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Episode 7 - The day I found my G-spot.

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Hello again! Thank you for tuning in to another episode of my blog. I hope this finds you well.

A journal entry from August 2017.

I was 28 yrs. old, touring around the Welsh country side, on my own.

I remember I was watching clips on YouTube of people dancing to ‘Wild Thoughts” by DJ Kahlid and Rhianna, as you do! I also remember reading a post on Facebook by Sofia Sundari about Shame and Sexuality. Then I remember noticing that my Pussy was unusually wet and throbbing. I thought, “I think she wants some love”, so I began to pleasure myself.

I started playing with my clit, this was always the way I masturbated, but she wasn’t really responding to this touch like she usually did. I thought, “ok I’ll try fingering myself”. This was unusual for me because I never orgasmed while internally fingering myself. I started feeling the walls of my vagina and thinking, “why the hell doesn’t this feel good for me”? Then I heard a little voice tell me to feel for ‘ridges’. I went really deep with my fingers and all I could feel was really soft vaginal walls. Then, almost removing my fingers from my vagina, I pressed on a very small area close to the opening of my vagina. I felt a small ridged section of skin that seemed to respond to extra attention. Then I heard that little voice again, “Don’t be shy, I’m tough, I can handle more pressure”. I curled my two middle fingers up and applied a large amount of pressure, pumping in and out of my vagina.

At this point I was enjoying it so much that I had forgotten about my clit. I was giggling with joy. One of my legs were propped up on the wall next to me.

My fingers were starting to ache, but I heard that little voice again say, “I won’t take long, push through it”.

So I went even harder and faster and in less than 30 seconds I was having a g-spot orgasm. My first one ever!

This was the most liberated I had felt in a very long time. Probably since I experienced altered states of consciousness when I was making love to my ex-boyfriend (that’s another story).

I burst into a fit of laughter because I had just found my G-spot! It was so simple, yet it had alluded me for nearly 20 years.

Now this isn’t to say I had never orgasmed during intercourse. What I mean is, I have never actually located it with my own fingers and given myself an orgasm in that way.

That little voice I’ve spoken about, I like to think of her as my higher self, guiding me through this life. Now I have learnt that she is also linked to my magical power source, my pussy. This isn’t a shock to me because I have heard her faint whispers in the past, but nothing like I heard that night.

The pussy holds so much wisdom and when women are able to be still and listen to what she’s asking for, we will be guided to wonderful experiences just like I have.

One thing I have noticed about my pussy is that when she gets super excited about something, I have to experience it and take the leap. Whatever it may be.

Every time I’ve followed her guidance, it has opened me up to so much love, new experiences and personal growth.

I wish this for all women and all women have this ability.

When women can’t access pleasure through their pussy during self-pleasure or sex, it’s usually due to trauma (sexual or otherwise). The vagina holds onto the trauma and builds layers and layers around the walls of the vagina, thus, cutting her off from the pleasure that can transform her life in amazing ways.

Sometimes this calls for de-armouring work with a professional that works in the field of ‘Yoni Massage’ or ‘Sexual De-armouring’.

In my experience, I have had my trauma layers removed by my partners and lovers. The ones that have held true unconditional love for me. The ones that have honoured me and my feminine power.

You can do this for your partner or lover too. Your ‘Wand of Light’ is healing and has the power to clear these blockages for your lovers. I’ve experienced this multiple times.

It’s all about your ability to meet your partner with unconditional love, the feeling of safety, respect and healing intentions.

Tune in to my next episode (Ep. 8) to find out about how my services are changing and what is to be expected out of me in the coming months.

I’m so excited to be offering my work with more integrity, more emphasis on healing the masculine and initiating a man to open up to his full human potential.

With love,

Zoe Sophia xx

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