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    Australia wide

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    0475 999 555

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    163 cm

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    Petite 8

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    incall, outcall

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Currently touring in Melbourne



Australian Tours

To From Until
Melbourne 11th December 31st December
Melbourne 1st January 17th January
Canberra 18th January 20th January
Melbourne 21st January 29th January
Hobart 30th January 1st February
Adelaide 2nd February 3rd February
Melbourne 14th February 23rd February

International Tours

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Auckland 4th February 6th February
Wellington 7th February 10th February
Christchurch 11th February 13th February
Amanda Valentina - Private Escort Australia wide

About me

“Each of us is born with a box of matches inside us, but we can't strike them all by ourselves."
—Laura Esquivel

Ladies, Gentleman & Couples:

My name is Amanda Valentina: an intelligent, optimistic, and well travelled international escort. I live and breathe life, adventure and conversation. I'm an extrovert by nature and adore my choice of vocation, therefore, enjoy becoming acquainted with like-minded individuals from of all walks of the world.

Your age, ethnicity or religion is of no consequence to me. A respectful attitude and professional courtesy are paramount, which will be reciprocated by me at all times. Those possessive of a zest for life, who have a thirst for knowledge; who seek to enhance life's journey by exposing themselves to new people, conversation and environments are those I best connect with.

I'm frequently told by those who meet me that I make them feel very comfortable; likening me to a long lost friend or lover. I'm a multi-faceted, sexually confident, engaging woman who encourages uncensored conversation & uninhibited sexual expression sessions. I'm extremely passionate by nature - I give 110% to everything I do.

I would best describe my body as fit feminine. I'm petite, yet curvy in all the right places. I spend at least 5 hours at the gym per week and walk or cycle where possible. It's the best way to see the world, after all. I'm always willing to push the envelope by indulging in new adventures and experiences - we only have one life, and I enjoy living mine.

I'm known to book an impromptu bungy jump or 15,000ft sky-dive last minute for fun. I've played a myriad of sports over the years and value looking after my body. I savour all that life has to offer: arthouse film, cultural festivals, fine dining, bike riding. Musicals, wineries, rock bands and stage performances. I love to expose myself to new environments and experiences. I enjoy the exitement of new life adventures.

I'm typically drawn to those who enjoy stepping outside their comfort zones; who challenge themselves and who seek to become the best possible versions of themselves. I assure you, I will bring out the conversational and sexual best in you. I'm particularly cheeky between the sheets - just you wait and see.

I enjoy gastronomic excursions and culinary adventures. I live and breathe food; thanks to my European heritage and maternal grandmother who inspired my love of cooking from a young age. If you follow me on either Twitter and/or Instagram you’d be well aware of my foodie adventures.

Lunch, dinner dates, and extended bookings are my speciality. Couples - those who’ve met and spent time with me have always invited me back for a second, third, fourth rendezvous.

I look forward to spending time with you.

Amanda Valentina

International Seductress & Dining Companion
Australia • New Zealand • Asia • London
Best Breakthrough Escort
Best Escort (Sole Operator)
Australian Adult Industry Awards 2017
Penthouse Black Label Calendar Model 2017
Twitter: @TheLoverAmanda
Instagram: @amandavalentinaofficial
Mobile: +61 (0)475 999 555
#AmandaValentina & #AmandaValentinaOfficial

Deposit & pre-booking required for all new and existing clients. Opportunities for last minute bookings are rare, however, please do contact me on the off chance I have availability.

All enquirers are required to provide the following information to facilitate an easy booking process:

1) Name;
2) City;
3) Date, time & duration of booking;
4) Experience: Bedroom Eyes, Dinner Date, Couples, PSE or Overnight.

All deposits and/or payments are non-refundable should you cancel or fail to attend the appointment. Under certain circumstances, and strictly at my discretion, I may credit this deposit or payment towards another booking.



