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Sexualised at my primary school w hot new photographer jethro cave

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Hey babes so just got back to Melbourne me and photographer jethro cave did a dirty school girl photo shoot at my real primary school in Sydney. It was so strange cause it hadn’t changed a bit, but perfect at the same time. I remember trading stickers with my besties on the same staircase I was doing these dirty fucked sexual poses. But tbh I had my first sexual experience with a girlfriend when I was 8! It’s not unusual guys, little girls experiment too! We ain’t all innocent at our sleep overs. But I was also quite aggressively sexualised by men by the time I was 12 which I didn’t enjoy tbh but that’s the world we live in. I did look older when I was 12 but still can you guys not yell out of ya car at girls walking around Glebe in Sydney lol. It’s weird.

But I think I weirded ya all out of the park with my primary school shoot but it’s more than me being a slut in a place I was a virgin many years ago, it’s also a reminder that these young girls are sexual beings and will have Sex one day and it is thx job of parent to help them be strong boundary setters and knows their body and know what they like and want. Sex is a huge part of any relationship and enjoying it more importantly. I spent a long time of my life not enjoying Sex and now I love it and life an relationships are a lot better.

Anyway I had a lot going of fun on this shoot. I got really sick in Sydney it was so windy and weather changy my immune system just had it. I never get sick in Melb. So I bought some time before my meeting. I don’t necesssrily want to be in the pictures, I love to direct photo shoots especially if the porn / escort variety so I’m vying to get another girl to make my vision happen. Or I do have a sexy girl with girl idea. Not ya usual. And an idea involving kissing, all us escorts know it’s a very wanted extra, and I’ve only noticed that since I stopped doing it. Kisses and cuddles, very sort after I have found lately ha. Touch is so lovely, I love it. So I understand, and I’ve learnt the importance of touch by doing Sex work.

Sorry to anyone who planned to meet me In Sydney I didn’t have time for sex work work after all that. But hopefully I come back next Friday for the weekend and penthouse stuffs and we can meet !

Brisbane ! See you Saturday ! I’m locked in staying in the city and will want to see as many if you as possible! check out my specials section for some good ones just 4 you bris babes. And let me know ASAP if ya wanna meet. I’ll be in the city. Incall or outcall fine xx 0424019748

The pics seen are the more innocent school girl pics ha. The main shots we took w a Fuji instapix camera and they cute, the filter is really cool and retro. But means you got one shot to get it right, jethro did a fucking good job. The more weird and dirty, freaky banana shots I can’t show yet but I really want to they so intense, sexual yasssss.

If you want jethro cave to take any shots for you he has many years experience as a model for many fashion labels including Versace and is now behind the camera as well and he is very open minded and easy to work with. Melbourne based. Email me and I’ll give you further details.

Well BRISBANE hope to hear from some of you in next couple days and Melb’s ill see you tonight xxxxvivian V 0424019748

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