we both get to enjoy each other's company, and have a good time together. I have seen some of the supposed best girls (some th...

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