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Currently touring in Melbourne

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    0450 599 834

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    163 cm

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    incall, outcall

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About me

Playful by nature, naughty on demand & everything in between...
"If pleasure has a switch, then honey I am so ready for you to turn mine on..."

Hello lover)s,

I am so very pleased that you've graced my profile with your presence and I hope that the next 5-10 minutes of your life is consumed by sexy unsavory thoughts of patent leather handcuffs, itty bitty French laced lingerie, nipple clamps, one body, two bodies, three bodies & if we're feeling up for it perhaps four.

You've now entered a world unknown...soon you'll decide if I am the right woman for you, until then sit back and....

Imagine the softest touch as her finger tips run down your back, the warmth of her breath against your neck as her lips brush past your ear "I am ready for you darling" she whispers - sending goosebumps down your spine and opening your mind to the endless possibilities that await. She begins to walk away from you slowly, turning back to catch your gaze, her big brown eyes light up at the sight of your devilish smile, are you thinking what she is thinking?

As she gracefully struggles with the zip on her dress you see now that she has a raw authenticity unlike any other woman you have ever met. Her smile is contagious, so very warm and unassuming - she doesn't have to try to be sexy, as it just comes naturally for her. She looks at you again, checking to see if you are watching (laughing with her even).

Instead you are giving her a long stare, she can feel your desire, this turns her on even more. You may not know her body yet, but you will want to explore it for hours, stroking every inch of her to find the places that make her writhe and tremble with excitement.

You signal for her to tie her hair up and without hesitation she gives into her inner-submissive, flipping her head forward allows you the momentary view of her perfectly rounded bottom, the arch in her back serving as a key indication of her flexibility, your mind whirls, oh the positions you long to see her in - oh the things you are going to do to that body of hers, the noises of genuine satisfaction and enjoyment. Her breasts are the perfect handful and the thought of your chest against hers leaves her longing for you to beckon her the bedroom.....

If you were to walk toward her now, she would let you take her to bed or to the lounge room, anywhere really…..but she may know you love this part and if so she will draw it out for as long as she needs to, waiting as your desire to be
close to her.....
touching her.....
tasting her......
gets stronger and stronger, she will dance around and seduce you with the perfect strip tease, one item, two items, three more.
Then at precisely the right moment she will give in, inviting you do all of the above and more.
But that moment is never the same and it always comes when you least expected it.

Allow me to (intro) introduce myself, I am Miss Ruby Marks (yes, formally Miss Abigail Blake), I am a 27 year old business woman by day and pleasure vixen by night (or by day too - if enough notice is given). My size 8-10 figure is tanned, toned & totally ready to be taken by you. Allow me to lure you in with the cheeky twinkle in my big brown eyes, planting passionate kisses on your lips, neck, chest and....... In short, I am all woman, I have curves in the right places, a killer smile that will put you at ease with my down to earth nature and a body built to pleasure and be pleasured.

The anticipation and sexual prelude to our time together is what really turns me on and excites me, I love to speak with all my lovers prior to our encounter and imagine that those of you who choose to book with the correct etiquette and charm won't be disappointed with the candid and playful responses I am known for. The main act/opening scene/show stopper....well darling that is completely up to you.

The girlfriend next door vibe should be obvious, I am fun, funny (at least I'd like to think so) and full of energy. Hidden not to far from sight is my true porn star appetite I am passionate with my kisses and warm with my embrace, what I really do love though - is your mess upon my pretty little face.

Erotic body rub includes:
Kissing, Sensual body rub, Nipple licking/sucking, fingering & finish how you like.

30 mins - $100
45mins - $150

With covered headjob to finish

30 mins - $150
45 mins - $200

So, now that I've given you a small window to peek in to, have a look around and when you are ready please contact me using the format (or similar)below:

If you would like to spend some time I request that you include the following details in your enquiry:

- Name
- Preferred Date & Time
- Incall/Oucall


With lust,

Ruby Marks
0450 599 834



30 minutes $ 250 Passionate GFE (Extras: Prices on Request)
45 minutes $ 350 Passionate GFE (Extras: Prices on Request)
1 Hour $ 450 Passionate GFE (Extras: Prices on Request)
1.5 Hours $ 650 Passionate GFE (Extras: Prices on Request)
2 Hours $ 800 Passionate GFE (Extras: Prices on Request)
3 Hours $ 950 Every addtional hour after $150 Passionate GFE (Extras: Prices on Request) +$200 for PSE
Social date $ 150 GFE Social Outing Rate (minimum 2 hours | +$50 to include PDA)
30 minutes $ 450 Premium PSE (2x Included Extras: On Text Request)
45 minutes $ 550 Premium PSE (2x Included Extras: On Text Request)
1 Hour $ 650 Premium PSE (2x Included Extras: On Text Request)
1.5 Hours $ 850 Premium PSE (2x Included Extras: On Text Request)
2 Hours $ 1000 Premium PSE (2x Included Extras: On Text Request)
Click here for more rates


