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    0490 885 600

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    167 cm

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About me

Hello gentlemen!

I'm Jamie Rayón, a hot Spanish woman with passionate Latin blood, a zest for life and a captivating sexy accent. I have more than ten years of experience working in resorts, beauty spas and relaxation services, as well as qualifications in the field. I know how to relax and relieve the muscles of your body, either in a sensual, erotic or a more restorative style.

I am a dress size 8 - 10, with a curvy silhouette, round hips, sculpted long legs and full voluptuous 12DD breasts. I have velvet fair skin, long, dark blond and wavy hair, brown enigmatic eyes, sensuous lips, a warm natural personality and a hot Latin blood! I am a non-smoker, down to earth, easy going and honest, yet well educated and classy.

Come to my private, secluded and sensual boutique for relaxation, with fresh towels, toiletries, comfortable shower facilities, heater, warm quality unscented oils, romantic candles, soft lights, sexy music and two completely separate rooms for your pleasure. All fully equipped, with a comfortable treatment table or the inviting futon bed for Relaxxxation, erotic restorative treatment or our breath taking Nuru indulgence.

So, let me take you on a journey where your mind will be free and your body will surrender to the power of my touch. An exquisite experience between the strong and the soft, the sound and the silence, the flesh and the soul.

I have no fear to say that I have depth, intensity, talent, beauty and I know what is important in my life, being courtesy and respect surely on top of my list. I treat all my clients with full attention, presence, individuality and with impeccable hygiene, thus, I expect the same level of courtesy in return.

When you come to "my office" you will find me wearing high heels, small bikinis or lingerie, possibly under a casual sexy librarian outfit with glasses, perhaps a revealing summery look and occasionally a long sexy dress, or somewhere in between.

Usually I keep my nails very short, as I find it to be the most hygienic way, due to the treatments that I provide. I like this way.

Expect my services to be pleasant and honest as I do not under-deliver what I offer to you.

Gentleman! I am looking forward to releasing the tensions within your muscles.



45 minutes $ 220 EROTIC NURU EXPERIENCE - No Full Service
1 Hour $ 250 Add $50 to Have the Sukebe Chair with Your Nuru Session
1.5 Hours $ 300
30 minutes $ 170 NAUGHTY SUKEBE CHAIR (By Itself) - No Full Service
30 minutes $ 100 SENSUAL RELAXXXATION TREATMENT - No Full Service
45 minutes $ 150
1 Hour $ 200
1.5 Hours $ 300
2 Hours $ 350
A fun, slippery, waterproof sheet is used for our nuru pleasure.
I use an organic 100% plant based special gel, derived from seaweed and other compounds that I carefully prepare to make this treatment a breath taking moment. No nasty chemicals and preservatives.
Please ensure you have clear clean skin, problematic skin conditions will not be accepted due to health reasons.
No full service.

* This treatment is provided on the futon bed.

An exclusive treatment performed in a specially designed Japanese chair, which allows full access to explore incredible erogenous areas of your body.
The same velvet and creamy gel used for erotic nuru is used for this experience.
Although this treatment concentrates the attention on specific erogenous areas, there is no penetration or prostate stimulation during this service.
Please ensure your personal hygiene is exceptional and thorough, especially the parts you want to receive more attention.
Naturally, you're always welcome to use the shower facilities with fresh towels and toiletries in my secret place.

Quality unscented oils are used for this treatment, no petrochemicals. Organic and aromatherapy oils are also available.
Come to my private, secluded and sensual Boutique for Relaxxxation to release, relax and recharge your entire body.
No Full Service.

* This session is provided on the treatment table.

Do you need a break from your busy life?
So come and join me on an inviting, firm and tempting futon bed and feel your inner power come alive.
No Full Service.

Winter Special: 70mins $230 ; 90mins $270

* This treatment is provided on the futon bed.


Due to state legislation, I am unable to provide details of my services. Please contact me for information.

When can we meet?

