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Episode 9 – Feeling so juicy!

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Hello Beautiful People,

I acknowledge it’s been a while since my last blog entry.

Hasn’t it been an extremely dense and also illuminating start to 2019?
Have you been feeling it too?

I’m writing this entry as a way to give you all an update on me and the upcoming changes in my business.

When I started my business as an escort (November 2017) I had a vision of how I wanted to work with my clients (men, women & couples). A vision that involved sexual empowerment and awakening, guiding people through true authentic intimacy, transcending the shame, guilt and toxic aspects of this industry and fully giving from a place of love for all beings I meet.

At the beginning there was a level of frustration for this industry because I didn’t feel I was able to offer what I was envisioning for my clients, but what I have now come to understand is that I was getting ahead of myself. I wanted to go from 0-100 in no time at all and that’s just not how it was going to work. There were things I needed to learn first.

So I devoted myself to bringing in ‘bite size pieces’ of my vision into the time I had with my clients and I received some wonderful feedback, which gave me hope regarding the process I was currently undergoing.

In this process I was learning about what boundaries I needed, how to express my boundaries in a loving and honouring way with my clients and what my body did and didn’t want. I knew very strongly that I wasn’t going to dishonour or ignore my body’s messages because I knew it would create trauma and disconnection within myself. I wasn’t going to allow this industry to undo all the work I had done to connect with myself again after childhood trauma.

I was open hearted to understanding men (women & couples too) on a deeper level, their needs and desires for life. Learning about what was missing in the lives I was encountering, what sparked the fire of life into their eyes, what was it they were craving to experience and what was holding them back from of this passion. I was fortunate and privileged enough to be welcomed into their inner landscape. Thank you to those of you who softened and surrendered to the experience of true intimacy that I offer.

Slowly I began to honour and value my service more. As a result I went from offering 15 minute bookings to 1 hour minimum bookings (among other things) and now I’m considering on an increase again to a 2 hr minimum because it’s getting harder for me to fit my offering into 1 hour.

What I have noticed in this process is that when I have increased my level of value for me and my service, the clients I attract also hold more value for what I offer, as well as their desire and open heart to receive my full service, the holistic experience of what it means to connect with me intimately. I’m talking about the other principals of intimacy that this industry often lacks, emotional/intellectual/spiritual/energetic connection.

So what I have come to realise is that I must lean into this holistic experience I offer you. This means aligning my marketing (visual & copy) to my brand so that I own this unique experience and in turn, attract more clients that wish to delve deeper into what it means and feels like to be intimate with me and with life in general.

So what is coming up for me?

An epic website is on its way, I have just had some new shots taken (on the beach at sunrise I will add) and my prices are about to increase.

I also no longer wish to use the title of ‘escort’ to describe my services, I will be owning who I am as a ‘courtesan’.
The courtesan is a woman who sparks new life in those she encounters.
(See my blog post: ‘What is a courtesan?’ for more reading on this)

To all of my current and past clients, I am so very thankful for all you’ve taught and provided me in this process to owning my power and value of service.
As a further thank you, I will offer you one booking at my old rate after the change.

I’m so excited to be working with you from this newly owned embodiment of my offering.

I welcome you all with an open heart, overflowing with love.

My energy feels renewed and so juicy with creativity and sensuality.

Come and feel what it’s like to dive deep with a woman who is awakened to her internal universal energy and learn how to cultivate this same energy inside yourself.

It is the purest magic I have ever encountered.

It is within everyone, to be realised and awakened.

I look forward to welcoming more of you courageous and brave souls into this space I create.

With Love,
Zoe Sophia xx

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