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I want to start by saying escorting, what an interesting and covert life, that delicious secret text coming through on your phone from a complete stranger, wanting a chat or possible meeting, wanting to know more about you, your sexual desires. It's something I've thought I'd like to try in a secret fantasy, but didn't think I'd actually find myself fulfilling this delicious urge. Why? Well, there's the old cliche... I like to try everything once, I'm a bit adventurous, and not to mention the fact I've realised later in life how strong my sexual urges had become. I am a mum, with teenage kids who are now growing up and fulfilling their own dreams, and I guess I wanted and felt the urge to try and fulfil mine, see how it would go, no expectations, just see...

I was single again after coming out of a long marriage (with not so great sex) and then found myself in situations on the dating merry go round, where I was trying to meet people with the possibility of maybe sharing my life with someone again, but didn't like what I found. Not to mention the fact I was the one the men were trying to take advantage of!! I certainly don't look my age, I have often been told I look at least 8-10 years younger. I felt sexy, attractive and attracted. So here I am.

There are a lot of gorgeous young sexy women on this site to chose from, there is so much choice nowadays, right? But I'm not trying to compete darlings, I am ME, I love men, (have had some sexual encounters with females) great sex, I prefer a slow sensual experience, where both of us can take our time, there's no rush, so many people are in a rush nowadays! There's nothing like that feeling when two people are sexually attracted, the fire, the passion, the explosion of two bodies melting into one. What an amazing feeling.

Zsa Zsa xx

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