30 minutes $ 550
1 Hour $ 800
2 Hours $ 1600
3 Hours $ 2300
4 Hours $ 2900
5 Hours $ 3500
Overnight $ 5500 12 hours of cheeky play and pleasure.
24 Hours $ 8000 Wining, dining, cheeky play and pleasure.
48 Hours $ 14000 Wining, dining, cheeky play and pleasure.
Dinner Date $ 2500 2 hours of wining and dining, followed by 2 hours of cheeky play and pleasure (5 star hotels only).
Dinner Date $ 3500 2.5 hours of wining and dining, followed by 2.5 hours of cheeky play and pleasure (5 star hotels only).
Dinner Date $ 4500 3 hours of wining and dining, followed by 3 hours of cheeky play and pleasure (5 star hotels only).
Click here for more rates


2 Hours $ 1600 Hotel and client confirmation required. 5 star hotel bookings only. Kindly include $50 travel allowance.
3 Hours $ 2400 Hotel and client confirmation required. 5 star hotel bookings only. Kindly include $50 travel allowance.
4 Hours $ 3200 Hotel and client confirmation required. 5 star hotel bookings only. Kindly include $50 travel allowance.
5 Hours $ 4000 Hotel and client confirmation required. 5 star hotel bookings only. Kindly include $50 travel allowance.
Bedroom Eye's Experience:

Looking for true intimacy rather than simply great sex? Enjoy Amanda’s 'Bedroom Eye's Experience’; a passionate encounter filled with sensual pleasures between you and an oh-so-willing partner. Filled with witty and intelligent dialogue, sensual touching and mutual pleasure, Amanda’s Bedroom Eye's Experience will have you coming back … again, and again, and again.

0.5 hour - $550
1 hour - $800
2 hours - $1600
3 hours - $2200
4 hours - $2800
5 hours - $3500

12 hours - $5500 (overnight pleasure)
24 hours - $8000 (of dinner, play & pleasure)
48 hours - $14000 (wining, dining, cheeky play & pleasure)

International rates upon request

Porn Star Extravaganza:

You know you’ve always wanted to lose yourself in a true porn star encounter with a genuinely erotic and gorgeous woman. Let your imagination run wild with Amanda Valentina. Imagine this slender yet busty vixen losing herself in sexual desire as she brings you to heights of pleasure you can barely imagine.

0.5 hour - $850
1 hour - $1300
2 hours - $2200
3 hours - $3100
4 hours - $4000
5 hours - $4900

Cheeky Couples Experience:

You’ve reached that special place where intimacy and sexual ecstasy are staples of your relationship but desire that little bit more. Amanda invites you to explore your deepest shared desires with her, allowing her to become part of that secret, intimate place you go to when you’re alone together. Amanda Valentina will guide you both to heights of carnal release as she gently breaks away the taboos and expertly leads you on a path to erotic discovery you will never forget.

Patient, respectful, and eager to please you both, Amanda Valentina is the perfect woman to explore your darker desires with. If your lover needs gentle encouragement, Amanda will seduce her slowly, intensely, and completely, a willing teacher and patient lover attuned to the intimacies of a woman as only a woman can be …

1 hour - $1100
2 hours - $1800
3 hours - $2500
4 hours - $3200
5 hours - $3900

Bi-Curious Ladies & Lesbians of Leisure:

You feel your heart beat just at the thought of it. The scent of her perfume, the warm softness of her skin, the full caress of her lips on yours. You’ve always wanted to know the joys of another woman’s body, and Amanda is your perfect guide. Amanda knows a woman needs so much more than great sex alone. She wants intimacy, patience, acceptance and finally outright surrender to her bisexual or lesbian desires. Let your imagination go with Amanda Valentina as you explore her body with yours and as she willingly submits to your deepest needs.

0.5 hour - $550
1 hour - $800
2 hours - $1600
3 hours - $2100
4 hours - $2800
5 hours - $3500


Luxury inner city residence (parking available)
5 star hotel outcalls

Amanda Valentina is well travelled and worldly, a mature companion and skilled conversationalist who enjoys the sights and sounds of the world’s most exotic locations.

*Please note that a deposit is required to secure an appointment with Amanda. All deposits and/or payments are non-refundable should you cancel or fail to attend the appointment. Under certain circumstces, given the time and cancelation notice required, Amanda, at her discretion, will credit this deposit or payment towards another booking.*


Due to state legislation, I am unable to provide details of my services. Please contact me for information.

When can we meet?

Weekday From Until
Monday 09:00 am 11:30 pm
Tuesday 09:00 am 11:30 pm
Wednesday 09:00 am 11:30 pm
Thursday 09:00 am 11:30 pm
Friday 09:00 am 11:30 pm
Saturday 09:00 am 11:30 pm
Sunday 09:00 am 11:30 pm
  • Available by appointment
  • Please contact me for my availability
  • Available 7 days
  • Flexible hours by appointment
  • Pre bookings preferred, but can be available at short notice


Preferred Contact Method

Amanda Valentina - Enquiry Etiquette

Amanda will happily spend a few minutes talking to you in order to any questions you should have about a prospective booking. Kindly note a text message request is to be made in the first instance should you wish to converse with Amanda.

