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Dear diary,

So if you had noticed I have changed my booking and rates section because I'm just trying to simplify it for you and tbh I'm not a big GFE fan but I do love my dirty GFE booking - makes sense and it's way more realistic. Girlfriend's aren't all passion and gone with the wind these days are they ? I'm not. Lol.

I love threesomes in my relationships and I have fetishes which I'm happy to share with you if you share yours! Which brings me to my new main booking when I say it's your booking your way I mean it. I will try my hardest to help you live out some cool sexy fun fantasies. I even tried being sub for one man who had an amazing time and so did I because I tried something new. Was a fun role play.

So if you booking my new main booking you can do regular PSE extras if you want or you can really use it to live out some fantasies that you may be scared to be judged by in real life. You have no fear in doing that with me, I'm very open minded and dont shock easy at all haha.

But I am also still doing my dirty GFE because it was a fave booking of mine including my fave. I do really love a dirty GFE booking.

I haven't been working as much lately because I'm having some mental health issues which I want to sort out but once I come back properly I will be in full force touring and all don't worry. I just have had to slow down and get Vivian in order and then everyone will benefit so if you do book with me ATM it's likely you my only booking that week so all my energy going to you!

Which is kinda gooooood I think. Ha. I do really appreciate people who book a week or a few days in advance. Rarely will you get me ATM of you try short notice. For same reasons. But my Interstate favourites are always so great with hat and thanks to you babes you know who you are. And thanks for all who have been patient with me during this time.. when all is well in a couple months I'll be pleasing y'all all dayyyy and night long.

But this weekend I am available Friday night I am doing short notice and Sunday morning early from 3am til midday if you want to get that special I'm running exclusively for scarlet blue members.

Oki sorry boring admin entry but I'll write a new one soon about my research of Hitler and what I found out. 420. It's still here with me. Hmmmm. It is more complex than I thought. And sometimes so obvious. Ha

Vivian V xx

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