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So i dont think ive mentioned this here but I commited to and now are wrapping up the end to my hunt for interesting doors in Melbourne.

Printing my doors of Melbourne coffee table zine I'll just start with 10 copied, then hopefully can print as a hard cover book if I hustle a publisher into taking it on. Im pretty sure I got this.

The concept is by me Vivian v and my written commentary about why I chose these particular doors. Also contributing is the new seedy "terry R sleeaze and tease and always going to please-esque", Melbourne version though, Matthew, formly living in the town which is on my mind right now and he is also the reason why I have embarked on writing the screen play about MANDRA in Perth.

The stories have come from howarth and therefore I have him to thank for this kinda exciting adventure writing and researching for this film. Im not experienced in screen writing at all but I'm not completely new to it either. When I was 14 I wrote screen play style episodes of angel incorporating the new character I made for the show named " gem". She was half human half vamp (idk if that makes sense but she was interesting. I still think she would have saved that spin off boredom write off). And when I was same age I had a weird very middle of the road obsession with reading screen plays my fave films. Don't know how I even got to that place ha.

My mandra screen play will have MANY "cooked" funny addiction riddled behaviour , some try to be the saviour, but my main Two characters are playing the hand they were dealt and letting emotion rule their actions which leads these characters into deadly scenarios, careless planning, hella funny occasions and the deep sad lonliness felt by these women and how this eventually brings them love by bringing them together as friends in this town void of feeling but never void of character.

The stories told were always a delight to hear & they played out so beautifully and funny in my head and sad that I knew this story was one that people in Australia would want to watch and hopefully help them understand and not just see the dark side but can laugh at the mess addiciton can get you into, cliche afte cliche. And i would listen to these stories and think are almost TOO cliche to actually be true (but they are true tho.....crazzzy reality).

Matthew's story will be one of many told in this screen play as well when he lived in mandra and dated a woman whom which I want to make one of the lead characters, his personsal mandra story is one of the souls & is full of dark comedy and great great emptiness, which inevitably addiction 2 ice leads all. Complete Spiritual annihilation. No matter how great you feel starting the drug, it will always end like that unfortunatly.

Mandra is the Mecca of Australian crack culture.

Maybe this story will increase understanding about the people within this culture and the epidemic of it, which is growing rapidly. It is now a dominant culture today in this country. The deep dark depths of the crack ice Australian culture (or chard, cold, crack (but you can't call it that, cocaine got there first), gear I call it but people call heroin that too so I gotta be careful because I fucking can't ever do opiates. Not my thing. Each to their own).

Another note worthy contributer is my bff Jethro who would go on my night walks with me when I started noticing the doors and came up with the door idea. I'd make him pose in front of them. Well he's just so photogenic! Ha.....So will get some commentary from him too once he gets out of jail xvivian v 0421479562 #door

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