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It all began in the first quarter of 2018, and believe me, there was no turning back. Everything had started for fall into place. You could almost have said, things were simply – just meant to be.

Life even started to evolve as though it were making up for lost time. Just like a video freeze frame of night turning into day, only in fast-forward and one thousand times over.

The lifestyle had become so overwhelming, it wasn’t long before I learnt, it was going to take a lot sacrifice to adjust and make this work. I couldn’t help but be hard on myself, as I could no longer commit to the things that at the time were so important to me.

Amongst letting go of the old to make room for the new, I didn’t realise I had a lot of preconceived beliefs and ideas that were holding me back. It even had me from using my own voice - the essence of my true genuine self.

Looking back at it now, the sacrifices I had to make, were in fact weighing me down from getting me to where I needed to go. What was so important to me then, is so insignificant now.

Change is always for the better, even if it’s something we don’t adhere to at the time. The new chapter begins writing itself, whether you’re ready or not. All great businesses start with great innovation, but when your business is yourself, you have to innovate yourself to become the best at what YOU do.

So, she did.

Zara Mckenzie xXx

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