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My week nights are never mundane I'm pretty lucky

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You have probably noticed I do work nights a bit. I have really stated to love the feel of the night, the views are much prettier and all my clients at night are very interesting people. Let's face it I love to have fun a little partying but thats not why primarily I love nights. I have met some of my best clients at nights, the bookings aren't as rushed which I like, especially if I get along well with my client and to be honest I have met some vey good friends, that I have in my life now from getting booked by them at night.

The most beautiful thing about my night work is the 7.30am sunrise, this is when I'm usually about finished and it's my favourite looking part of the day. But if I get to share it with a client even better!

So I definitely advise you to book a night play session with me, by that I mean between 3am - 8am. They do tend to be alot more relaxed bookings in terms of time and chat and getting to know each other which I enjoy.

Tonight (Tuesday 27 June) I'll be taking these kind of bookings from 8pm so watch out for my availability tonight or call or text me to lock in a time. I also will be doing these bookings Saturday night as well/early Sunday morning.

I do over night bookings 8 hours and 12 hours but my special going at the moment is if you book a hotel with a private spa I'll stay for 12 hours at the 8 hour price. Park Hyatt terrace suites, olsen spa suites or crown promenade spa suites I recommend. Relax with me in a spa and watch the sunrise. More perfect than you could imagine.

In other news I have another photo session with Elvis Di Fazio coming up in early July so I will tour a couple nights while I'm there. These pictures will be slightly more naked........yasssssss

Night time sexy dream bookings I recommend and hope to spend watching the sunrise with you soon xxxxVivian V 0448910568

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