Sofia Lé Swan

Sofia Lé Swan


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    Australia wide

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  • Phone SMS Only

    0421 009 122

  • Height

    180 cm

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  • Place of Service

    incall, outcall

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About me

I am currently in Hong Kong - 我目前在香港

An appealing amalgamation of down-to-earth grad school girl who always makes the Dean’s List, glamorous inconnue who relishes turning heads in a form-fitting black dress just the right side of conservative and killer heels, A-type perfectionist who is always ten minutes early, and semi-pro emoter and empathiser, I have melted the most cynical hearts with a killer combination of openness, affection, and a healthy dose of joie de vivre.

I freely admit I can also be quite (very) silly and will do my utmost to make you laugh. If you are a wielder of puns and jokes that make people groan, we will get along famously. Wit, charisma, and compassion go much, much further with me than good looks, by the way.

Basically, if you're tired of inauthentic experiences and/or touch-me-not hauteur, then we need to talk.

While I look like butter wouldn't melt, I have always had a yen for the erotic and illicit that just won’t quit. There are more complex places in me begging to be explored. As voracious a lover as I am a reader, I consider myself a true sensualist: be it sex, wine, great food or travel to far-flung places, my life is based around incredible experiences. Care to share some with me?

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sofia Swan; a beloved, highly esteemed and distinguished luxury companion; well-known as a sultry, exotic German beguiling beauty. Tall, slim, leggy and doe-eyed, with high cheekbones, soft full pink lips and delicate, feminine features, framed by rich brunette locks. I am told that I'm elegant, genuine, quick to laugh, and deeply compassionate and down to earth, I will tantalize your senses and light fire in your dreams for years to come.

At our rendezvous, you will experience the finest in companionship; genuine warmth, the unwavering level of passion and sensuality that you have yet to behold, and a sprinkling of wit to fulfill that rational quest for contentment and perfect happiness. A heavenly and magical connection that is guaranteed to delight and transcend both mental and physical curiosity. Allow me to redefine your understanding of bliss.

Intrigued? Then, I welcome you to discover my virtual playground paradise and explore the unequaled enchanting leisure experience of a truly superlative, engaging, accomplished and devoted paramour. Why hesitate to luxuriate, when being summoned by the intoxicating vision before you? Seize the day by satisfying your intuition and cravings. As your personal and loyal confidante, let me melt away your inhibitions.


Standing behind the door awaits your private confidante with a petite and sultry figure. I have always followed a healthy lifestyle, which has only served to further complement my trim and toned physique. Feel your attraction build as my hair brushes against you, as my angelic face approaches yours and as my deep mesmerizing blue eyes, that glimmer and shine, with excitement capture your attention. With a warm, infectious smile that invites passion and desire, you'll writhe to my sexy Deutsche accent as I whisper so sensually in your ear.

As a student, I love to read about human behavior. What is it that makes us different or conversely drives us to be attracted to one another? I have always been intrigued about what makes men and women tick, with both being physical beings, both having needs, wants and desires. Let us immerse ourselves amongst the flirtatious to something more primal; a smile, a nod, a glance across a room catching a stranger’s eye... As I brush gently against your arm, you imagine the touch of this woman, adorned in tasteful lingerie, allowing you to inhale the scent of passion and sensuality that’s missing in your life. Allow me to take your breath away...

" The pursuit of pleasure must be the goal of every rational person " - Voltaire

Passionately, yours

xx O



1 Hour $ 650 A Passionate Introduction - All Inclusive Girlfriend Rendezvous.
1.5 Hours $ 1150 All Inclusive Girlfriend Rendezvous.
2 Hours $ 1300 A Tantalizing Tryst.
3 Hours $ 1900 A Sweet Escape.
1 Hour $ 800 Sinful Fantasy - Risqué.
2 Hours $ 1600 Sinful Fantasy - Risqué.
1 Hour $ 1300 Playmate Package.
2 Hours $ 2600 Playmate Package.


