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This weekend with Kennedy

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I want to start introducing my BFF and play girlfriend to my scarlet blue followers. This weekend we are available hand in hand to show you a really great doubles escort experience. There is a special for my followers to book us both this weekend, an intro offer. But this girl is going to take off so be one of the first to experience us together. We will put up our new scarlet blue profile next week.

Been having some very lovely clients lately and usually. Being an escort and running your own business can be hard soemtimes though and there's been an unfortunate scammer or two in the mix. I am able to debt collect these people if they do, do this because I'm a registered sex worker, Buisness and tax payer but I know a lot of girls can't have that sort of non-anonymity and it's really hard to chase these guys down when they con you.

My last con was a bank transfer from a bank I wasn't with. Even though he did process it and screen shot for me the money never came and I gave several hours of my time and energy to this man. It's illegal to not pay a sex worker in Melbourne if they are registered after agreement so I will debt collect him and take him to court if neee be but it's sad that he's probably done this to many girls before and got away with it. And it's just more energy now I have to put into this con artist loser. But I think clients do need to realise we do have rights and we do pay tax and some of us like myself are even registered businesses. And you can't just screw us over like that. It's not easy doing 8 hour bookings that's a lot of my energy and time you are getting not to mention the time I put into preparing for the booking, mentally, physically, emotionally at times. I love this job but it's not an easy way job and there is a reason to why w charge what we charge an hour, because it's more than just sex (for me anyway).

But on the bright side! For three assholes I've had this last few months I've had amazing beautiful fun awesome clients who I've had so much fun with and clients who become friends

Especially loved Sydney and i will back in September for one month! Gucci gifts accepted thxxx lolz

Also love pink krispy kremes

But anyway been having a lot of fun and my latest photo shoot with elvis Di fazio was awesome fun and I'll release those new shots once I finish Kennedy and l's doubles profile

Love love love Vivian V xxxxx

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