Kitty Demure


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  • Location

    Sunshine Coast

  • Age


  • Phone SMS Only

    0479 054 889

  • Height

    169 cm

  • Dress size


  • Hair


  • Eyes

    blue / green

  • Place of Service

    incall, outcall

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About me

Come play with Kitty...
I’m offering an opportunity to experience a quality lover, a tangle with a tantalizing temptress with tasty goodies to delight and beguile you. Are you up for my delicious delights?
Are you up for my delicious delights?
I’m looking for my next thrill, my next sojourn into the edgy, my next brush with risky, slightly dangerous encounters with lusty lads. Can you satisfy my thirst for the hot buzz or just cool, languid, lazy loving? Are you the one who can sway me?
I’m flirty and a little quirky. I’m lurid and alluring. I try hard to be good, but my deep naughty streak keeps turning my head. Maybe I need your guidance to show me just how good I can be. I go with the flow, I set the mood. You’ll follow my lead to insanely intense experiences or I’ll follow yours and together we’ll find new challenges to conquer, new heights to scale. I play hard and deep. Play with me.
If the idea of laid back love-making turns you on, take a deep breath and prepare yourself to wait a while. We might end up slow and easy, but we won’t start out that way. Oh no. I have plans for you, lover. I’m going to play you like a Stradivarius, every string finely tuned to my will and desire. You’ll experience those intense jolts of tension and release, as I draw out every last note.
Our mouths explore until our tongues demand more. You’ll run your probing fingers over my firm flesh as I reciprocate, studying you, reading you like a mystery novel. You’ll want to….need to…..have to… bury yourself in my hidden depths. We don’t set boundaries, we set goals and then we exceed them. I’m aiming for perfection. What will be your aim?
I’m a searching sensitive soul. I’ll soon learn your secret desires, your hidden needs. It won’t take us long to synchronize our sensuality, but it could take a long, long time once we are tuned up and ready to roar. You love it when it lasts long and slow. You weep for that languid loving that takes you to another plane. You’ll lose yourself in the sound of my voice and the depths of my eyes, mesmerized by the passion we both share. Let’s get lost. Let’s find ourselves in that state of timelessness and tranquillity, where we are the only sentient beings that matter. It’s a rare feeling. That primal sense of joining and belonging to each other. That sense of surrender and triumph all in the same moment. I love it when that happens. Don’t you?
I’m here to play. I like a little banter, a cheeky discourse. I am amused by the silliest things and you’ll love to hear me laugh with you. If you’re longing for someone to match you in intelligent conversation, look no further. I’m smart and sharp and real. No illusions or delusions here. I treat people as I find them, with trust and honesty and genuine curiosity. What you see is what you get and much more besides.
You’ve had lovers whose names you’ve forgotten. You will never forget mine. Even if we meet only once, it will be memorable. This night of ours, this epic encounter will live in your memory until you’re an old, old man with only memories of heat and passion to sustain you. I will be that memory. I am unforgettable. Find out for yourself.



In all fee $ 300 Additional cost for a hotel room for our appointment
1 Hour $ 600 Wetter than a girlfriend (my shortest appointment)
2 Hours $ 1000 Wetter than a girlfriend.
1 Hour $ 700 Pure playtime
2 Hours $ 1200 Pure playtime.
Overnight $ 3000 An evening of pure erotic discovery


Travel fee $ 50 $50/ 30 minutes of expected travel time.
1 Hour $ 600 Wetter than a girlfriend (my shortest appointment)
2 Hours $ 1000 Wetter than a girlfriend.
1 Hour $ 700 Pure playtime
2 Hours $ 1200 Pure playtime.
1 Hour $ 1000 For the VIP Players
Overnight $ 3000 An evening of pure erotic discovery
You get what you pay for

