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Episode 3 – What it means to be a Courtesan?

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The first time I heard the term “Courtesan”, I was reading a book by Regena Thomashauer called “Pussy: A Reclamation”. This was the beginning of my journey as an Escort, or as I prefer to call myself, a courtesan.

These two quotes from her book have resonated with me since reading it and I feel are still true to this day, 6 months on since starting this journey of becoming a courtesan.

“There is a difference between a prostitute – who fucked a man for cash – and a courtesan, who fucked a man back to life, or deliberately took him higher, or had a sacred spiritual sensual encounter with him so that he could connect to his soul again.” “The courtesan had this inner gnosis; she knew that her life is sacred. Thus empowered, she not only brought herself back to life but everyone she encountered.” – “Pussy: A Reclamation” by Regena Thomashauer.

So what does it mean, for me, to be a courtesan?

Essentially it’s a healing experience. This is the intention I keep when I spend time with all my clients. What sort of healing? It could be anything from sexual performance issues; trouble with connecting to true intimacy (which is ultimately issues connecting with Self), trouble with opening up to women, trouble with social anxiety, low confidence and self-esteem and difficulty with emotion. This also extends to issues in their marriages or sex with their partners.

A lot of the time my clients have no idea why they are coming to see me, only that they were looking for an escort and came across my profile. They were drawn in by my eyes or something about my body and they decided I was the one they wanted to spend time with. It doesn’t really matter what the reason is, all that matters is that you are open to what I have to offer. A connected, deeply intimate and mutually pleasurable experience.

This is why I feel my service is different. It’s not about my clients using my body to ejaculate. I don’t engage in this work so I can make lots of cash or because I have no other options. My intentions are pure and what my clients receive from me is authentic intimacy. This might even be something they have never experienced from a woman before, even from a woman that doesn’t work as a courtesan. Yes this is unfortunate, but for many reasons this is all too common in our society.

I want to show men what is possible during sex and intimacy because when true sexual intimacy is achieved, sexual healing can occur. I’ve experienced it first hand in my own life, with my lovers and my clients. This is not some “new age” mumbo jumbo. It’s tangible and grounded. Now I cannot rattle off any science speech for you, all I can do is tell it like it is from my own experiences.

For many reasons, experiences in my younger years completely shut me off from my sexuality. I wasn’t able to achieve vaginal orgasm of any kind and I really didn’t enjoy sex very much. It was more of something I did with my lovers to keep them happy and unfortunately this is something that happens in so many relationships these days. Until I met a lover I’ll call Sean. Sean and I had deep connection from the beginning, there was something drawing us together and we didn’t know what it was. We made love quite soon after we met and our first experience together was mind-blowing. I was able to achieve multiple cervical orgasms (something I’ve never felt before) and when we finished we were both in a state of a natural transcendental high of epic proportions. This continued during our relationship until we separated. It crossed my mind that maybe it was just good sex with Sean, until I met my next lover who was able to meet me with the same level of intimacy I was at. It wasn’t just good sex with Sean, I had received some kind of sexual healing during our relationship and this continued to expand with other lovers as well. Now I’m able to experience all levels of orgasm a woman can experience; energetic (you’ll probably notice this when my body is shaking and convulsing) , G-spot, Cervical, K-spot and clitoral (which is lovely, but certainly not my favourite).

All these different ways of being able to orgasm are absolutely amazing and I feel so fulfilled sexually, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not just about sex and orgasm. Orgasmic energy is life force energy, it’s the energy that fuels our creativity and creativity brings vibrancy and unbelievable joy into our lives. It’s what makes life so magic and ecstatic.

My life went from being in an abusive marriage, doing everything I could to keep the peace, living isolated in a country town to traveling around the world in business class and starting a business in an industry I’m extremely passionate about, having literal orgasms at work and being able to dictate when and where I work.

Now can see why I want this for you?

My clients have reported many changes and new experiences to me during and after our time together. To name a few; a new ability to orgasm when receiving oral, the most energetic orgasm they’ve ever had, loss of their erectile dysfunction, renewed love between him and his wife/partner and the ability to feel and process his emotions. One client reported that he came to me as a last celebration before he was going to suicide, but during his experience with me his passion and zest for life returned and he decided to give life another go. Essentially I had “fucked him back to life”!

The effects of these types of experiences will expand and develop over time. Eventually, permeating many aspects of your life, not just your sexual experiences. Work life, family life and relationships. The process is subtle, but with lasting effects on your overall happiness and life satisfaction.

Come and find out what’s possible for you and experience all I have to offer.

Do you feel there is more to life than what you’re currently experiencing? Well, it starts with making a booking with me, Zoe Sophia, the courtesan that “fucks men back to life”.

Please feel free to contact me to make a booking.

With Love, Zoe Sophia xx

P.s. Some photos from my adventures in London, August 2017.

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