escort diary of Zoe Bellecy

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Let me tell you how I met those handsome stranger last week. In a Sunday raining afternoon, in Tasmania, after the exhibition, I walked into the wine bar for enjoying myself. The bar was almost empty. Two young boys (the barmen and his friend) invited me nicely to sit close to them. I crossed the fresh, crisp white space to order a glass of champagne. I was quiet, fixing my bubble and digesting my whole sensational experience. Their voice and laugh made echo everywhere. Even if there did not look my side, I was able to hear what nasty things both say about me. They didn't realize I was french too. I hear some brutally honest statements about how they would like to take me as a sex object in the exhibition. True, the exhibition was a subversive adult Disneyland who looks like if everything can happen. I tried to not smiling or react about it. The barmen say explicitly how he would love to take my pretty face in his hands. His friend continued the scenario by describing about how he would like to lock his fingers inside me and make me lick his other ones by putting them in my mouth.... I put down my glass on the bar, look at them and say in french to just stop warming me up because a was already fucking wet. They both blushed and I liked it. Some suction was resonate in the place, but it was easy to confound it with some opening bottle noise. They finish everything in my champagne glass before I let it run slowly through my throat. When everything was swallowed, I joke about to ordering a case of the last one and left.

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