I’ve heard it said that you would never pay for it. Lover, no matter which way the bread is sliced, one way or another, you always pay. The only question which remains is what, exactly, are you paying for? Your high maintenance girlfriend will have you paying her mortgage, car payments, her endless shopping trips to high-end stores. You’ll pick up the tab for the lobster dinners and the French champagne. You’ll buy her chocolates and flowers every time you transgress. She’ll milk you for the designer clothes, the glittering jewels. She’ll have you eating out of the palm of her hand as she tells you everything you want to hear, just to keep the status quo and to keep that sugar coming from daddy. Eventually she’ll make you feel like your sole purpose is to pay and pay.
You don’t get that here. I cut through the bullshit. You get honesty and transparency. You get to say what you want and get it. You get to call the shots and be treated like the total stud you are. The terms are clear. You know what you’re in for and you know what you’ll get…..and it’s always more than you expect.


Due to state legislation, I am unable to provide details of my services. Please contact me for information.

When can we meet?

Weekday From Until
Monday 12:00 pm 11:59 am
Tuesday 12:00 pm 11:59 am
Wednesday 12:00 pm 11:59 am
Thursday 12:00 pm 11:59 am
Friday 12:00 pm 11:59 am
Saturday 12:00 pm 11:59 am
Sunday 12:00 pm 11:59 am
  • Available by appointment
  • Pre bookings preferred, but can be available at short notice
  • Available 24 hours
  • Available 7 days
  • Flexible hours by appointment
Wetter and better than a girlfriend.

You want a girlfriend, but with none of the usual baggage. You like things clean and straight-forward where everyone knows where they stand from the start. You can’t cope with the drama, the commitment or the break-ups, the fights...
You crave something….more...someone….a little bit different. You desire the deeper intimacy of a relationship, with the perks like the head rubs and cuddles You lust for a breath-taking, mind-bending journey into the exotic, the naughty, even the forbidden. Do you dare take the first step?
You’ve been looking for a classy girl with interesting tastes. You want a slut in the bedroom, but all the world will see is a class act when it matters. You are tired of the same old humdrum routines and want to try a taste of the edgy, the unexpected, the slightly dangerous. You hunger for that frisson of friction coursing through your body, awakening fresh desires, new challenges. You long to feel my soft seductive perfection under your fingertips as you slide them over my well-toned torso, slowly moving down towards moist warm slit of heaven.
My hands are tempted to roam to dark, secret, sensitive places where I can ignite your passion and set your soul on fire. My desire for you evident as my lips wrap around you,my body aching for yours. Allow the hunger to lead us somewhere wonderful,then let me take it one step further. This is what you’ve been looking for. This is what you need. Sinful satisfaction. Completion.
My girlfriend experience puts all the cards in your hands. Choose the hand you want to play, choose the rules you want to play by and leave the rest up to me.

Exploring everything erotic

You’ve been toying with the idea of trying something different for quite some time now haven’t you... Will it be lustful pleasure, no-holds barred kink fest or a simple, intimate and sensual awakening? Perhaps it will be a more educational explanation. One thing is certain, when we meet, it will be all of this and more.
I will guide you through the labyrinth of lustful fantasy’s , introducing you to toys I know you’ll love, games you’ll adore, techniques that will leave you breathless and desperate for more…. I will help you stretch your sexual limits as far as you desire….as far as you dare.
Together we will explore the many pathways to gratification, tasting each delectable choice like Tasting Plates on a fine dining menu. It’s only when you try different things that you find your real cravings. I’m a talented teacher, building your sexual skills, encouraging exploration. We go at your pace, testing and teasing, gaining confidence as we learn each other’s passions, predilections and no-go zones.
Seasoned Adventurers will appreciate that I’m a good girl…very, very good. I have been known to be a naughty girl too. Testing boundaries is my specialty, your boundaries and mine. We’ll take your fantasies as far as we dare, stretching our limits and tempting each other with new pleasures, toys and techniques. I’ll play your games and bring a few of my own. I’m a gifted and experienced guide or can follow your lead. Your choice.

