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About me

Intimacy Coaching - Sexological Bodywork - Tantric Touch Massages
How would your life change if you could understand how to create deeper relationships?

Firstly, I love that you’re on this site and owning your erotic desires and pleasures.

My service provides:

INTIMACY COACHING - which is a therapy based on helping people understanding how the dance between heterosexual genders, which means how to create chemistry. This is suitable for people wanting to understand relationships better or it's great for inexperienced, virgins or shy clients.

SEXOLOGICAL BODYWORK - which is a therapy based in the somatic, which means relating to the human body.
I do not provide full service, however, I can surely point you toward some amazing people who do.

As a Sexological Bodyworker, I am clear with explaining and maintaining boundaries and providing a supported and relaxed environment for exploration, however, please respect that I do not offer full-service and sessions are about improving your relationship with your sexuality. Our work moves at the pace set by you; there is no touch until your preferred comfort level is reached. You are consulted with verbal communication every step of the session, and you are always completely your choice about what happens.

Sexological Bodywork is an experiential method that helps people address sexual frustrations/issues or help you understand your sexuality for deeper pleasures. Sexological bodyworkers are trained in anatomy, physiology, and the nervous system, and they focus on learning touch, as well as identifying erotic energy – how you help people feel it and understand things like arousal patterns, social conditioning and how to connect people with their bodies, help them get back into them and feel sensation.

Much of a private session is based on Tantric Touch, and the goal is to help energy move through one’s body, connecting to it and to sensations, instead of going into your head.

Outcomes may include:
- Ability to maintain prolonged erotic states (ejaculation choice);
- Erotic sensory play massages;
- A clearer understanding of your actual desires;
- Better communication tools - understanding the difference between an invitation, a request and an offer;
- Removal of sexual blocks;
- Increased access to pleasure;
- Deepened capacity for intimacy;
- Practising clearer boundaries;
- Transformative growth in your sexuality, relationships and life;

The benefits of Sexological Bodywork are often apparent after one session. You may experience a renewed and deepened the experience of being in your body. Many clients report that through moving more deeply into their bodies, they are capable of experiencing more pleasure. Also, being more embodied gives you more access to information about your authentic desire.

Learning to identify what you truly want, and then being able to unapologetically ask for that from a partner in a sexual encounter can be a big piece of our work, as is learning and enforcing boundaries without feeling shame or guilt, or the need to explain. Through more honest, direct communication your sexual partnerships often deepen and expand.

Please know that my relaxing and beautifully decorated space located in the inner leafy eastern suburb of Adelaide, shower facilities are available along with all the personal grooming products to allow you to step back into the office looking fabulous. There is ample street parking or you’re also welcome to park in the driveway too, whichever you prefer.

Online sessions are also available (if interstate) for intimacy and attraction consultations, erotic embodiment practices, ejaculation choice and mindful masturbation coaching. Hands-on work is not right for everyone. There are other ways to do this work without taking any clothes off or leaving your house.

The interesting thing about this work is that while you start out to change your sexuality, you may find that your entire life opens up and become juicy and fuller as the erotic energy and sexual charge are liberated.

How do I know if Sexological Bodywork is right for me?
Well, you’re here reading these questions, which suggests that you are at least curious about improving your connection with sexuality. Maybe your body is saying a ‘f*ck yes’ this is exactly what I want. And if not, that’s cool too (I love that you're honouring your ‘no’). It might not be the right time for you to do this work. You will know when it’s right for you.

When you feel you ‘f*ck yes’ give me a call. We'll set up a phone conversation, in which you get to tell me a little bit of what is going on for you and get a sense for who I am a practitioner. I will be honest with you and give you my best professional opinion about whether I believe Sexological Bodywork could be a helpful path for you.

In kindness and with pleasure in mind,




1 Hour $ 250 Professional Bodywork Only
1.5 Hours $ 370 Professional Bodywork Only
2 Hours $ 500 Professional Bodywork Only
3 Hours $ 750 In town and up for an intelligent conversation over Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner $200 per additional hour


There are three flavours of sensual massage to choose from. Each flavour is a different approach to unlocking a profound experience of connection and sensuality within your own body.

