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My alternative offerings

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Alternative offerings

The range of alternative services I offer is for connoisseurs of a dominant woman with a strong personality.
Important: I am not a Dominatrix, have no dungeon (and equipment associated with dungeons) and do not offer full range of services expected from a Dominatrix.
Rather, I offer”in between” services that cannot be classed as either GFE or full Domme experience.
These include, but are not limited to: verbal dressing down (stern word), discipline, humiliation, trampling, watersports, strap-on training, ignoring, foot worship, shoe and boot worship.
I am happy to deliver my alternative services in conjunction with my GFE offerings.
I have various Domme trappings and props, such as thigh-high patent leather boots, PVC tops and dresses, leather corsets, whip and various toys for those who enjoy and are aroused by the aesthetics of a Dominatrix world, but only desire GFE services.
Some of the services can be delivered by phone. Verbal dressing down and humiliation are good examples of those. As with all sex-related services, arrangements have to be made in advance and payment received in full before services commence.
My alternative services are designed to be not abusive, but stimulating and rewarding.
Alternative services I offer are for those who know what I am talking about have enjoyed similar services in the past and have a clear idea of exactly what they want/expect.
Please do not contact me regarding these if you have no idea what they mean, as I will consider you a timewaster and will terminate the conversation.

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