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Episode 1 - Who is Zoe Sophia

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A little insight into me, Zoe Sophia, Australia’s authentic intimacy expert.

My highest values in life are travel, conscious self exploration and freedom in everything I do.

If I’m not travelling and exploring a place I’ve never been, then you’ll find me reading, dancing, at a self development workshop or in the park connecting with nature.

I take time every day to connect to my body through dance, to any sort of music that hits me at my core and evokes deep feeling. It doesn’t have to look like anything in particular. My only intention is to feel what’s there. Sometimes it’s joy and playfulness, but sometimes it can be sadness and despair. Allowing my sensual and curvy body to move any way that feels good. Whatever is there is felt, explored and then let go. I guess it’s my daily spiritual practice.

Recently, I returned from a round the world trip. I literally travelled around the world. Starting in Hong Kong, then onto London, where I stayed in transit for 3 months and used London as a base to travel around Europe and then onto the USA. My favourite place was definitely Mykonos (Greek Islands) and my favourite cities were London, Amsterdam and Paris. I’ve also lived in Bali and Canada (8 months each) and have travelled to Singapore and Fiji. Yes, I have the travel bug.

I’m an Aquarian so it’s very important to me to have absolute freedom in everything I do in life. The freedom to make any decision for my life that makes me feel good; the freedom to work in whatever industry I want to; the freedom to connect with many different people; the freedom to enjoy myself in my profession; the freedom to travel and freedom to sleep in when I want too. For me, freedom is everything, especially in this world that is so regulated, structured and sometimes unforgiving.

I will always find time in my day to connect with nature. Whether it be outside walking, sitting in a park reading or down at the beach. It is a necessity for me to connect with nature at least once a day. I especially love the feeling of a cool breeze blowing through my hair and squishing my toes in the wet sand. Keeping present with life is essential for my own happiness.

I’m always reading a book on either sociology, psychology, philosophy, sexuality or the conscious mindset. These are the subjects I am very passionate about. Books by Brené Brown, Byron Katie, Paulo Coelho, Teal Swan and Esther Perel fill my Kindle. This way I can carry many books with me wherever I go. I’m currently reading, “Loving What Is”, by Byron Katie as I believe our minds put us through more suffering than is necessary and it’s just easier to love what is. True happiness comes from how we view and react to situations, rather than avoiding them all together. I try not to let my circumstances take me off my fulcrum and affect this balance.

With Love, Zoe Sophia xx

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