Weekday From Until
Monday 10:00 am 7:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am 7:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am 7:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am 7:00 pm
  • Available by appointment
  • Pre bookings preferred, but can be available at short notice
> > I can answer phone calls to take bookings, although I am fairly busy. For this reason, the first contact method preferred is a voice message, or an SMS.

> > If I cannot answer your call, please, leave a voice message stating your name, mobile number, time, appointment duration and the treatment you desire, or an SMS as another option. I will contact you as promptly as possible.



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Preferred Contact Method

> > I can answer phone calls to take bookings, although I am fairly busy. For this reason, the first contact method preferred is a voice message, or an SMS.

> > If I cannot answer your call, please, leave a voice message stating your name, mobile number, time, appointment duration and the treatment you desire, or an SMS as another option. I will contact you as promptly as possible.

Landline and private numbers will not be answered.


When I am not enjoying the mischievous side of life with a playful gentleman, I love to be on the outside contemplating nature, taking long walks on idyllic beaches or engaging in a physical bush walk to feel connected with mother earth, and remember that we all are part of it, sharing its space for a glimpse on the time-clock of eternity.

To feel at home I also enjoy decorating and creating pretty and useless art forms, but also useful ones as well. I love when I have sparkling ideas to use disposable materials, and get the feeling of unloading a drop of the ocean of our civilizations footprint.

I absolutely love music and I agree that "Life without music would be a mistake" - (F. Nietzsche)
I rarely stay at home or in my "office" without listening to music, from classical jazz to alternative quirky tribal beats. I'm still to get my pandeiro (Brazilian percussion instrument) and African drum lessons, I just have to postpone it for a bit - way too busy....

My creative inspiration also leads me to the cooking site, usually on summer months, when I feel more saucy. Eating for me is a serious matter and I made a choice long ago, to only consume a plant based diet, free of meat, dairy, eggs, honey and also free of gluten. I try to keep my diet as raw and organic as possible. Exceptions for my homemade, gluten free, plant based pasta, pancake and curry dishes in winter. No guiltiness for desert!!

Although my uni background is not chemistry, I often like to create my own moisturizers and body butters, which is the reason why I achieved the most silky, velvet and sexy Nuru Gel, in one of my most successful experiments. A product of my own creation, not found anywhere else.

So, the list is long, but I'm going to keep it short as it is, for those who want to discover by themselves when coming to my secret place to indulge under my teasing hands.

“In heaven, all the interesting people are missing.” (F. Nietzsche)

  • shoes

    No One's Skin (Ivana Basilotta), Mink Shoes (Rebbeca Mink) Size 6

  • perfume

    Essential Oils. cruelty free and with no animal compounds used in its distilation process.

  • handbags

    Stella McCartney, Beyond Skin, Guess (NO leather)

  • chocolate

    Any! Non dairy and gluten free

  • flowers

    French Lavander, Orchyd, Roses

  • books

    Plant based and gluten free cooking books. With beautiful photos to get inspired!

  • art

    Crystals, all sorts and forms, polished or not

I made a conscious choice to support cruelty free brands, and avoid as much as possible all products derived from animals and their byproducts. Clothes, shoes, perfumes, accessories, makeup and food; to name a few.
I don't really expect my clients to bring me presents, because they are already adorable
without them!
But if you feel like giving me a gift, just keep the especial note above in mind, and I
can guarantee I will be very pleased with the gift, and even more by your gesture.
  • food

    I'm pretty cosmopolitan and enjoy all types of cusine. Plant based and gluten free food. Arepas Venezuelanas, Thai and Indian spicy curries, French pancakes, and a sumptuosus piece of raw Mud Cake.

  • smell

    Pachulli, Vetiver, French Lavander

  • relaxation

    Thai Massage, a hot spa bath, basking in the sun

  • restaurant

    Zen Japan - Sake and Tapas Bar

  • movie

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

  • music

    Tango Argentino

  • colour

    emeral and amethyst

  • alcohol

    Bishonen Ginjo (Beautiful Boy), Perrier-Jouët, Umeshu

  • animal

    I love all of them, man included!

  • Condoms and Lubricants: HERO


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