1 Hour $ 650 A Passionate Introduction - All Inclusive Girlfriend Rendezvous.
2 Hours $ 1300 A Tantalizing Tryst.
1 Hour $ 800 Sinful Fantasy - Risqué.
2 Hours $ 1600 Sinful Fantasy - Risqué.
Dinner Date $ 1150 A Drawn-Out Dinner Affair.
Dinner Date $ 1300 An Intrepid Mid Day Escapade.
Overnight $ 5000 An Intoxicating Overnight Tryst.
15 Hours $ 3000 A Blissful All Day Adventure.
1 Hour $ 1300 Playmate Package.
2 Hours $ 2600 Playmate Package.

Request an Appointment or Email Me Your Details.

An Introduction 1 Hour 650
A briefer rendezvous for the busy man, available only at my discretion. Lunchtime naughtiness, maybe? Let’s get (re-)acquainted.

A Tantalizing Tryst 2 Hours 1,300
Let’s have a drink, a chat, and get to know one another! My preferred minimum engagement for new friends.

A Sweet Escape 3 Hours 1,900
A couple of hours of private time after we flirt through lunch, drinks, or appetizers. Perfect if you like a little bit more buildup.

Dinner and Dessert (1+ hour public dining) 4 Hours 2,500
Take me to dinner and have me for dessert afterwards! For the epicurian who enjoys the mental foreplay as much as what comes next.

Dusk to Dawn 12 Hours 5,000
Let's go to dinner somewhere that has a secluded, romantic table, talk and laugh over some amazing wine, and then let me spend all night entwined with you.

* As an independent Elite Luxury Companion, I've got a keen appreciation for a man of quality. A 20% deposit for advanced bookings will be required for engagements with new friends. By Incall appointments or Outcall appointment to upscale hotels and residences.


Your effervescent travel companion with a lust for exploration.

I love nothing more than exploring new places with a lover: wandering with only a vague plan, nothing in particular we have to do and nowhere we have to be; trying the local food at a pavement cafe; drinking wine in the afternoon; meandering back to our hotel to dampen the sheets of a sunny afternoon…

Sound like the vacation you need?

I’m not ashamed to admit that I love luxury: you won’t catch me arguing if your tastes run to the five star, the black-tie, the gourmet; but I also pride myself on my ability to roll with the punches and enjoy every experience. Whether it be quick-witted conversation in a little black dress over exquisite dinner at the Four Seasons Hong Kong or shorts and a camisole, no makeup, glowing sweat, trying street food in a street market in Bangkok, I’m happiest looking for adventure in interesting places with someone whose company I enjoy.

If we’re old friends, or if you’re keen to establish our relationship with an indulgent weekend or multi-day trip away from it all… or if you have an upcoming business trip where you just can’t face hanging out with the sales guys every night again: I’m your girl.

My passport is ever-ready; my roller suitcase ever-packed, and my schedule ever-flexible. I will appear as if by magic by your side on the vacation of a dream.

Get in touch, and let's get out the Lonely Planet.

One Day/Night 5,000
A Weekend 15,000
Each additional day 5,000

Y O U & I

You are a discriminating man who desires the best in this world. Your generous and charming nature warrants a woman who reveres you. You crave a temptress who relishes being your personal goddess. Seduction, titillation, rapture you want, and deserve it all.

The dynamic between two lustful, consenting adults is the stuff of legend. Who’s to say what might unfold when the chemistry is right?

I sincerely enjoy the interaction that comes with being a special companion. With that said, it's something I partake in on a part-time basis for a select group. Embracing my femininity and adventurous streak are musts; I love all that comes with being a woman...and I do get an incredible rush from seducing you with just a look, or touch, and making you want to devour me...

E X T E N D E D - E N G A G E M E N T S

A lengthier commitment allows us the privilege to explore and achieve heightened levels of absolute pleasure. It'll include a night out in the city, a delicious dinner, a chilled bottle of wine and excellent company. From corporate events to concerts and sporting events, our adventure can be limitless to conclude in the privacy of our well-appointed suite.