If you have more time, we can have a little more fun - you'll experience an amazing body slides, and you’ll be amazed by the tricks I have up my sleeve, I’m not going to give them away on my website though.

(BODYWORK) SENSUAL FULL BODY MASSAGE - Oil Optional (60 min required)
This is a very gentle massage based on creating connection and safety with nourishing and nurturing touch to help build trust and alleviate symptoms of chronic emotional stress and tension using Ka Huna Bodywork/Massage techniques.

Have you ever wanted to explore Tantra and your desires in a way that has you feeling totally accepted, taken care of and welcomed in an authentic way? I offer sensual tantric massage as one way to bring the magic of this into your life. My focus is on slow connected erotic touch, gently building arousal in your body while deepening your relaxation. The power of your release is directly related to the depth of relaxation in your body... and Erotic relaxation is my specialty!


(for men & women) - You will be taught skills to be more effective in approaching and pleasuring through touch. Once you're giving an insight into what creates sexual attraction and how to turn this energy on and direct it. During the session, I can also teach you the science behind knowing how to ask for what you want with confidence in a way that your partner will find extremely sexy and also builds trust that has them wanting more.

Relationships can be confusing and can leave you wondering where you’re going wrong and why things aren’t working!

After years of working with people in the adult industry and within their relationships you can never learn enough about the art of intimacy, connection and communication. I love relationships and sometimes with a little guidance you can get things back on track and nurturing healthy heartfelt and sexually fulfilling connections. You don’t know, what, you don’t know!

Relationships can be explained in such a way that you’re able to identify simple and common misunderstandings when it comes to relating, communicating and connecting with your intimate partner.

We can touch on some skills base techniques too to help in the bedroom – add some pizazz!

Yep, there is definitely a way to help you control when you want to ejaculate. With techniques and a few training exercises we can have you working your man magic and in this case sooner rather than later....winks* With a few tips, you will be amazed how you can improve your bedroom antics.

To all the shy ones - it's not like you can walk up to a woman and say 'hi, I'm not very experienced but very curious however can I can a look at your......". So, if you would like a tour around the playground and be shown a few things to help with your confidence, then this is the session for you. Porn isn't going to teach you how to please real women and believe me you'll gain so much, you'll wonder why you didn't book in earlier.

When can we meet?

Weekday From Until
Monday 11:00 am 7:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am 7:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am 7:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am 7:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am 7:00 pm
  • Available by appointment
  • Pre bookings preferred, but can be available at short notice
The work phone automatically turns off at 7 pm nightly, any text messages will be replied to in the morning at 11 am.
It is my preference to have bookings that are pre-arranged so my day can be planned.
Sessions can be paid by Cash, EFT/Credit Card or Direct deposit into a branch or select teller machine’s.


Currently no tours planned. Subscribe to receive updates when Sexological Bodyworker plans a tour to your city


Preferred Contact Method


If making contact by phone or text please introduce yourself by stating your name, where you got my details and the information I will require is the intended date, time, duration and outline of what you would like to be included in your session. Thoughtless (for example hi, how r u, u free, u avail), rude and derogatory messages will be ignored.

If making contact by phone please make sure that your number is displayed as I do not answer private, overseas or landline numbers.

Nothing lights up my heart more than spending time with friends over way too many wines around a campfire, with a nanna blanket arguing over where your arms end and your wrists start - yes I have actually had this discussion. It didn't end well...hahahaaa!!!

I own a TV but it hasn't been plugged into an aerial for about 5 years. I prefer a bean-bag, a book with a glass of wine or dancing around the house in my undies looking quite foolish with the music loud enough to annoy my neighbours - these are also my happy place.

I’m not much of a good but I do love a good slow cook and if it doesn’t work out how I expected, my theory is everything tastes great on toast….hahahaaaa


  1. BY J - F22

    I am feeling really good about our session and would be interested in another appointment if you think that would be helpful. I would love to learn more about how to relax in order to make penetration easier and keep learning more about my own pleasure. I have honestly been so worried over the past...

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