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I've been expressing alot lately that I am usually quite offended by any TV, movie or song about sex workers. It's always that same shameful light. You know that suspenseful deep darkish music in the background, low lighting and they seem to even talk softer lol. If you have ever worked at a brothel at 2am on a Friday night you would know that's not at all the vibe lol.

I worked in 3 Melbourne brothels before I started escorting (or worked up the confidence and courage to do my first booking) and I used to really love the vibe when i would do some 4am starts on a weekend. Everyone was making money more than not, our manager Karen used to bring snacks and order pizza and in between we would party with very wasted clients have and more than not have fun. It was more reminiscent of a high school sleep over at this particular brothel (Manhattan Terrace) than the low light, soft talking, depressing music representing us in these films, songs and shows.
Namely “The Girlfriend Experience” both movie and TV show, and that horrible doco that was on Netflix about the porn industry. It was so bias, its like this asshole who made it didn't even consider the opinions of the women in the industry who have positive experiences in that scene and slapped us with her opinion, which opinion it only was because I know for a fact this woman has never worked in the industry, so she ain't talking from experience. Instead what she is doing is magnifying this idea that sex workers are victims which honestly in consequence makes our job dangerous. And if managed correctly this job has very little risk otherwise.
But if we are painted as victims in the media we are going to be seen as victims and then be treated like them and this can be in the form of violence in worst case scenarios or not taken seriously EVER or just blatant stereotyping which is just so boring to me at this point.

I have this 80’s photography book I got from a antique centre that depicted sex workers in there “days off” and again, dark, depressing shame shame shame. I was cleaning my shower the other day telling a friend this and said “this is what they should be taking a picture of!” lol. Or me at playtime at the casino playing time crisis, which I frequent often, it's my neighbour pretty much ha.
That is my alt reality outside of a booking ha. Or tomorrow at university attending my first lecture of the semester half asleep because I took a 5.30am booking this morning. Lol. Definitely realty right now.

I also love my job and it's my hobby also (one of) and I'm a self proclaimed work alcoholic because I have exciting goals and I love this industry and it's more than not been a life changing positive experience for me, for many reasons...

In talking of all the bad media out there about the Industry, there is a few amazing ones. I really liked “A secret diary of a call girl” with billie piper her descriptions of feelings of experiences during certain scenarios within our industry are so insightful it even opened my eyes to some things about myself! Also this Brazilian TV show about sex workers where it's depicted just a job with cool fun business driven babes living their non dark soft talking lives, just a life like any other 28 year old. Then there is the Australian show Satisfaction which is very inoffensive and although it's quite silly (kind of like neighbours but sex workers lol) it's entertaining, inoffensive and just shown as a just a job in their everyday lives.

And of course our lord god saviour Cardi B! Ha. Honestly she depicts the feelings and thoughts of a stripper ON POINT, And then also the feelings of a woman today in general especially the song “I wanna hurt you”, so many clients have told me stories of there ex partners being exactly that song. But to get into that would be a WHOLE NEW diary ha.

All I ask as a sex worker is to never endanger me by painting me as a victim in your art. It's insulting because more than not I'm a survivor and I'm a business woman, I'm not looking to be saved, nor do I need to be. Never believe stereotypes because they usually are insulting and how about instead of just believing them, formulated 80% of the time by people who have never worked in the industry, just ask us instead! Personally I'm happy to answer all and any question you would like to ask. And last, I also ask for respect, that although I love the job, it is a super hard job and especially when you run yourself as a private escort like myself. It's a tough business… .but I definitely do love it

Talk soon! This week I'm avail Tuesday and Thursday to Sunday. Hope to meet you!!

Xxx vivian v

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