  • GFE - girlfriend experience
  • Overnight stays
  • PSE – porn star experience
  • MFF – male female female
  • PSE – porn star experience - With filming

Connection and intimacy, passion and tenderness. Consider this that long-awaited date with That Girl you always had a crush on - one with a delicious foregone conclusion. What romantic fantasies are made of.


The bad girl, unfettered and unleashed. Intense lust and mutual exploration of our pleasure. I give and take with equal joy and abandon. The so-called PSE grown up and gone to grad school.

P L A Y M A T E - P A C K A G E

For all you men who thoroughly enjoy girl on girl action and would love to experience the ultimate threesome.

Lilly Chase is my preferred playmate that I work with regularly and beautifully as we have a genuine connection, equally as naughty and open minded, we are available to join your mischief, naturally bisexual dirty duo, who aim to please, making this an experience to be remembered, leaving you wanting to relive the moment again and again.

When can we meet?

  • Available by appointment
  • 24 hours notice required
  • Please contact me for my availability
  • Available 7 days
  • Available 24 hours
  • Flexible hours by appointment


Preferred Contact Method


Our connection begins when you reach out to me. Just as there are many, many beautiful and accomplished women you could have chosen, I am also selective about whom I meet.

So tell me a bit about yourself. I want to know about you. All this talk about making connections is in no way just for show. I really listen, I really care, and I really take our time together as a beautiful shared human experience.

New friends, please include:

* Your Name and Age
* Preferred Time and Package
* Incall or Outcall

SMS: 0421 009 122

If you’d prefer to email me your information directly, please contact me at [email protected]

xx o


As a student and for our mutual benefit, pre-planning is highly recommended for all engagements. Consequently, this will allow us sufficient time to plan appropriately and avoid last minute disappointment. Unfortunately, same day engagements are not available due to the inability to schedule accordingly.

Prior to your invitation, kindly take a moment to peruse the content of my personal and temporary website for additional intriguing details and to ensure we have a mutual understanding of our date.
To connect, please feel free to SMS me or email me to request a meeting or ask any questions you may have, it is also imperative that you introduce yourself and send all required details via SMS or email when you're ready to commit. Thank you!

* Please understand, generic, insensitive and explicit content shall not be acknowledged as this engenders disrespect.

A few of my favorite things: The sound of rain. Luxury hotels. A slinky black dress. Positivity. Lounging in bed. Traveling. A roaring fireplace. Cartier. The ocean. Lacy lingerie. Passionate kisses. Kindness.
  • lingerie

    Agent Provocateur

  • perfume

    Tom Ford

  • flowers

    White Lillie's

  • shoes

    Christian Louboutin

  • art

    Ylli Haruni

  • designer

    Agent Provocateur, La Perla, Carine Gilson, Chantelle

  • designer

    Elisabetta Franchi, Gucci, D & G, Ralph Lauren

  • perfume

    Coco Chanel, The One by D & G

  • flowers

    White and red roses

  • jewellery

    Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Chopard


  1. Fillip_D says ...

    Upon opening the door, we were greeted by the most beautiful sight. Sofia, dressed in very sexy lingerie and heels (as requested) was a true sight to behold. She is one gorgeous lady with a smoking hot body. Sofia is very classy and has a wonderful personality. Her friendly approach immediately pu...
  2. Eugene says ...

    I e-mailed Sofia about an appointment in Perth while I was here for business. We had tried to connect before, but couldn't make it work, but second time was the charm. She was easy to schedule with. I arranged to meet Sofia at my hotel.I had suggested meeting in the lobby -- I enjoy a little talking...
  3. MM says ...

    Geez... What's punting done to me... I've had a few really good ones and a couple that were rubbish lately... and on this one I don't even know where to start. The fact that I've literally got a hard on just thinking about what to write probably gives it away. (Hint: I've booked again for next week....
  4. Joshua says ...

    This time I spent a bit more time looking around and came across Natalie's profile on Scarlet Blue, stunning photos, a few selfies and a nice description all caught my eye, the best thing is Natalie has a twitter page which removes any form of doubt as you can see how smart and sexy she really is....

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