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Starting out as an escort: a retrospective, one year on

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My story starts off on a probably unsurprising note. I needed money, and while I wasn’t drowning in debt, I was living pay-check to pay-check. I was working part-time to supplement studying a double degree full-time at uni and my inner city apartment was costing me over 70% of my take-home pay.

Sound familiar?

Now this alone could have triggered me, eventually, to take a leap of faith and test the waters of the lucrative adult industry. It wasn’t like I had any moral objections and I loved sex, meeting new people, and travelling. But it wasn’t until I moved out of my extortionately priced apartment and into a much cheaper sharehouse in the suburbs that I actually did.

Why, I hear you ask?

Well, it involved a heater with an electrical fault and all of my belongings (save my car, thank God).

It was at this point in time that I felt the pinch like never before. Suddenly any qualms I had about familial repercussions and future employment opportunities seemed ridiculous. I had nothing to lose, really.

And so I started my journey. I did a photoshoot, registered my business name and got an ABN, started advertising, attempted (and failed) to build a social media presence and waited for my first client. I waited for the phone to ring. And waited some more.

Gentleman, they say this is easy money, but I didn’t have a genuine inquiry for WEEKS. I thought to myself, what’s wrong with me?

Fast-forward to my first ever client; a four-hour “party” booking at an upscale hotel. He was young, attractive and to be completely honest, was more interested in “partying” and talking shit than touching my lingerie-clad body. I’d never partied in my life and had no intention of doing so on the job; in hindsight, I probably came across as a bit of a snob. And so instead I laughed and danced around in my knickers drinking champagne and thinking, wow, this isn’t too bad. This is fun. I’d ALMOST do this for free.

And then, at the end of the night, I got into an Uber with a mixed wad of fifties and hundreds totalling more than what I earned in a month. I was ecstatic; it was quite literally, a whole new world. There was no looking back.

This year has been a whirlwind of adventures interstate (tours) and abroad (personal life). I am so grateful to have been able to travel and explore new places and meet new people, from all walks of life, whose paths with which I would never have crossed, if it wasn’t for escorting.

I love my job. The flexibility, the thrill, the lifestyle. And while I may have hesitated initially; I am so grateful that I waited for that goddamn phone to ring. This year has taught me so much about myself and others; about relationships, about the difference between emotional intimacy and physical intimacy and about people in general - I have no regrets. I’ve had a ball.

Bring on 2018!

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