30 minutes $ 350 GFE * Includes travel (destination & early AM bookings will incur additional charges)
45 minutes $ 450 GFE * Includes travel (destination & early AM bookings will incur additional charges)
1 Hour $ 500 GFE * Includes travel (destination & early AM bookings will incur additional charges)
1.5 Hours $ 700 GFE * Includes travel (destination & early AM bookings will incur additional charges)
2 Hours $ 850 GFE * Includes travel (destination & early AM bookings will incur additional charges)
30 minutes $ 550 PSE * Includes travel (destination & early AM bookings will incur additional charges)
45 minutes $ 650 PSE * Includes travel (destination & early AM bookings will incur additional charges)
1 Hour $ 700 PSE * Includes travel (destination & early AM bookings will incur additional charges)
1.5 Hours $ 900 PSE * Includes travel (destination & early AM bookings will incur additional charges)
2 Hours $ 1050 PSE * Includes travel (destination & early AM bookings will incur additional charges)
Meet & Greet 30 minutes $100
I offer this to gentlemen who would first like to meet before we share in intimate times/adventures - As I understand the importance of mutual attraction and chemistry.

Payments for this service must be paid in full prior to engagement to avoid any awkwardness at our rendezvous location [Ideally a Cafe or Tapas bar].

Lunch date 4hrs $1300
(Incl. up to 2 hours bedroom time)

Dinner date 4hrs $1600
(Incl. up to 2 hours bedroom time)

Day trip (6 hours) $2000 + meals & expenses
Overnight (12hrs) $3000 + meals & expenses
Day & Night (24hrs) $5000 + meals & expenses
Weekend (48hrs) $8000 + meals & expenses
Additional $1500 per day after 48hrs.

* Extended bookings always - include sleep.
Meals, expenses and travel costs are added-on top of rate of service.
Flights & accommodation must be paid in full and a minimum 25% deposit will be asked to confirm your booking.

* Late night / Early AM bookings +$100 12am-7am


Due to state legislation, I am unable to provide details of my services. Please contact me for information.

When can we meet?

Weekday From Until
Monday 08:00 am 02:00 am
Tuesday 08:00 am 02:00 am
Wednesday 08:00 am 02:00 am
Thursday 08:00 am 02:00 am
Friday 08:00 am 02:00 am
Saturday 08:00 am 02:00 am
Sunday 08:00 am 02:00 am
  • Available by appointment
  • Please contact me for my availability
  • Pre bookings preferred, but can be available at short notice
  • Flexible hours by appointment
I appreciate as much notice as possible and can make arrangements much easier when this happens.

If I don't get back to you straight away please send me a text and let me know which hours (if any) would be best to contact you in. I understand the importance of discretion and will make it a priority always - please let me know if SMS needs to be avoided during particular hours.

Short-notice bookings are at my discretion and I ask that you keep your inquiries polite, to the point & please refrain from sending images of anything other than your face. The template below can be used as a guide :)

"Hi Ruby,
My name is _____________ and I would love to see you on
_________ --/--/---- for _________minutes/hours of _____________.
If you wouldn't mind I have a special request:
Many thanks,

Your new lover x"


Australian Tours

To From Until
Melbourne 23rd March 27th March
Mackay 31st March 4th April
Ruby Marks - Private Escort Melbourne


Preferred Contact Method

> Private numbers will not be answered.
> I am happy to speak with you on the phone, but lets keep it short and sweet x
> If you would like a call back please let me know when the best time to call is.

  • lingerie

    Honey Birdette

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  • toys

    Let's go find something together ;)

  • wine

    French Champagne (Mumm)

  • perfume

    Elie Saab

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  1. BY Mr Adjective

    I recently had the privilege of having the pulchritudinous Ruby join me for a day trip. The delight of the delectable Ruby being my tropical island companion made for an unforgettable experience. When first laying eyes on Ruby you are immediately captured by her beauty. Ruby has a wonderful smile...
  2. BY MK

    Ruby is absolutely gorgeous. I had such a good time with her. She has a lovely personality and great sense of humour. It was a lot of laughs and fun. She is very generous and delivers a great service. Can't wait to see her again.

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