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Im really excited about 2019. I think some amazing things are going to start happening. I have new photos, a new direction and a new P.A. Her name is Ruby and I think you're going to love her as much as I do. Okay...maybe not a much as I do. But a lot anyway.

Don't worry about contacting her to make a booking with me, she is experienced and very used to helping clients, so don't feel shy. Ruby will make you feel comfortable immediately.

Someone asked me recently if I was worried about losing connections with clients because someone else is now handling my bookings. I said of course not! At the most I've never been on the phone to a client for more than 5 minutes, what matters is what happens during the booking. Which is a lot longer than 5 minutes.

The truth is in having a P.A makes a lot of sense. Rather than getting caught up in all that day to day stuff of answering emails and phone calls and updating advertising and so on, I can now focus on the important things. Like being completely in the moment for our time together, and that for me is priceless.

Have a great day xxxx

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