Amanda will not answer persistent calls; blocked or private callers. Vulgar behaviour will result in the immediate termination of any communication.

Please also adhere to proper phone and/or text etiquette by introducing yourself; stating your desired time, place and length of booking at your first available opportunity.

Thanking you in advance.

Love, Amanda Valentina

  • lingerie

    Agent Provocateur

  • shoes

    Christian Louboutin - 38.5

  • perfume

    Chanel Allure

  • perfume

    Chanel Allure

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My Escort Diary


  1. BY Steve

    If you’ve met either Ms. Valentina or Ms. Rinaldi before, news that they have decided to combine their skills and work together should be enough to make you drop whatever you’re doing and make a booking immediately. If you haven’t, place yourself in their multi-talented and very safe hands as you pr...
  2. BY Greatone

    I have seen Amanda several times already. Never in Australia though! She does like her touring!! The last time I saw her was in Singapore and I have to say it was a blast. Usually I would spend more than a couple of hours with Amanda but was short of time this time. Generous as she always is, she ma...
  3. BY jackiti

    Fun times with the lovely Amanda in London. She's stunning in person and really good chat as well! Had a lot of fun, and am hoping to see her soon!
  4. BY david

    I recently saw the beautiful Amanda in Canberra always a delight to spent time with intelligent lady so thankyou Amanda this lady look after you so I recommend to with Amanda you will not regret experience
  5. BY Steve

    This is the 2nd occasion I have seen Amanda in Brisbane and the session was phenomenal. Incredibly sexy and down to earth Amanda was so natural and loads of fun. A real conversationalist made me feel so relaxed from the very first minute of our encounter. A truly remarkable lady will definitely be b...
  6. BY Dazza

    This booking took place on 12th December 2016 Firstly you ask why did it take so long to post this review ...... well I have been in a coma since my first ever booking with Amanda .....that’s a joke!!!! ok serious writings now I won’t be telling you all the bedroom secrets as they are secret...
  7. BY david

    I had the pleasure of spending some time with Amanda in Canberra a very sexy lady , intelligent the sex was out of this world and Amanda has a great way to relax any nerves and make you fell ease so don't hestitate in making a booking you wont regret the experience
  8. BY Jackson

    Amanda is a lady that I see quite regularly when she's in Sydney. She's outgoing, funny and full of positive energy. Amanda isn't just a beautiful woman, she's well travelled, classy and intelligent. I could talk endlessly for hours with her about anything; just listening to her voice and watching h...
  9. BY Pat

    You know the experience was so memorable that almost a week later you still remember the wonderful experience like it was yesterday. It started with a warm greeting on the phone, a real GFE embrace and welcome xxx when we met in an upmarket apartment, great unrushed conversation, laughs and kisses...
  10. BY Nick S

    I had the pleasure of spending time with Amanda a second time a few weeks ago, and it has been on my mind ever since. I'd seen Amanda for the first time a few months prior and meeting up with her again was just like catching up with an old friend. An extremely beautiful old friend. We talked a...
  11. BY Ryan

    Amanda. What a woman. This was my second date with her. I met her again when she was in town for dinner. I really enjoy her company and conversation. Seeing Amanda feels like seeing an old friend. She is a great listener and I feel comfortable talking about most topics. Amanda puts a great deal of e...
  12. BY Zee

    Wowzers. How best to describe Amanda? Beautiful clearly. Sharply keen, curve laced, sumptuous, wit-wielding, outrageous, relishing, rivalling, raunchy, hedonistic, demure-doused carnal connoisseur. Its no wonder puntings addictive. Having enjoyed her social media antics and down right s...
  13. BY Ryan

    I've been a big fan of Amanda for about the 12 months that I have been on Twitter . Besides looking a lot like my future wife, I've admired her sharp wit, cheekiness, grammar, sentence construction and life experience that comes across in her tweets. Yes, there is also that radiant smile and glorio...
  14. BY Nick S

    I had decided that I wanted my first escort experience to be with Amanda and I believe that I made a great decision. I made a booking well in advance (almost two months) and was extremely nervous in the weeks leading up to our meeting. Unfortunately, I was ill at the start of the week and cancell...
  15. BY AndysRocks

    First of all, a massive thank you to Amanda in re arranging this booking to go ahead. In the day leading up to the booking, I had a family medical situation that arose. I sent a message to Amanda explaining the circumstances, and politely asking if there was a possibility that I could reschedule. Am...
  16. BY Phil

