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As you can tell I don't use this blog to instil some erotic fantasy about myself to make you want to book me more (although being a person who profoundly enjoys the hustle i should) I use it for two things. A. A second place I announce news when I have used all my announcement
Privileges up for the week and B. To be myself, half blantant hustle and half the me I am all day everyday. Which is kinda like my bookings ha.

I wanted to discuss domestic violence. Now a lot of men visit this website and from my stats (assuming most are men) 3000 on average month visit my profile (which will soon drop if I don't stop being a lazy hooker and get some rad new photos done ha).

Domestic violence has been Such a precursor in my life. My mum, my mums mum...and me both administering it and being victim of. I'd say I'm more of a administer in the Sense that I can get emotionally abusive in relationships. Well fuck, I can be violently emotionally abusive. It's called co-dependence. It's a form of drug where you are using a human as one. I become dependent and hate it. Because I like independence yet I can't seem to not go there when a boyfriend is in my life.

It's a issue I plan to work on before getting into another relationship however, my last boyfriend retaliated against my codependence And there were several incidences where he physically retaliated. It wasn't hugely bad, it was the worst I've experienced because I've never had a boyfriend who lashed out like that, however, that's apart of me that doesn't blame him. I have anger issues too when or comes to family and I probably wouldn't be able to hold back my anger id someone was intensely belittling and hating on me on the daily.

Unfortunately our case went in a very small way public and suddenly he (unbeknownst to us all) became a scapegoat for domestic violence. Because I did charge him.

as I said my mums mum and my mum and now me. And the calls id raja from women in highly dangerous situations when I worked for WIRE a female run empowerment support organisation. I couldn't personally live with myself had I just let it slide because charging him to me statistically could mean the difference between a woman being killed or not.

Sounds extreme but I know these statistics well and men get let off with a slap on the wrist for way worst than what my ex boyfriend was charged with.

UsuAlly justice is not served until the woman is dead. That's the honest statistical truth. Very very sad....

When I got way more than was just imo, for the evidence put forward, in my case alone, I was seriously shocked and horrored personally because I love and care about my ex he's one of my best friends and I really found it difficult to unjustly punish him personally for the sake of the lives of women in domestic violent situations

Now I ain't no fucking Mary immaculate conception Jesus marrying do gooder. But, this issue in particular is very intense for me. And I haven't been on the receiving end until this relationship but I've seen it all my childhood and rages maybe worse. It's not ok. Men can not hit women especially in a relationship ! It's manipulative and it's the most unintelligent cave man manipulation, using fear? C'mon. When I see Anger and violence I see someone who is out of control, scared and a train wreck to he honest. That's all I ever see when violence in any form is directed to me. I put if back on them not on me. And i take responsibility for my part in it.

But there are times and I've also been a victim of this kind of abuse where you literally are just the victim and it's horrible I can't imagine what its like to fear you'd husband or boyfriend and why any person would want to instil that kind of control over someone it's quite sociopathic and very sad. and I'm talking about domestic violence in the sense of men hitting women because statistically men are more likely to use violence when angry over women who tend to emotionally attack. And we're good at it. But there's variations we live in a beautiful complex world.

But bottom line guys, you are stronger than us! So pick on someone your own size. And as I've shockingly seen, which is one hand is a dream come true, domestic violence is being taken very seriously in court right now. So I'd also he veth careful with who you are hitting and what gender they are because females automatically are aeen as victims in that situation. I was thrown into a plethora of protection
I didn't actually want of need. My ex bf, is mentally Ill but I also suffer from Mental disorders which I believe is my life's work to learn about and grow with. But I don't fear him and least of all I don't fear death. So it's very hard for me to feel physically victimised. I can feel Emotionally victimised too easily and that I will work on...

So personally after all that and I had to stay strong in the court room pretend I cared about what my ex bf did instead of caring for him which is the case. I just remained respectful and hopeful that the next person at first sight of manipulation through fear In a romantic relationship, makes it clear that's not ok and I'd also advise you call the police every time no matter how small. Because eventually the perpetrator will receive consequences evidently quite heavily. And I know calling the police can be annoying, you gag some real dicks as cops but there's some ok ones and In Melb they tend to be less annoying than in Brisbane but as an escort I'm still in a weird way seen as suspicious, old thinking patterns die hard.

But that's a whole other blog and honestly I'm bored of whore phobia. If anyone is who're phobic around me I just straight up don't have time for it. I'm within a beautiful empowering circle of Melbourne women who support each other not tear down. The way it should be. I've always been in awe of women, I've not ever really been a hater to women they are way too sexy and smart ha.

So I guess I just hope that my ex bf hasn't gone to jail for nothing which would be the case if they weren't making an example of him. I hope he gone so that the neXt person actually charges there partner after domestic violence And gets as good an pitch was I seemingly got.

But I Miss my best friend and I hope he's ok...

(Sorry about the grammar and spelling I didn't have so much time ha xxxxxvivian v)

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