VIP Indulgence

You ask what I like. Let me show you. You tell me what you like. Let me show you. You can ask where my lines are drawn and what lines I will not cross and I will tell you, honestly and frankly. I expect the same from you. I do not wish to take you where you don’t want to go. I’m all about making amazing, positive and memorable experiences. I enjoy the voyage more than the destination. I’ll make sure your voyage is slow and steady and perfectly guided. I like to tease. I like to see you squirm a little because you so want to come with me, but you know how much better it is if you wait just a little while longer. We will reach new heights together and even if it’s only this once, it will be enough for you to look back on in awe and astonished satisfaction
I’m not into goal-oriented sex. If all you want is an orgasm, I’m not the one for you, but if instead, you are looking to immerse yourself in pleasure, drawing out the experience, and exploring, teasing, tasting and tempting each other to reach new heights, I relish the opportunity to meet with you, We’ll get to that orgasm, but the journey will be so much sweeter, more powerful, more indulgent, more gratifying if we take our time getting there.


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Preferred Contact Method

I don't begin getting ready until I've see deposit poster, As soon as I have seen your deposit receipt I will send you a photo of me that isn't on my ads, just to put your mind at ease.
I do understand there are a lot of fake profiles of Escort out there, And I have had my entire working identity and Advertisements stolen and reposted elsewhere. As a result I won't send out any of my profile photos, But I can send you a link to my ad to refresh your memory.

I do require a minimum upfront deposit ($150 for a short visit. And for long visits, $250 deposit, along with a photo of some I.D with your name and the address on it, like a bill, for my overnight visits). My deposits are nonrefundable, I see Very few clients, so if I have a confirmed appointment i consider myself as booked out. As soon as you have sent me that receipt I will have a quick shower get ready as fast as possible and send you a fresh photo of me ready to walk out the door.

Travel fee.
If you are at a remote location or a lengthy drive away I charge a travel fee of $100 an hour, If you are seeing someone that is very difficult to find please let me know when I'm on my way so we can work out directions or meeting point. This way we don't have issues in meeting or end up getting stressed out .

Travel fees are additional but your service deposit is a part payment of our appointment.

If you are looking for an incall, I can arrange a hotel for us but I do require 24 hours notice and the room fee upfront along with my service deposit.
I won't risk going out of pocket or wasting my time on fake bookings. I request this deposit for my time and effort in preparing, personalising and prioritising your appointment.

If you have multiple people at the address please say so when trying to make a booking. I like to take my time and thoroughly enjoying myself when it comes to sex, and I personally do not enjoy multiple people, if that's what you're looking for I'm not the one for you.
I don't mind if you share your house with someone just keep in mind I am to young woman and I work 100% independent, If I see 50 people at your house with nothing mentioned about it, I will leave, straight away, no explanation.
I absolutely love sex and all things intimate, so long as it is safe sailing consensual . But I will not put myself in any danger for something as silly as Money.
Offering me a larger payment for something that is risky will not make it happen, that will make me walk away.

I’m often asked about my limits, what I will and won’t do. What I like and don’t like. The trouble with setting limits is that they become a goal to reach, a target to achieve. I believe in fluidity. I believe in letting the moment be our guide. How else can we go to heights we’ve never before achieved?
I can’t provide you a list because it won’t help you or me. I believe in communication. The only way we will truly know what we like or don’t like is to ask, in the moment. If I do something that you love, tell me and I'll keep doing it. If you're just not into something I'm doing, tell me and I'll try something different. I'll certainly be telling you.
I’m not into goal-oriented sex. If all you want is an orgasm, go away little boy. You bore me. If, instead, you prefer to immerse yourself in pleasure, drawing out the experience, teasing and tempting each other to reach new heights, then come with me. We’ll get to that orgasm, but the journey will be so much sweeter, more powerful, more indulgent, more gratifying if we take our time getting there.
  • lingerie

    size 10 b top xs bottom

  • toys

    Anything adult, even if I already have it I will be excited to use it with you

Gifts are not necessary but definitely adored.


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