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She's sweet but she's psycho. She's sweet but shes right though.....people say run don't walk away.

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I'm was writing to a friend who is in jail and I wrote the entirety of lyrics to two Lana del rey songs ending with "the gatekeeper carelessly dropping my keys on his night off".

My last blog I did explain that part 2 would outline why Lana is significant when it comes to hip hop and why the hip hop community heavily back her (and Taylor swift who I also love). So I wrote the last lyric to Lana's song to my friend in this letter last night. And stopped. And thought about that line of poetry. What did it mean? And when I say that I mean what did it mean personally to me? Poetry is some wht subjective especially with metaphors like this. But I'm pretty sure in reference to the rest of the lyrics (hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have....but I have it), it is what she means as well.

Have a think about what it means to you first before I give my opinion and analysation. And this is an issue, quite possibly my only issue standing in the way of me and complete true and real self love. Coming from a narcarrsistic, sadomasochistic escort

Book me! Haha 0421479562

The death row hospital bratz PIC is a PIC of a part of my actual bedroom rn. Sick.

And the number 7 is my main bitch numerolgy wise. That's a great site for readings too BTW. You just add up all the numbers in your full bday. Do itttt. Xxxx

Oh! And that's a place in Sutherland lane cbd Melb where u can have roasties where the melted cheese is a rainbow. I'm about to go there for lunch x

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