    As I look back and reflect over the year that has been and gone, I realize I've worked far too hard and need to kick back and relax way more often. A small promise to myself. Santa never stops at my place though, so I took it upon myself and booked a mini getaway to Sydney. Luckily enough, AV was fr...
  17. BY Harold B

    I met the exquisite Ms Valentina during her Auckland tour. 4 hours of PSE with this woman (who should be starring in adult movies) was the best 4 hours of my life. I won't discuss the details of the booking because I'm not quite sure this will be permitted in print, and I'd also like respect that Am...
  18. BY Bradley B

    After having a big weekend I was feeling all sorts of hungover come Monday midday. In the mood for some sort of action I checked out who was in Melbourne and stumbled across the profile of Amanda Valentina. Whoah!!!!! Top smile and impressive set of assets I thought to myself... I had to check out t...
  19. BY Dan

    Amanda Valentina Booking: Brisbane Booking Process: 10/10 Personality: 10/10 Beauty: 10/10 Attitude: 10/10 Amanda Valentina: 10/10 It took me a while to secure a booking with the busy Amanda as our schedules didn't always align whenever she toured Brisbane. This time, though, luck was...
  20. BY Peter

    I've seen Amanda twice now in Brisbane (in 2 days) and all I can say is this woman is spectacular. Her energy is radiant and infectious and her figure is breathtaking - one of the smallest waists I've seen on a woman. I've only returned back to my office and once again I'm on cloud nine. There are v...
  21. BY Jason

    I met the lovely Amanda Valentina in Cairns on Tuesday evening and she's not left the memory bank since. She's quite an extraordinary woman with curves in all the right places, a killer body and a who has a smile that melts hearts. Her friendly demeanour compliments the sex appeal and she oozes an...
  22. BY Mick D

    Saw the lovely Amanda in her Sydney home for a 2 hour bedroom eyes experience over the weekend just passed. Amanda made me feel at home, insisting I make myself comfortable and treating it as if it were my own home. That I did. If the budget allowed and if Amanda spent more time in Sydney I'd be vis...
  23. BY Phil

    After signing up to twitter and having a browse around the place, (something I swore I'd never do...) I found myself at Amanda Valentina's profile. Quite the woman indeed. It was her lips that really grabbed my attention. My first initial contact with her was in regards to a double another girl, whi...
  24. BY Johnny

    Amanda is a driven and empowered young lady. She is incredibly open minded with a passionate spirit and energy to match. Do yourself a favour. She really is very #nice.
  25. BY Benny B

    I made an appointment too see Amanda in Perth. I'd had a bad experience with paying a deposit before and was a bit funny about having to do so but after speaking to her on the phone she told me that it was her strict policy and that she didn't normally do late appointments away. I could trust her s...
  26. BY Matt

    To many words to describe this unbelievable lady! If u get the chance to spend some time with Amanda you won't regret it!! In life we chase experiences ones that we won't forget. Spending time with Amanda is something u will never forget!! she is a true gem she doesn't do this job because she has to...
  27. BY Tobias

    I have seen escots for a few years now but this was my first meeting with Amanda and I was blown away by how incredible she made the experience. She was genuinely herself the whole time and we not only had great sex but great conversation as well. Amanda is one of a kind. There are ten's out there g...
  28. BY Greg

    Perth This is my second two hour booking with Amanda Valentina who recently returned to visit Perth. To say that I was thrilled when I observed on her Twitter she was returning would be an understatement. Amanda had previously mentioned that she would tour Perth at least once a month and it had a...
  29. BY AndysRocks

    I recently had the immense pleasure of seeing the beautiful Amanda for the first time. Initial contact for the appointment was made and Amanda responded with enthusiasm and a hint of cheekiness which I loved. She is very engaging and so lovely and easy to talk to, putting any nerves at ease very qui...
  30. BY DaveMelbPunter

    I recently booked Amanda Valentina during her tour to Melbourne. We met at the Crown and I had the most mind-blowing experience of my life. The BJ was something else. How can I go back to just a normal BJ now? Those lips. Amanda has some serious Linda Lovelace shit going on. What a porn star! I was...
  31. BY Neilgai

    Amanda doesn't need much introduction. To be honest, I was a bit worried when I made the appointment with her cause of her vixen and aggressive looks; but the truth is Amanda is one of the sweetest lady I ever met. A sexy face, a toned body and together with her personality, she's a gem. The session...

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